21 Dogs That Require A Lot Of Attention


Though every dog requires a lot of attention, some breeds really give the word ‘high maintenance’ new meaning. That, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are automatically difficult pets as their owners have a direct influence on their behavior and level of independence.

If you own, or want to adopt, a dog from this list, you should at least have some previous experience with dogs, as well as enough energy and time to bring out the best in them. Here’s our list of 21 most demanding dogs:


The English bulldog can really be described as man’s best friend, but that also means that they get very attached to their humans and basically want to spend every waking hour with the ones they love.

Ignoring an English bulldog is one of the most serious offences in their book, and they will not easily forgive you for not paying attention to them. Also, they are stubborn little fellows who may be hard to train and housebreak – most trainers would agree that they are not dogs for first-time owners who still haven’t figured out how to handle pig-headed pups.

On top of it all, these little charmers are prone to a wide variety of health issues, including bad eyesight, mast cell tumors, heat strokes, allergies, and hip problems, which means you may end up spending a lot of time and money at the vet’s office.

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