21 Tips For A Happy And Healthy Old Dog


Everyone gets older, including our dogs. It would be a wonderful world if this wasn’t the case, but unfortunately, nature works this way and there is no way for your canine buddy not to become old.

Owning an older dog is something completely different from owning a young pup, but if you know what you are doing, you can ensure that your canine companion is as healthy and as active as possible even well into advanced age.

1. Dog Years Explained

In order to be able to care for your old dog, the first thing you need to find out is exactly how old they are. To do so, you should learn what the equivalents for human years are in dog years, as this will allow you to understand the age of your canine friend better and give it all the care it needs.

You should know that dogs that are large to very large (51-90 lbs and over 90 lbs) get old more quickly than small to medium dogs (0-20 lbs and 21-50 lbs).

Taking this into consideration, 7 dog years equals 44-47 human years for small to medium and 50-56 for large to very large dogs. Ten dog years equals 56-60 for smaller and 66-78 for large dogs. Fifteen years in dog years equals 76-83 for smaller and 93-115 for large dogs. Finally, 20 dog years is 96-105 for smaller dogs and 120 for larger dogs.

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