21 Most Manly Dog Breeds


Declaring a certain breed of dog a ‘manly’ one is not a factual, precise exercise. In fact, some might say that it is a silly notion that some dogs are ‘manly’ while others are more ‘girly’ or whatever you feel the opposite is. Still, there are some breeds that are a more rugged, fearless and more active, which would make them breeds that some may see as more suitable for men.

Furthermore, they say that there are some breeds that make their male owners more attractive to women. In the end, it all comes down to the personal ‘feel’ and the following 21 breeds of dog are those that we feel are the manliest of them all.

1. Huskies

Almost everything about huskies screams manly. They are as muscular as dogs come – strong and resilient – and they are almost majestic when you first lay your eyes on one. Then, there is their lineage which traces its roots back to wolves.

Huskies have been bred to pull sled and as such, they are as strong as a dog can be, capable of doing incredible feats without even breaking a sweat. Thanks to their ‘homeland’, they are also able to weather harsh conditions, even if it is freezing outside.

In addition to this, they are reliable and loyal to their owner like very few breeds are. They require strong leadership and they crave activity. Plus, there are very few women that will be able to resist a man walking one of these blue-eyed wonders.

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