8 Dog Toys You Must Have


Getting new toys for your dog is one of the most fun parts of pet ownership. Many dogs develop a strong attachment to their toys – both through the smells they have and the sounds they make. If your four-legged friend tends to go through toys frequently by chewing on them endlessly, you probably need to find new toys on a regular basis. Here are eight popular options that are likely to hold Fido’s attention.

1. Rope

A classic chew toy for a dog, even a small rope can lead to hours on hours of chewing and fetching. Make sure the diameter of the rope matches well with the size of your dog.

2. Squeaky Toys

While they might be hard for you to listen to after a while, they are endless fun for your dog. There is something about searching for the squeaker and chomping down on it time after time that just never seems to get old.

3. Dog-specific tennis balls

[mnleft]A regular tennis ball won’t last too long in the jaws of a determined dog, but one specially designed as a dog toy will stand a much better chance. These are great for throwing and letting your dog chase down in the park or the yard. These balls are usually made of very strong rubber that even the toughest dog won’t be able to chew threw in a week. They also don’t have that annoying felt that most tennis balls have, which will make your home a mess once the dog is done with stripping it off of the ball. These balls are great for puppies who are just starting to strengthen their teeth and for older dogs that love playing catch in the yard for hours on end.

4. Oversized Stuffed Animals

This one is usually most fun for small dogs that seem to relish the challenge of corralling a toy that is larger than they are. Look for ones that are specially made for dogs so it can withstand the chewing it’s likely to receive.

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