13 Commands Your Puppies Should Learn First


There are a few moments in life more exciting than when you bring home a new puppy.

But when he comes into your life, you must train him right otherwise you might end up with unwanted behavioral problems later on. By teaching your young pup these 8 commands early on, you will have a wonderful dog for the rest of its life.

1. His name

The most important command of all is getting your dog to learn his name. Teach him to respond to his name before proceeding to teach him other commands such as “sit”.

It is pretty clear why it is so important for a dog to know his own name. First of all, it is the name he will answer to, for example, when you want him to come to you. Of course, you could also just give him a command, but if there are other dogs, or even other people nearby, the dog may become confused as to who you are talking to. So basically it is the same as with people.

A dog needs to learn his own name from the very beginning, while he is still a young puppy. If you adopted a grown up dog, it may take a bit more time for him to learn his name, especially if he already had a different name.

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  • AtamGits

    Fortunately, my dog is not a grammar Nazi. Who cares!

  • aamericannovice

    My dog ate a whole box of chocolate mac nuts and nothing happened to her.

  • aamericannovice

    My dog carries Dragon Speak software.

  • Roger Harper

    Nazi in Bavarian means simple minded.

  • Roger Harper

    My 100 lb Std Poodle is not gonna like this article, as he loves white seedless grapes and although I do not feed them to him often I have a few times in the past.

  • terry weaver

    I’ve found “Stop” to be the most useful command. Both of my dogs are well behaved but they do have their stubborn streaks. However, both know that when I say “stop”, it doesn’t matter what they are doing, they stop dead in their tracks and wait for me to come to them and say “OK”. My experience with dogs, and it isn’t very much, is that they understand quite well. I spend a lot of time interacting with them, usually by playing hide and seek with their toys. What’s fascinating to me is that I can tell them what room their toy is in and they will go to that room to look, so they associate specific words with specific places. They also “learn” the rules of the game…..I noticed this summer when playing fetch with the dog pictured in the avatar that he would hoard balls in the yard and not bring back the ball I threw. So one day I threw the ball and turned around so I would face the patio door, I could see Marley’s reflection in the glass and what he was doing was taking the ball I threw and “hiding” it behind a large rock, or behind the garbage cans and then grabbed a ball from a different spot and carried that one back. When I was facing him he would fetch the ball I threw, then drop it and grab another one, only when I turned around did he drop the ball in a “hiding spot”. The only reason we had so many balls is that I found that he was more interested in the one I had and not the one he brought back. Instead of play tug with the ball he brought back, he sees the second ball I have in my hand and just drops the one he brought back because he wanted mine. I think what he was doing was turning around the hide the toy game we played inside on me…..or I guess it could just be coincidence and its a case of me wanting to believe he’s that smart, regardless it’s a real kick seeing them in action.

  • M75462

    My dog is a German Shepherd, Chihuahua mix. He no peeki der english

  • Hit Manfan

    it’s better to be lucky than good…

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