20 Natural Treats For Your Dog


Since dog owners want what’s best for their dogs, they usually spend a lot of money on manufactured dog food and treats. However, there is a number of healthy and delicious human foods that you can share with your dog without spending a lot of time, money or effort.

Here are 20 great ideas for natural dog treats that will definitely leave your dog wanting more:



Ice pops are, without a doubt, one of the best summer treats you can prepare for your dog. Apart from being super tasty, ice pops will help cool down your furry friend during hot sunny days and keep them safe from dehydration.

Since man’s best friend is covered in fur and some pooches have an especially hard time in hot weather, frozen ice pops will really mean the world to them. Of course, we all know that dogs enjoy eating (and could delight in their favorite foods for hours on end), and ice pops are bound to become their favorite treats.

If you really want to spoil your pooch, give them ice pops made from leftover meat or try peanut butter pops. The possibilities are endless, and all you have to do is use your imagination and watch your pup happily chew on their delicious summer treat.

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