21 Dogs That Are Always Hungry


2. Bull Terrier

Clownish and playful, bull terriers are sometimes described as three-year-old children dressed as muscular dogs. You can pretty much recognize a bull terrier the moment you see them since they have a very characteristic way of walking and a unique egg-shaped head.

Bull terriers are an intelligent and inquisitive breed, very loyal and affectionate. They also love the smell, taste and sight of food, and it’s their next favorite thing after you.

One thing you should pay attention to when owning a bull terrier is not to leave food unguarded in the open for too long. They are a sturdy breed, so you should make sure that they eat enough, but keep in mind that bull terriers act like little vacuum cleaners when you leave food lying around – you will turn around to change the channel on the TV, and by the time you’re back at the table, your bull terrier will already be munching on your steak.

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