21 Dogs That Are Always Hungry


Not many dogs will refuse a bite if you offer them one or two. But some dogs choose to eat full meals even when they are not hungry at all, just for the sake of chewing and gobbling tasty food. With regular exercise, this shouldn’t cause too big of a concern, but letting your dog slouch on your living room couch whole day and feeding them too much can lead to obesity and some serious health issues. To prevent overfeeding in dogs who are prone to obesity, here’s a list of 21 dogs who eat the most:

1. Beagle

Beagles are feisty little pooches that have a high energy level and love to goof around, making a show out of themselves. Sometimes they do it because that sort of behavior is in their nature, sometimes they do it specifically to attract your attention. Not only do they really love the attention of their human friends and family, but they love getting rewarded with snacks and doggy treats.

And when we say they love getting rewarded, we actually mean that they REALLY love the sight of food, no matter what kind of food. Don’t be surprised if they give you a slight nip while trying to eat from your hand – they are just too excited to eat their treats in a calm manner. Also, it’s not uncommon for beagles to raid garbage cans if the cans are not secured. For an average beagle, every dinner table is a good dinner table.

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