12 Reasons Why A Golden Retriever Makes The Best Family Dog


If you have a family with kids and are looking for the perfect dog, a Golden Retriever makes an excellent choice. Anyone who has ever owned or met a Golden, as they’re typically referred to, recognizes them by their smiling faces and wagging tails that seem to sway to and fro on a continual basis.

They’re so friendly and sweet and have a great disposition. There are several reasons why a Golden Retriever makes the best family dog.

1. They Are Intelligent

Goldens are intelligent dogs who can easily be trained and socialized to interact well with children and other animals. They are considered to be the fourth smartest dog breed in the world, behind Border Collies (1st), Poodles (2nd), and German Shepherds (3rd).

Since Golden Retrievers also have a highly developed sense of smell, they are ideal dogs for many important jobs.  For instance, they have been very successful on search and rescue missions, as well as water rescue and similar lifesaving actions.  In addition, this breed is an excellent guide dog for the blind.

Having all of this in mind, it makes perfect sense that you can teach a Golden Retriever all sorts of tricks and easily train them to listen to your commands and orders. Also, it shouldn’t be too hard to teach your kids how to handle Goldens.

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  • Anna

    I beg to differ, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the best dogs out there for a family. Love people, eager to please, only dog to be called ‘totally reliable’ by the Kennel club and 1 of the 2 breeds mentioned to be great with kids 🙂

  • Aroreiel

    Staffies are lovely. It’s only these idiotic individuals and gangs who have been using them as “status” dogs and weapons, who seem to have given them a bad reputation. Now they always seem to be associated with thugs. It’s a shame.

  • Anna


  • Sarah Thomen

    So ya better be careful o whut ya just said! Do ya want kids to come in contact wit gangs? Whut if they trained their Staffie ta be mean and aggressive? Do ya want the kids ta get hurt or mamed?

  • Anna

    You can train any dog to be mean and aggressive (even dogs that are supposedly perfect such a goldens) so your point is invalid

  • Susan Gallagher Miner

    I agree with all points, except….goldens love adventure, and will run if given the chance. Several times mine jumped the 4 foot fence, and found a friend three blocks away (across a busy street.)

  • HumansEmbarrassUniverse

    I’ve had 2 Goldens and they have/had the sweetest hearts. We are a multiple dog family and both have been very helpful in bringing up new pups. When our current puppy attempts to chew on something he shouldn’t and we tell him “no”, our GR will go get a toy or bone and give it to the pup. It’s adorable. We will always have one in our family.

  • kpasa43

    looks like someone didn’t teach/train Sara Thomen to speak correctly or make sense. sad, another human life wasted.