21 Most Athletic Breeds


Dogs are considered to be the most varied species there is, with so many variants and sub-variants that it is hard to believe they are the same species. This mostly has to do with the fact that humans have been involved in the process from the very start, breeding dogs in different directions for different purposes.

Some of the breeds are, of course, more athletic than others and they are perfect for owners who have large backyards and who are ready to dedicate time to exercise their dogs and spend time with them in the outdoors. We will be looking at 21 of the most athletic breeds of dog today.

1. Pit Bulls

The pit bull has garnered notoriety over the years and we have come to the point where there are parts of the world and the US where keeping the breed is actually not allowed by law. One of the reasons for this is their athleticism which makes them particularly dangerous, according to people who believe they are too vicious to be kept as pets.

In reality, as long as the pit bull is trained properly and there is structure in its life, it will not be any more dangerous than any other breed. That being said, these dogs are extremely athletic, with bodies that are pure muscle and with some of the strongest jaws in the canine world.

Pit bulls need to be exercised regularly and what is even more important, they need to be kept secured because their athleticism enables them to break free from most shabby enclosures.

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  • Louis Janney

    And maybe the smartest dogs ever is the Jack Russell. There is no obstacle too high or too deep. There is no challenger too big. There isn’t a fence ever made that can stop a determined Jack.
    While watching a show on herding dogs, she watched flock of sheep jump over a stone wall and disappear. As the last sheep cleared the fence, she went into the bedroom ( behind the TV) to see where they went.

  • Tiffy

    Can I just point out that I don’t think the picture labeled pit bullis actually a pit bull. It looks more like an olde English bulldogge or an alapaha blue blood bulldog.


    +1 for Pit Bulls. Not only are they athletic, they are extremely intelligent, well tempered, and loyal. Too bad so many idiots take what make a Pitt so great, to make it so bad and use them for fighting.


    Pitts have a really large gene pool and there are literally hundreds of blood lines.. but I agree it’s face isn’t wedge shaped enough (at least from the angle of this picture).

  • fftest

    A rescued greyhound should be in the top 6. Most loving and playful and they love to run. Of course it’s a shame you have to teach them how to play after they come off the race track. Over 60,000 greyhounds are killed by their owners after they stop winning, usually around 3 to 4 years old.

  • Phil Bickel

    What dog could be more athletic than a Brittney? Swimming, Running, Hunting, and they just adore kids. Best dog we’ve ever had, just a real sweat heart, and perfect for boating,

  • Phil Bickel

    Britney’s are jumpers too, they look like oversized Jacks.


    It’s a little hard to believe that a Boxer didn’t make the list.

  • Oscar Carrillo

    How is a boxer not in the top 15?

  • Sue

    Yes, I am very surprised that Boxers were not on this list, they are agile, fast, playful and faithful!

  • hennagaijin

    Goldens and Labs…….swim with the best.

  • Kreepy Tin Man

    Boxer not on the list?

  • Sarah Thomen

    Greyhounds should be on this list. Theyre racin dogs!

  • cherryz

    I am pretty sure that a Belgian Malinois should be at the top of this list. My little Khalessi is a little crack head. But we love her

  • Mark2001

    Where is my corgi?..They even win agility contests, from time to time.

  • RB

    Fail on the Dalmatian pic.
    That there is a pic of a Great Dane.

  • RC

    You’re right. Between that, the lack of a boxer on the list, and the misspelled Doberman Pinscher (“Pincher”), I think this list was just thrown together by somebody who didn’t know much about dogs.