Liam Neeson Saves The Day, Rescues Dog From Abuse


The famous 62-year-old actor Liam Neeson is a genuine real-life hero.

Some months back, while jogging in Manhattan’s Central Park, the Taken star was halted by a distressed woman shouting that some punks are abusing a dog that was in great pain.

The teengaers were stoning man’s best friend to death and Liam behaved like a true hero.  He confronted them, telling the punks to stop hurting the dog, or else!  Although they weren’t scared of the actor at first, they soon said they were leaving.

The superstar was extremely proud of himself, even though it seems he wasn’t the one they were scared of – when they agreed to retreat, a police car showed up in the vicinity.  Neeson approached the terrified dog, stroking it while the policemen assesed the pooch’s injuries, then thanked the actor and told him they would take it from there.

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  • Spiritof America

    Liam was way to kind to the punks, He should have broke their rotten necks. Animal abusers don’t stop be cause you scare them. They “practice” until they work their way up to kill a person. I am glad he stopped the abuse . But, this kind of monster will do it again . And the law and courts system are in favor of the abuser, not the animal.

  • TMAN

    I agree. Nothing makes my blood boil like people abusing inocent animals. With all due respect to Liam, they should be glad it wasn’t me.

  • appd01

    at least he did a very nice thing there. too bad he was a jerk when he mentioned the united states have too many guns. considering hes in a lot of violent movies, thats sort of hypocritical dont you think??