21 Tough-to-Train Dog Breeds


2. Basenji

Basenji is a native of Central America, where this breed was beloved and praised for their hunting skills, alertness and strength. Interestingly, these dogs were brought to the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt as one of the most valuable gifts.

These dogs are often considered not particularly intelligent or easy to train, but it is an unfair misconception. The problem with Basenjis is usually a result of a mismatch between the dog and the owner, because it is very important to fully understand these dogs and their character in order to be able to successfully train them. Otherwise, the results will be frustrating both for the owner and for the dog.

For example, for a Basenji, “quiet” doesn’t mean “inactive” but “silent.” The dog will be literally quiet but it will also continue to be active and to annoy or harass the owner in some other way, which is mistaken for disobedience or a simple inability to follow orders.

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