20 Dogs That Drool The Most


No matter what type of dog you own, you know that dogs love to drool. However, there are some dogs that really take their drooling to the next level. If drooling and slobbering is something you would like to keep at a minimum, then it would be a good idea to avoid getting some of these dog breeds.

Here are the 20 breeds that tend to drool a lot more than most.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very big, yet graceful dog. They come from a rural area of Switzerland and were first bred to herd cattle and pull carts on the farms. We imagine that they did a lot of drooling when herding cattle and thinking about what a delicious burger or steak these creatures would make.

Pretty much everything about this breed is perfect except for the excessive saliva that comes out of their mouths on a regular basis. They are very loyal and double as great watchdogs as well. If you are looking for a big dog with a calm and friendly disposition, then you can’t really go wrong with one. Just make sure that getting a lot of drool on your hands when you play with them does not bother you. Otherwise, they are the perfect companion for kids and really make fantastic family oriented pets.

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  • postie09

    what an ignorant, flip comment in the bloodhound caption …” might be best to keep a bloodhound outside”…. dogs don’t belong outside. they are domesticated animals needing sufficient housing and attention — living indoors. please don’t perpetuate the inhumane belief, even through a joke, that dogs should live outside. if you don’t want a dog in your house, then you don’t want or deserve to have a dog.

  • MaryB

    This person is not a dog person, The pictures are inaccurate, such as the picture of the bull terrior and the Neopolitan mastiff. I agree dogs should not be living outside. Make them a part of your family or don’t get one

  • jb

    I agree. This person does not know dogs. I had a Kuvasz. they don’t drool and the picture is NOT a Kuvasz.

  • PatnTrucks

    Hmmm. I’ve had dogs for years and never an indoor dog – Chows, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Beagles….always outdoor dogs. They slept in the garage or the horse barn. We had a dog door on the garage so the dogs could come and go as they pleased. As they pleased, not me and my schedule. The dogs schedule. My Chows LOVED the snow and were back in the barn for a nap. All my dogs loved the outdoors and freedom to come and go as they pleased. They grew heavy thick outdoor coats of fur and were great to pet. Come Spring, the shedding. Rolling in the grass and grunting with happiness, then off to chase a squirrel, a deer or other wild critter. We had at 10 acres of land adjoining another 200 acres of woods. Dogs loved romping in the fields, swimming in the ponds and the woods at their leisure. To condemn dogs to being indoors and waiting for me to come home from work and take them on a walk, then back to their indoor prison? Nah. My dogs now have all died of old age, and I loved them all. When my husband worked outdoors – which was sundup until sundown, he lead an entourage of the Chessie, the Beagle and 3 cats, all in line by height. When we drove to town, the dogs rode in the back of the truck, smiling and happy. Then the dunking at the Southern States “tick and flea” cattle tank. There was never so much fun! We went went to bed, lights out, our dogs guarded the horses, the cattle and our home. We slept the better for it. I know the dogs loved the freedom. And none of those pick up the poop bags either. Nowadays, we want dogs that are too big for our houses, or our tiny lawns. Dogs have been breed for centuries for specific tasks of man – guarding livestock, guarding houses and people, they were never intended for a couch in a much too warm house. No wonder they drool indoors – they need to be outside in the fresh air.

  • Shmo

    I adopted and owned a Coonhound mixed with a large breed dog for years and I don’t recall the drooling, much less excessive. Was the BEST dog we ever had! Smart (could let himself in and out of the house to use the bathroom and much more), loving, loyal, great with kids, etc., etc. Thought he was a lap dog, but we loved it!

  • Shmo

    When it comes to the St. Bernard, you’re comparing its drooling to that of the St. Bernard in the movie, Beethoven? Wake up…it was a MOVIE! Give me a break!

  • Cheri

    The Bernese Mt. Dog has a “dry mouth” so they don’t excessively drool and they have a “soft mouth.” My female caught a bird that flew close to her mouth and she let it go unharmed. They do like to eat and usually very fast – we call them our chow hounds – but they depend on their masters to provide food, not an animal they’re herding.

  • BT

    What a joke! BMD’s are not big droolers at all. Yes they might drool when offered food but it’s not excessive and there are many big breeds that drool much more. As far as this breed being perfect, that’s a joke too. They have tons of health issues ranging from hip and knee problems to skin infections. That being said, they ARE the perfect family dog. They love nothing more then being with their family and are great with kids. Biggest issue is that they don’t live very long.

  • BitsyBooboo

    I can tell you my Shitzu destroys everything I own all while smiling cheerfully and my lab sheds enough to knit a sweater…. but I still love them! 🙂

  • jmortensen

    Well said !

  • tk88

    Who was in charge of the pictures on this? Their “Bull Terriers” were Pit bulls/Am Staffs, the “Neapolitan” was a Boxer, the “Clumber” was a Welsh Springer, and the “Kuvasz” is just a mutt.

  • bobj

    Who Wrote this garbage. Obviously a screwball who has no idea. what a waste of journalism

  • We have a Pit Bull/ Boxer mix. She absolutely is the most loving dog I have ever seen. She will lick you to death and just wants to make friends with everybody. She has NEVER bit anybody, unless roughhouseing and it is not on purpose. I put my face with hers in her food, while she is gnawing on a bone and she LICKS ME. Pit Bulls are NOT bad animals when they are treated like people. Then you have a friend for life