7 Ways How To Raise The Best-Behaved Dog Ever


4. Find a Motivation

Work out what your dog likes.

It could be food, cuddles, playtime or a special toy.

This will be his training motivation and will help him to learn quickly and effectively.

Now it is up to you to teach him how to earn his reward.

5. Make Him Think

The fun part, you will both love this bit. Your job is to make your dog aware that there is a reward available and only hand it over when he does what you ask.

He will start to work things out and it’s important to build this up gradually.

He won’t be able to do complicated tricks right away but he will soon enough; you just need to break his learning into easy stages first.

6. Teach by Positive Reinforcement

[mnright]Show your dog a treat and watch him.

He will be desperate for the reward and offer behaviors trying to earn it. At some point soon he will sit.

The second he does, hand over the reward and say the word sit.

Each time you repeat this your dog will sit a fraction sooner until he is sitting without command.

7. Develop your Training

Now that you understand reinforcement you can use it for everything you teach your dog. Reinforce quiet and calm behavior as the mailman arrives.

Reward a slack leash when you are walking. Offer his favorite toy as he comes back at the park.

With positive training your dog’s behavior will be better than ever before.

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