21 Not-So-Intelligent Dog Breeds

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When you think about it, why do you need an intelligent dog, anyway? Well, it all depends on what you want to get out of your dog.
If you want a pet, the more silly the dog is, the more likely you are to love them. On the other hand, if you are a hunter, you need a smart, hunting breed.

According to some studies, some breeds are smarter than others. However, we can’t exactly talk about their levels of intelligence; instead, we can determine whether the dog is obedient, able to solve problems, learn, and be trained. Researchers have as much difficulty agreeing on a method for testing canine intelligence as they do for human intelligence.

These are said to be the least intelligent dog breeds. Let’s not call them stupid. Let’s just say they’re not so smart.

1. Afghan Hound

This is a very old breed. In fact, it is so old that it predates written history.
It was developed in some of the most remote regions on Earth. So, we know nothing about their beginnings. What we do know is that for centuries they were rugged, very fast hunting companions and status symbols for the rich and royal, tribal chieftains, and aristocrats of Asia’s kingdoms.

Owning an Afghan almost guarantees that your companion will be one of the most beautiful animals at the dog park. And the breed’s lovers swear by its faithfulness and wonderful personality. However, they come with certain conditions.
These conditions include grooming them, running with then, worrying about their exceptionally high prey drive, and training them.

It’s a special breed for very special people. An Afghan expert once said, “It is not the breed for all would-be dog owners, but where the dog and owner combination is right, no animal can equal the Afghan Hound as a pet.”

Referred to as an aristocrat, the Afghan Hound’s appearance is one of dignity. Well covered with thick, silky hair, fine in texture, the Afghan hound’s coat is a sort found among animals native to high altitudes. They can come in all colors, and while the breed is excellent for hunting, its popularity here comes from the fact that it is a spectacular show dog.

As for their intelligence, some say it’s their trainability that may be the issue. They advocate that Hounds are highly intelligent but not the same kind of intelligence as a dog from one of the “working” breeds, whose ancestors were selected for their ability to follow orders.
The Afghan Hound had to think for himself without human assistance or he would not have been successful as a working sighthound. They claim they learn fast and will learn from dogs or humans, but only if it works for them.

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  • That Trainer with the Flower

    I feel like this more of a list of difficult to train dogs, not dogs that are necessarily unintelligent.

  • Ted Hoo

    Difficult to train dog could also be stubborn and aloft. From the looks of some of these dogs, there is dumb written all over their face.

  • Pingback: hubert

  • Debbie Radziewicz

    Ridiculous. I have a female and a male and they are quite intelligent. Hard headed and loveable but very intelligent an I found them easy to train.

  • Meowhiss

    Basenjis are VERY intelligent they are just fiercely independent.

  • Oldilocks

    The picture with the mastiff entry is of two Dogues de Bordeux, not mastiffs.

  • JB-asdf

    Whoever wrote this has no idea what they’re talking about. Chows are “jealous and like to be at the center …” -100% false.

    Chows are one of the most intelligent breeds, they are too independent to take orders from strangers – like some guy in an obedience school. and unless you are one of the 2 or 3 people to which they are devoted; they would rather not even be touched by you.

  • reformed1

    English Bulldogs are intelligent by convenience but are easily distracted. The right treat gets quick results! Had bulldogs for years. Fav breed! Can see the wheels turning when these guys are thinking. I agree with “that trainer with the flower” stubborn does not equate to unintelligent, quite the opposite in this breeds case. Never seen a collie skate board.

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