Kids & Pups: 21 Ideal Family Dog Breeds


There’s a reason for saying that a dog is a man’s best friend and there’s no better way to grow up than to share a home with a furry friend. Apart from teaching your kids many valuable lessons in life, dogs will protect them, play with them, and love them to death.

Almost any breed can learn how to handle children, but some dogs are naturals with kids. Here’s our list of the top 21 family-friendly dogs who are more than amazing with tiny humans:

1. Boston Terrier

The adorable Boston terrier, also known as the American gentleman of dogs, is one of the most popular breeds in the States, owing much of their good reputation to their docile temperament and excellent manners. They are, indeed, one of the best dogs for families with children as they get along well with everyone, including other dogs and non-canine pets.

Since they are friendly, playful and affectionate, Boston terriers love nothing more than to spend time with kids and they can play for hours on end. Moreover, they are also the ideal pet for elderly people as they are obedient pets who are easy to train and teach how to behave.

In a nutshell, Boston terriers are happiest when they are part of a loving family, and they will cherish every moment spent with their humans.

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  • Carmen

    I have a Boston, Milo. he’s 10 months. Very smart and affectionate dogs.

  • Julie Fleming

    The best kind of dog is a rescued dog, don’t buy from puppy mills or pet shops.

  • Rakesh

    I had a Female GSD, Amy who was a year and half when my little one came in. Initially I was worried about how Amy would respond to the new guest(esp since she was overpampered), however within a month bonding becme apparent. As they grew, i have never witnessed Amy getting aggressive about the kid (Amy was otherwise aggressive with outsiders). Only problem was that she was overprotective..

  • Kim Ferrari

    Absolutely agree! All four of mine are rescues! Interestingly, they are all pure Min Pins, also…

  • Rick Boxer

    ANYone who owns a Boxer will tell you how incredibly sweet and playful they are with children…any and all children!

  • cj

    GOD beagles are the worst animal on earth

  • Uncialle

    That is a Border Collie in the photo, not a Collie. Ordinarily it wouldn’t matter, except this site has Border Collies as not recommended for families with children. Why can’t you Google a decent photo like the rest of us? A mistake this basic makes all your info seem ill-researched.

  • Rick.

    What about dry dog food, which almost all contain, as the 1st. ingredient, Genetically Modified Corn??

  • Bj Rutledge

    Awwwww…. Adopted a congenitally blind from birth boston, Ludwig, stud dog from georgia where other live emaciated dogs were found in the trash. Heart worm positive, perfect markings so they bred all the pups he could. The smartest of any dog I have ever seen. The best. A lot of the issues that rescues often have but so worth every step we made. Fast learner, loved people and pillows. lived to be sixteen. He came from Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue. Got another one from them.3 years ago… Boston Misty, never bred, I assume because markings are not perfect, she’s 7. not the smartest dog I have ever seen, but cute. then we inherited mom’s shih Tzu, he’s not so bright either. And then recently a neighbor had a two year old boston Sissy that she had to get rid of, since she was already in her second home, we couldn’t say no. She’s a wild child… we need her to get into obstacle courses. THE ONLY TIME TO BUY FROM A PET STORE IS IF YOU ARE SAVING A LIFE DUE TO NEGLECT.

  • Norma Bell

    Food – we use Costco’s Kirkland which is equal to Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul – we have 3 dogs, 16 y/o Shakespeare and 13 y/o Rascal, both rescues, and 3 year old London, the puppy we raised to be a service dog who was career changed and is now a certified therapy dog. Shakespeare is a little mixed-breed with some golden, Rascal is a pure-bred Dudley nosed yellow Lab, and London is a gorgeous Golden from show stock. They are all treated like our babies and, unfortunately, have to see the Vet often, but that’s just part of raising a family.

  • Anna

    They’re not ideal with small children though as they’re so crazy, it’s like they never grow out of the puppy stage!!

  • vincenzo

    the best kind of dog is one from the pet shop at the mall. avoid buying very young ones. buy the ones that have been passed over and have lived in their cages for about 4 to 5 months.

  • bjelkier

    I have two female collies that are rescues. And I have a male Samoyed and a male collie that came from good breeders. They all are wonderful.

  • Do_it_right

    No, it isn’t. The photo I saw was of a rough coat Collie. I had one. Gorgeous dog. Walk through a room and would leave enough fur for me to make a pillow! I now have two standard poodles.

  • Rob

    Amen to a rescue dog!!

  • theantiantihero

    The ideal breed is the one that you rescue from the animal shelter. It will be a grateful and loyal friend for life.

  • ruth & macho

    Mixed breeds are healthy and so smart. I live in the country and people drop dogs off ,at one time I had 13. Can you imagine all the love I get. Feeding and caring for them is expenses but they are worth every nickle I spend. Don’t have to worry about anyone bothering me. People that abuse a dog or cat should be locked up.

  • Jane1817

    We had a toy poodle and she was sweet and gentle and loved everybody. She was raised with young children. It all depends on the training.

  • ConcernedCitizen15

    I’ve had dogs all my life and my Papillion is the best dog I’ve ever had. Smart as a whip, she learns tricks amazingly fast, but also figures things out for herself – such as running to me and barking when my cell-phone rings. Paps are stronger than they look, but mine doesn’t like rough housing and is too small for young children. I had bigger dogs such as cocker spaniel, shelties, and a beagle when the kids were small. They all worked out well and I’d wait until the kids are older to get a Papillion.