12 Gut-Wrenching Diets That Are Killing Your Dog


Every pet food manufacturer would have us believe that their chow is the best. But if you want to feed your dog something that keeps THEM happy, healthy and in a great condition you need to look directly at the ingredients.

Common ingredients in commercial dog meals can be misleading, so here are some of them you should avoid and why.

1. Chicken Meal

When the word meal is used as an ingredient (and even sometimes when it’s not) the meat source is questionable. A meal could be 70% chicken but if it doesn’t clarify which part of the chicken is used, then we need to ask why.

Many pet foods are made from the waste produce of human foods, so 70% chicken could easily be 10% meat and 60% crushed beak, bone and feet.

Further, chicken meat appearing at the top of the ingredient list doesn’t necessarily mean that there is more meat than other ingredients in the finished formula.  The raw meat is weighed before it is dehydrated and that’s how it stays on top when it should in fact be much lower on the ingredient list.  If the second and third ingredients are not also meat or meat meal, don’t be fooled by the label – it’s not a dog food primarily based on meat.

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