7 Vacation Ideas To Include Your Dog


4. Find a Dog Competition

Even if you don’t plan on entering your dog in the competition, many of these kinds of events have a variety of activities for pooches that aren’t participating.

Also, nearby lodging facilities are likely to be more welcoming of dogs when an event is in town.

5. Find Dog-Focused Hotels

Among the boutique-hotel scene has appeared a niche of hotels that are focusing on being extra-friendly to our four-legged friends.

Don’t worry – there will still be a bed for you, too – but Fido gets special attention at these establishments.

6. Visit a Rustic Cabin

This option lands somewhere between staying at a hotel and camping out for the week.

[mnleft]Staying in a rustic cabin, hopefully located on a lake or river front for added beauty, is a great way to connect with nature while still having the comfort of sleeping indoor and up off the ground.

Most of these kinds of facilities are dog-friendly, but be sure to check in advance.

7. Enjoy a Staycation

If you are looking all around for a place that will welcome your dog without much luck, why not stay home and try some things you don’t normally do.
Look around your local area for new parks and trails that you haven’t previously visited.
This option will save money, and could open your eyes to parts of your area that you’ve never before enjoyed.

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