12 Signals Your Tail-Wagger Is Trying To Warn You With


When you see your dog wag their tail, you take it as a pleasant sign, knowing that they are happy. Your dog can’t seem to wag their tail fast enough from excitement when they see you after a long day away from home.

However, studies have shown that the wag of a tail is not always a friendly, happy gesture. Naturally, tail wagging isn’t the only thing you should be paying attention to when it comes to dogs. There are several other, highly important signs that you should know about.


A wag to the left or wag to the right can indicate possible signs of fear, insecurity, a challenge or a warning sign that may say “beware or I’ll bite!” Knowing the different signals and tail-wagging combinations can give you a clue to what your dog is feeling.

Although humans might get the impression that the direction of the wag is unimportant, there is a huge difference between a wag more to the left and a wag to the right and extended higher.  If you really want to know what your dog has to tell you, you just have to read the obvious signs.

Remember that not all wags are equal and some are a lot more welcoming than others. Marcello Siniscalchi of the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Italy and colleagues decided to look at asymmetry in dog wags and reached some significant conclusions.

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