7 Ways How To Raise The Best-Behaved Dog Ever


Do you wish your dog was better behaved?

Perhaps you don’t know where to begin training him. 

Well here are some handy hints to get you going.

1. Meet His Needs

Dogs that seem difficult to handle may need more exercise.

When a dog is bubbling with energy it’s unfair to expect him to settle.

It’s vital that your dog’s exercise needs are met by free running and playing with other dogs if possible (or just a simple long walk – 40 minutes at least) as it will release his excessive energy and make him calm.

2. Positive Dog Training

For a nicely behaved dog you need positive dog training.

[mnright]The only way to change your dog’s behavior forever is to reshape it in a positive way.

You can change your dog’s unruly behavior by communicating exactly what you want from him but remember to have a lot of patience.

After all, they are dogs.

3. Never Punish Your Dog

If you take one thing away from this article make it this.

Punishment does not work.

It will simply break down trust between you and your beloved dog.

When your dog does something wrong, calmly correct his behavior without forceful and aggressive confrontation.

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