21 Things You Did Not Know About Chihuahuas


Chihuahuas have become one of the most popular breeds today. They’re little, cute and don’t shed too much, which makes them ideal for families with allergy issues. Here are 21 things you didn’t know about Chihuahuas:

1. Long-haired vs. short-haired

Unlike many other breeds, Chihuahuas can be either long-haired or short-haired or even a mix between the both, so you have a wide range to choose from depending on what you prefer. Long-haired and short-haired, or, alternatively, long-coated and short-coated, are two main types of Chihuahuas.

Usually, when you think of Chihuahuas, you think of those little short-haired fellows. In fact, short-haired is just one kind of Chihuahua. These dogs can have beautiful, long hair just like, say, Pomeranians or Japanese Chins. Their coat is usually shiny and smooth and they are a pleasure to pet.

Of course, short-haired Chihuahuas may be more low-maintenance since they need less grooming.  If you want your dog’s coat to look nice, you will have to invest at least some effort in it – wash it and comb it every now and then. Long-haired Chihuahuas come in many different coat colors, from white through beige to tan and brown.

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  • Destanie Cauch

    Bullish#t, my Chihuahuas shed so much we could build 6 more dogs a week with all the hair.

  • AngryPatriot5

    More lies from the conventional vets…vaccines cause seizures/epilepsy. Poor nutrition is the other factor in any health problem. Feed your dog the right diet – raw meat with bones and don’t vaccinate them. You’ll have a super healthy dog who lives a much longer time – 19-25 years is currently happening for dogs reared this way. Stay away from conventional vets, vaccines, and “pet food” – it’s all bad and deadly.

  • Chad Brooks

    Do you see any irony in saying that chi’s aren’t good with kids and then show photos of chi’s with kids. Of course care must be taken and the child must know that the chi is delicate but they can and will happily interact with kids. And as for chi’s not liking other breeds: ridiculous – the chi has no conception it is a particular breed. I wish I could show you photos of my chi and miniature schnauzer curled up together. When my chi is groomed it plays happily with all kinds of dogs. So low energy dogs can be annoyed by high energy dogs but that has nothing to do with breed. Of course care and supervision is necessary because a large dog can accidentally hurt a smaller dog.

  • sky2cruiser

    Two wrongs (at least) in this list as in all the others, and the big problem is that people who don’t know about the breeds and are looking for information can easily believe this garbage.
    #1: That there are plenty of teacup breeds. NO – “teacup” anything is nothing more than a marketing ploy. There are miniature and toy breeds and varieties but there is no such thing as a “teacup” dog of any breed. What this list says about the tiniest chihuahua being a runt should have stopped there – it’s true of all toy breeds. If someone is trying to sell you a tiny “teacup” dog that is “special” because it’s so small – RUN. If they are breeding a whole litter of super tiny dogs you can expect a host of health problems. Now, if it’s a runt and you like that runt, and your breeder is honest with you, have fun and enjoy – I’ve had runts that were very healthy and some not, just know what you’re getting.
    #2: The lists about best & worst dogs for kids are easily debunked. Research any dog you’re interested in. Talk to breeders, get information from the parent breed club, NOT from lists like these. These are interesting and fun but it’s clear they aren’t written by breed authorities. And whatever breed you decide to get as a companion for your children – it will be YOUR dog, YOU have the responsibility to care for and train the dog. There are a few breeds that aren’t good with kids, but those aren’t good pets period. As for all the rest, never leave a dog and a young child alone without adult supervision, sometimes for the kids sake, sometimes for the dogs.

  • Shan’een

    Beware, there is a new “teacup” version coming out, and I have personally saved 6 in the last month alone…”MICRO TEACUP CHIHUAHUA’S”!!! These poor little dogs weigh in at 1-2 pounds max, fully grown!! Their heart rate is 158-170 bpm (a normal Chihuahua’s heart beat is 129-139). Their “tube” that leads from their stomach to the liver is NOT FORMED right, their legs are disjointed and they are in CONSTANT pain because of this!!! The breeders are breeding the “runt’s” as soon as they can with their brothers/sisters. Please all Chi & Dog lovers alike, be on the look out for this!! We have to stop this!!

  • Shan’een

    I have had Chi’s most of my life, and I consider myself to be an expert on Chi’s and they HATE KIDS!! Sure you can argue that if you bring up a Chi with a child, they will get along, but in fact, you are not listening to your Chi! A Chi is a diva, plain and simple, and they have every right to be!! They don’t want to take a backseat to a kid. A kid will “man handle” the poor little dog, sit on it, play too rough, the list goes on! Chi’s know this about kids, have for generations! Chi’s are actually the smartest breed of dog! Smarter than a Shepard, Poodle, Collie, etc!! People think that just because you can “train” your Shepard to get you a beer, that makes them smart, no, that makes you lazy and stupid! A Chi would NEVER lower itself to this! You want the beer, you go get it! You threw the stick away, why do you want it back? If you want it back, you go get it, you’re the idiot that threw it! They will learn sit, stay, come, but “parlor” tricks are not for them! They know what they need to know to survive, hell, they have been doing it since the dawn of time almost! DO NOT GET A CHI if you have or will have kids!! Chi’s are to be NUMBER ONE in your life, FOR LIFE!!

  • MilitantBuddhist

    I have a coyote half-breed in the backyard. It and my chi just run;/play/run. My chi seems to want to meet every dog around it. My neighbors 75 pound Pitbull defers to my chi, also.

  • MilitantBuddhist

    We’ve had chi’s all my life. Nah.. I think it’s getting its prissy-ness from it’s owner. All of ours have been social, gentle (good burglar alarms) and quite frankly.. Not the smartest of the dogs.. Clever as hell.. yes.. but the smartest.. noooo.. And I love my Chi, Spike. Favorite dog I’ve ever had, but only the 4th smartest

  • Amber Losoya

    I love my chi he loves to run around the house with my 3yr old daughter and very protective of my 1 yr old son And its so funny that he thinks he can chase a cat but the cat ends out chasing him

  • Maria castro

    I love my elitist Chihuahua who doesn’t get along with other dogs, you can see the contempt in her eyes, after all they were mostly royal dogs and know she has to put up with commoners. Her love for me is extremely devotional and so is mine for her. She knows when I don’t feel well and will not leave my sight. She loves my cats, but she has her favorite. My grandson’s Huskie dog, although also a sweetheart is not her cup of tea but she will not dare to bite her. They are extremely intelligent sensitive dogs. I got her from Pet Rescue.

  • amused


    Yeah thats what they teach you in vet school… how to give dogs epilepsy.


  • Blue

    Quite frankly you’re talking rubbish. My family owns a beautiful little blue who is curled up on my lap at this moment, and you know what? She loves kids. My younger brother is her all round favourite person. She loves anyone and everyone. If your dog doesn’t like kids and wants to act spoilt then that’s because you have rewarded that behaviour and he or she knows that you will let her/him do what he wants. The pet is only as good as the owner.

    To anyone reading this to get an idea of what owning a Chihuahua is like; I would fully recommend it. I was not a fan of the breed beforehand, but when we got ours she fitted into the family right away and I fell in love. She isn’t afraid to show the bigger dogs (we own two Collies also) whose boss and can be spoiled and was difficult to toilet train (as they notoriously are) but other than those things she is a delight to have around and friendly to everyone. And in all honesty, even if she was vicious her bite doesn’t actually hurt so it’s not like that’s even a real worry.

  • phyotis

    We have six two boys four girls. They are like people they each have their own personality. One thing in common they are very protective of their home. One is a big grouch she growls at everything. One who is the biggest is the big baby cries to get her way. One seems to think shes Mama likes to clean others ears. Two boys one thinks he king and is really a hugger. The other boy just wants to play. We Love all littlest we call pip is gentle with all. She just turns over on her back and wants ti play. Neither my husband or I grew up with dogs. These are our grandchildren we dont get to c much off because they are all in other states and countries.

  • chris ericksen

    I have one- love him but he can certainly draw blood.

    When he watches TV and any animal appears- whether real or even a matchstick drawing he will run to the TV and bark.

    When I hold him up to a mirror unlike some dogs that will bark at their image he seems to know that this is his own image if I am also reflected.

    He is sort of sometimes almost housebroken LOL- will even go on my bed occasionally.

    He is frightened of strangers and most other dogs. I have a feeling this stems from his former home situation where he was neglected even if there were several people around. He lived around the corner and would slip out from under his fence (Very dangerous) and follow me and my Yorkie when we’d have our walk.

    Eventually I wound up an unofficial babysitter as he slip out and come here every day.
    The owners finally told me to take him which I really couldn’t afford to do but I got the hint when they left me standing in front of their door one night when I tried to return him.

    I thought I’d find him a home since my Yorkie was older and not interested in his friendly overtures but, of course, we wound up loving him and 5 years later he’s still here and curled up on my lap as usual.

    He loves getting under ,my spread or blanket and is all excited usually knowing when we’re going to bed.

    We’re vegetarians- doggie included (all my dogs have been and have thrived– use goats milk yoghurt, eggs (from grass-fed chickens who get to “retire” in leisure when they are no longer layers). He (and my other sweethearts) love broccoli and other veggies and fruit; oatmeal another favorite (all organic :o) ) He also loves coconut water.

    One strange thing- you’d think he’d love walks but his fear of other dogs and people interferes. He always goes for the shortest way home.

    He loves mommy and daddy (OK, usually it’s my lap LOL) but from the first meeting with my husband there was an instant bonding (animals tend to adore him).

    He goes everywhere with us; since dogs are pack animals and we humans become part of the pack, we try to never leave him alone (even with other dog companions dogs tend to worry when their provider isn’t there).

  • justwantnews

    it is prob from the food you are feeding it.. mine dont shed like that..