Best Dog Breeds For Apartments


Your living arrangement is one of the most important factors when choosing a dog to become your new best friend. Some dogs are simply not suitable for living in small apartments and cramped spaces. On the other hand, some breeds are perfectly fine living in apartments and urban areas in general.

Our list is filled with these smaller, low-maintenance and quiet dogs that are perfect for apartment dwelling. If you are in a position where you are looking to adopt or buy a dog and do not have a huge house with a giant backyard, one of these will be just right for you.


Dachshunds are considered to be among the best dog breeds for apartment dwellers and the main reason is their small size. No matter how small the apartment, it is not going to be too small for these cute little dogs.

In addition to this, dachshunds are among the best family dogs due to their loveable disposition and their love for children. If you are a small family living in an apartment, these gorgeous small dogs will be the perfect choice.

It should be pointed out, however, that dachshunds can sometimes bark a bit more than the usual apartment dog. With a bit of training and proper “upbringing” this can be modified so that they keep their barking mostly for the outside world. Proper training is a must with dachshunds as they need structure and a strong leader.

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  • slobotnavich

    We’ve have many pure-bred dogs over the years, most of them German Shepherds. The best and by far the smartest dog I ever had was my first, which I got as little kid of about nine. He was part chow and part border-collie (and maybe part alley cat) and had an IQ in human terms of at least 95. He could plot, scheme, displayed incredible cunning, was wonderfully affectionate, and lived to be fifteen, with never had a sick day in his life. He was running around in the backyard, gave a little yelp, and fell over dead, sparing us all the trauma of having him put down. Tragically, today the availability of mutts needing adoption is drastically reduced by near-universal laws preventing dogs from running loose and thus breeding indiscriminately. Just one more reason to lament the passing of the “good old days.”

  • stephen

    there will always be mutts …nature finds a way lol boxer breeder was intending on selling still to be born pups..the bitch whelped and out came one pup that physically was the perfect boxer but had next doors rottweilers markings lmao… nature finds a way and what a stunning dog that was.

  • PNUT1

    I have a Boxer/Rotti mix, he is a great dog, intelligent, well behaved, playful,a good companion and excellent guard dog.

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  • Moore2itthanthat

    My 11 year old wanted a dog, after our Akita had to be put down after 12 great years. We searched for a low maintenance, hypoallergenic breed. Found someone with Havamalts-father was Havanese, mother was Maltese. Got our puppy a little past 12 weeks old. He has been such a joy to our family & friends. Well behaved & well mannered. So smart, it’s scary, sometimes. Want to get certification as a service dog to visit hospitals because he loves people so much. Travels in his Sherpa without a sound. If he sees us packing bags, putting on shoes or jackets, hears the words car or go, he climbs in his Sherpa, ready to go. Is crate trained & has a doggie door to the deck & backyard, so he has no problem taking care of himself during the day. His only fault is he likes taking paper from the trash or items of clothing from the laundry room or basket. Tears up the paper, but not the clothes. We can live with that. Once he gets a job, I think he will give those habits up. It’s mostly boredom. Whenever someone comes into our home, he brings a toy to greet them.

  • KT

    I’m surprised that the Dachshund is listed as “wonderful with children” when they are the #1 most aggressive breed of dog. I’ll stick to mutts from the shelter.

  • Cos Callis

    Somebody just listed 20 breeds they like and pretended they would all be good in an apartment…none of them would compare to a schipperke.

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  • JulietteofOhio

    Agreed. My beloved Schipperke just died after a short illness and I can’t imagine having a different dog. She was such a lady, easy to train, a great watchdog and a faithful companion. Schipperke’s seem to be fading away which is dreadful because they are a wonderful little dog. Also odorless, if you keep them clean.

  • Zeke

    Toy poodles for the win!

  • SpartanW

    I’m surprised I didn’t see mini and toy poodles on this list.

  • For REALS

    At the dog park, someone had a schipperke and they lol… said it was the worst dog of all time, and that it didn’t listen.

  • eagle

    I had a toy male poodle and he was so dumb when he peed he had to lean on a post or he would fall over, other times he would pee on the post and fall over. dumb, dumb dog.

  • Me717

    One of the smartest of all pure-bred dog breeds is the American Eskimo. In the early 1900’s they were commonly used as circus dogs because they are so easy to train. They come in mini and toy varieties too. They do not require much exercise, and are great around kids. The only draw back is they need to be brushed once a week. Our mini-Eski has made a great addition to our family. We rescued her at age two. She was not house broken. It took me two weeks to train her using treats as rewards for going outside (so much for you can’t teach an old dog new tricks). Daughter continues to teach her new ones all the time. She is very protective of the family members but as the old saying goes her bark is worse than her bite. She has never bitten anyone. This is the best dog I have ever known.

  • John L

    Haven’t heard of this breed in years. That was my first dog as a child some 55 years ago. I will tell you what I remember. Pound for pound the toughest dog I have ever seen. Also the most protective dog in the world. Her family was her concern. Being in rural Arizona she was allowed to roam at will. One time someone tried to steal my fathers car. We awoke the next morning to a tire iron and a trail of blood leading out of our driveway. Her only bad side was that she hated skunks. Would kill them on sight and get the resulting spray treatment. She just didn’t care. For a single woman this would be an ideal pet. They will literally lay down their lives for their owners. Yet are sweet as can be.

  • Kaylee Pasuy

    I can’t believe Dachshunds were number one on the list most would be a terrible apartment dogs most bark very loudly and frequently.

  • janhalt

    Have had 3 Dachshunds and never had a problem with house breaking or bad behavior with children. Very affectionate, loyal, clean members of the family. Very easy to train and smart with great memories. Often bark a lot, but not aggressive and never had one bite anyone.

  • Elaine

    We rescued a schnauzer , and coukdn’t ask for a more perfect dog! He was a year old when we gtr him and is now 9. I think he has barked maybe 5 times.. HE CAN BARK~ he just doesn’t choose to, LOL He doesnt care much for other dogs,, he only wants US and for a retired couple, he is perfect.HEY! He is perfect anyway!

  • DJ

    I’ve had/have 4 doxies and all did not like children… None were/are agressive, just didn’t/don’t want to deal with kids.

  • otto

    Lhasa Apso are the best!

  • Digi

    Dachshunds the most aggressive? LOL yeah they surpass the Pit-bull in child maiming and deaths each year, right?

  • disqus_58BXU17662

    Get a cat.
    Problem solved.

  • Small dogs have to be added to the family last so they will not get jealous of the kids. I found that out with a mini schnauzer and a pomeranian. Both had to go after they started to bite my baby

  • Rominecko

    I love my Shiba Inu

  • Ghenghis john

    Number 5:

    Why would i want a dog that looks like Cousin It?

  • David Straub

    What about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

  • chick

    I’m surprised the Yorkie or poodle wasn’t in the list But the damn greyhound was???!!!! WTH??. I would NEVER have a big dog in an apartment. I live in a small house and have both a shih Tzu and a yorkie Both very different but awesome apartment or small house dogs. Neither shed, Both potty trained easily. shih Tzu is very social ,yet the yorkie very NON social, But will give the shih Tzu a run for her money. I love me a big dog but really love my little ones.

  • Muttlover

    Mutts rule!

  • Kirsty Leanne

    No such breed as a Havamalt. It’s a crossbreed and nothing wrong with a dog just being a Crossbreed.

  • Kirsty Leanne

    A dog doesn’t have to kill to be the most aggressive.

  • Suzie Spangle

    I have a bichon cross Chinese crested. He is the most amazing dog ever. So clever, loyal and loving. He’s 13 years old and still as fit as ever. Hardly had a days illness in his life. The only treatment he has needed was removal of a grass seed from his ear canal. My son was 1 year old when we got the dog and they played together, never has he attempted to bite anyone. And as a bonus he doesn’t shed his fur. I love my dog so much that at 48 years old I got my first tattoo, his name and a paw print, my daughter had the same tattoo done at the same time.

  • Janet

    Love my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He can be a quiet lap dog but loves to run with my springers and boy is he fast. I bring him to work at the nursing homes I work at and the residents LOVE him. He is a little needy but not a problem.

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  • Patty

    Discrimination, a well trained German Shepherd can live anywhere. Get a real companion.


    I have owned Westies for nearly 35 years. They are great in nearly every environment, gregarious with people and other dogs, great with children. Sorry they were left out of this “rating”.

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