7 Steps To Understanding Your Dog


Do you feel like you will never be able to understand your dog? 

If so, read on because the following tips can help you overcome this important issue.

1. Your Dog Learns From His Environment

Any dog will learn from what is going on around him.

His immediate environment is one of the factors that will shape his behavior as he grows and develops.

So if a home is noisy and chaotic, a puppy is likely to grow into a noisy and chaotic dog.

If a puppy grows up in a quiet environment he, as long as he’s well exercised, will learn calm and quiet behavior.

2. Your Dog Learns From You

A dog, without a doubt, will learn from the people around him.

For instance if he barks and you shout at him to stop he will understand this as if you are joining in.

So remember to be calm when correcting your pooch.

3. Your Dog Does Not Speak Your Language

He can learn to understand words, the emotions behind them and even how they sound.

But your dog does not speak your language.

If you ask your dog to do something without first teaching him what it means, he will be stumped no matter how much he wants to please you.

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