21 Most Athletic Breeds


Dogs are considered to be the most varied species there is, with so many variants and sub-variants that it is hard to believe they are the same species. This mostly has to do with the fact that humans have been involved in the process from the very start, breeding dogs in different directions for different purposes.

Some of the breeds are, of course, more athletic than others and they are perfect for owners who have large backyards and who are ready to dedicate time to exercise their dogs and spend time with them in the outdoors. We will be looking at 21 of the most athletic breeds of dog today.

1. Pit Bulls

The pit bull has garnered notoriety over the years and we have come to the point where there are parts of the world and the US where keeping the breed is actually not allowed by law. One of the reasons for this is their athleticism which makes them particularly dangerous, according to people who believe they are too vicious to be kept as pets.

In reality, as long as the pit bull is trained properly and there is structure in its life, it will not be any more dangerous than any other breed. That being said, these dogs are extremely athletic, with bodies that are pure muscle and with some of the strongest jaws in the canine world.

Pit bulls need to be exercised regularly and what is even more important, they need to be kept secured because their athleticism enables them to break free from most shabby enclosures.

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