21 Cutest Toy Dog Breeds


What can possibly be any more adorable than miniature dogs that are happily barking and running around every time they see you? Taking care of a toy dog can be challenging at times, but in the end, you get a loyal companion that will love you unquestionably for as long as they live. They might be small, but they have huge hearts, and will show you they care whenever they have the chance.

Choosing the right breed can also be tricky – every single toy pooch is unique, and you should learn a few things about some of the cutest breeds before deciding which one to adopt. Here’s a list of 21 best toy dog breeds:

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Everyone knows a Yorkshire terrier when they see one – they are easily recognizable thanks to their elegant looks and adorable behavior. According to research, the “Yorkie” is the most popular toy dog breed in the U.S. and has won many a heart with his devotion to his owners and suitability to apartment living. They are very sensitive and can’t stand being left alone – he’s like an adorable child that you can never put down.

Like most smaller dogs, Yorkies are prone to smaller health issues, and they tend to take trips to the vet more often than other breeds. They are fairly difficult to groom (despite their small size) and you usually won’t see a Yorkshire terrier performing many tricks. This is the ideal pooch to put a vest on, carry around in a handbag and take to anywhere in the city. They love being the center of attention, and your bag is the perfect spot.

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