21 Extremely Messy Dog Breeds


Some dog breeds shed more heavily than others. Some furry friends also tend to excessively drool and slobber. If you can’t stand having a messy house or don’t want to clean up after your pet constantly, some dogs just aren’t right for you.
Here’s a list of 21 messy dogs:

1. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a working dog originally bred for fishermen in the dominion of Newfoundland, now a part of Canada.

This dog breed is known for their gigantic size and great strength. They are courageous, devoted, affectionate and very intelligent.

The Newfoundland has a thick, coarse, double coat that needs to be brushed daily. The undercoat is shed in the spring and fall and they require special care during that period.

They also tend to drool a lot, so you might keep wipes handy. They especially drool after drinking water and they can drink lots of fluids. They also tend to be very messy when drinking.

Dry shampoo the Newfoundland occasionally and avoid bathing. Namely, bathing strips away the coat’s natural oils. In addition, make sure to check their ears regularly in order to prevent ear infections.

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  • RodfromCranston

    My Neapolitan is ten times messier than my Dogue de Bordeaux, and ten times harder to train.

  • Aušra

    Can’t read the article as the Adverts are on top of the text. Sooo annoying

  • Shmo

    St. Bernards are extremely messy and all you can come up with is their drooling???? They can’t help that for goodness sake…they have saggy jowels and that’s the way they sweat. See, there’s a purpose for the drooling, unless some uncaring owner has their salivary glands removed….sad. Carry around a roll of paper towels!!! We love them and have had them for years. I notice many of the same dogs appear on each list.

  • Shmo

    Me either!

  • NevadaMustang

    I don’t accept such headlines ….”not-so’intelligent”, “most vicious dogs”, etc. as necessarily well studied or factual…however – I do enjoy the pictures and write-ups anyway. I have loved my dogs ….whatever catergory they fit in….and consider the joy they bring to my life the only ‘headline’ important to me. But….I do understand matching dogs with the family personality is important. So….keep the articles coming.

  • NevadaMustang

    I was once in a parade car with three wonderful St. Bernards….the dears drooled all over my legs — we finally put towels on my legs just to catch the drool — but talk about ‘sweethearts’, they were that. I have Great Danes…and paper towels in every room of my house — not a problem.

  • Bert Tainow

    Saint Bernards shed all year long and drool even when not eating or drinking whoever wrote this never owned one

  • PNUT1

    I’ve had five Boxers, not one has drooled. I’ve also known at least 10 other people with Boxers and they didn’t drool either. This article is poorly researched.

  • Rollo Tomasi

    way too many ads

  • DLS

    I live in this house with a Newfoundland. If you don’t like hair in your food eat somewhere else.

  • Mike Aumick

    They left out one important thing. I have a Fila (they have no recognized bloodline in North America) so are a mix of Bloodhound and English Mastiff here. Filas and other giant breeds are prone to flatulence! One mouth full of cat food and Diesel spends the evening ripping what we call “room clearers”.

  • Andrea

    Bouvier des Flandres are horrible droolers and drip water everywhere after drinking as a result of their long beards – which then smell as a result of continuous dampness (if you don’t wipe their chins after each drink). Plus, Bouvs are NOTORIOUS for their flatulence.

  • appd01

    we owned a bassett hound once and didnt have any trouble with him. he was awsome!1 and very playful. i miss him dearly. and his slobbering was not really an issue in fact i dont remember him slobbering at all.

  • TreyP

    I’ve had a boxer and he never drooled and he was very clean. How can anything else on this website be trusted?

  • Archimedes

    I think the author needs to look up the meaning of “coarse” to discover it isn’t interchangeable with thick. My Newfie has the softest coat imaginable, but thick. Old English Sheepdogs are soft to touch too.

  • Bert Tainow

    The Saint Bernard should be a the top of the list

  • Sue

    The article is not is incorrect on many facts. I have lived with many giant breed dogs. They only drooled when lifting their heads up from their water dishes after drinking. Actually it was the water falling from their (the sides of their mouth) flews.