20 Exceptional Dogs And Their Tales


Some dogs have gone down in history as heroes who fought in wars and saved lives, others will always be remembered for unprecedented loyalty or exceptional deeds. There have also been dogs who have become immortalized as explorers, pioneers, adventurers and celebrities. Whatever the case, these incredible dogs and their stories show that there’s so much more to dogs than we could ever imagine.

 1. FIDO

Some of the most heart-warming dog stories include devoted pooches who showed unshaken loyalty to their dead owners, and died waiting for them. One such dog was Fido, an Italian street dog whose name means ‘faithful’ in Latin, and who became a synonym for loyalty.

Fido’s remarkable story begins one night in November 1941 when Carlo Soriani found him injured in a ditch, took him home and nursed him back to health. In return for his kindness, Soriani had Fido’s loyalty for the rest of his life.

Each and every day, Fido waited for his human at the bus stop, and nothing, not even bombs could have made him leave the station without Soriani. One day, however, Fido’s human didn’t return. His factory had been hit, and Soriani died.  Fido showed up at the bus stop the following day. And the day after that. The remarkable dog waited for his dead owner to return for 14 years, received widespread media attention, honors and medals, but all he ever wanted was for Soriani to come home. Fido died heartbroken.

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