20 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Dogs


Dogs are amazing creatures that come with their own forms of comfort and communication.

All dog owners can feel the unconditional love of their pets.

These little blessings in life have their own sense of humor and special antics.

However, there are some other little hidden secrets about your dog that you probably didn’t know.

1. Dogs Can Read Your Emotions

Dogs do have their own unique ability to read emotions on the face of their human companions.

At a quick glance, your dog can tell if you’re sad, happy or angry by the look of your face.

Anyone who has had a dog for more than a couple of months knows that they are very intuitive and always know how you are feeling.

They know when you are mad or frustrated and often keep their distance in those times.

[mnleft]If you are feeling down or you have a cold and aren’t feeling well, your dog will always want to come and snuggle with you.

If you have an injury, your dog will notice and come to see if he can help you ease the pain.

They understand you and can recognize the way you are feeling just by looking at your face and your body language.

Dogs are smarter than a lot of people think, and not only can they understand your emotions just by looking at you; they also can change their behavior according to your mood.

Your dog knows when you are in the mood to play with him, but at the same time, knows when you just want to be on the couch and snuggle with him.

Many people also believe that the owner’s emotions can rub off on a dog. Lots of people report that their dogs often sympathize with them and feel down when they are feeling down.

While there might not be any scientific proof for this, dog owners know what we’re talking about.

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