7 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Dog To Work


Dogs make our lives and homes complete. Just by their presence, you have an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity even in the worst of times.

It can be extremely difficult to be separated from this special being, not just for yourself but your dog as well. As the times change, it’s common to want to bring your dog with you wherever you go, including to work.

There are some companies that are not pet-friendly for health and other reasons although many employers will allow a dog in the office.

We’ve decided to try and convince you to bring your pet to work so you can enjoy your work life as much as your home life.

1. Don’t Left ’em Alone

First and foremost, your dog should not be left alone at home which might make him bored and anxious, and lead to him destroying your furniture.[mnright]

2. Healthy Relationship

It’s a proven fact that a dog by your side will encourage others to stop and talk to you, introducing you to new friends, or just maintain a friendly and healthy relationship with your current co-workers.

There is no better conversation started than having a cute animal with you. Sure, it’s great for talking to people of the opposite sex and it’s always a good starting point when trying to make a relationship out of a meeting, since loving dogs is a good quality to share with a partner. But it is an equally good starting point when talking to co-workers that you have no romantic intentions with. There’s a good chance that a lot of other people in the office also have pets.

3. Don’t Feel Stressed

With your dog by your side, you don’t have to feel stressed about getting home in time to take him out for a walk or feed him.

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