8 Things To Think About As Your Dog Gets Older


When you get a puppy, you don’t think about the times when you’ll be taking care of him as an old pet. You should know that dogs, as people, need proper care, attention, food and love.

These are the things you should be thinking about when your dog gets older.

1. Food

You shouldn’t feed your dog with food that has fat in it. Use proper dog food to enhance his health and make him more resilient to illnesses. When your dog was younger, he was more agile and could handle everything that came his way.

Make sure that even the dog food you give him is labeled for senior dogs, as they have specific nutrients in them.

2. Proper care

[mnright]As your dog gets older, he will need more care, so look after him, bathe him regularly, spend more quality time with him and even talk to him more. He is more sensitive now, so consult your veterinarian about the right way to take care of your older companion if you’re uncertain.

3. Mood swings

If your dog barks, runs or jumps for no special reasons, don’t be mad. As he gets older, his mood will change faster, so whatever you do don’t get angry. Be patient and make sure your pet has everything he needs for his best comfort.

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from depression, anxiety or lethargy – they also have unexplainable emotions and rough days.  As they grow older, you will notice that some of their functions are declining.

Perhaps they will forget previously learned commands, become aggressive and restless or overdependent and clingy.

It is important to comprehend that behavioural changes are a normal part of the ageing process and to be understanding as your dog enters a new phase of his life.

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