23 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The United States


With so many different dog breeds to choose from, it can be difficult for those looking to get a dog to decide which one to go for. You have to take a huge number of factors into consideration, such as your household, what size dog you want, and how high maintenance a particular breed is.

If you’re looking for a helping hand to make your decision, it might be worth casting your eyes over some of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

These are ranked based on statistics from the American Kennel Club, as announced at the start of 2013.

1. Labrador Retriever

These dogs are great for families because they’re gentle and friendly. They’re also easy to train and very intelligent as well as being solid, sturdy animals.

What’s so important about them being sturdy? It’s what makes them great with kids. Not only do they have a lot of understanding towards young children, even when the kids are aggressive, but they can also take some of the punishment that small children can dish out.

They are incredibly loyal dogs, which means that they can help to keep your family safe, even if they are not really considered to be watch dogs. If you have a big home and a sensible sized yard and you are looking for the perfect family dog to grow old with your kids, a Labrador retriever is a great idea.

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  • George D

    The Beagle pictured is super cute. I had one who lived 18 years….was roughed up by four children, and never bit one of them despite the fact that they used her as a pillow. They are real family dogs and have a bark that can be heard for blocks. They are a real kid’s dog.

  • Harrison

    I’m trying to understand what maintenance is required to groom a short haired dachshund… I’ve owned four of them (or it might be more approriate to say “I’ve been owned by them”) and all of them have been very intelligent, absolutely pleasant dispositioned, loveable and low maintenance.

    I love all dogs and while none of the breeds on this list would be a bad choice, I would gladly put dachshunds on the top of my personal list. 🙂

  • Joe

    Oh the shame of it all! Some people get married and some people get divorced, it isn’t the end of the world.

  • John McLean

    Bosties, the only way to go. Like Lays potato chips, you can never have just one

  • Louis DeGeorge

    I have a dachshund and will never get another one . He is 7 years old and still not house broken . He cant be left alone for five minutes he cries the whole time we are gone

  • Jackie Nichols

    Yeah, beagles are super cute and kid friendly. They are one of my favorite dog breeds, but its that “bark that can be heard for blocks” that keep me from owning one.

  • nineteen50

    What about shelter rescue dogs! Best dogs I ever owned where dog pound hounds.

  • Pam W

    It is YOUR responsibility to acquire HELP for your poor furkid, it has no doubt SUFFERED due to your selfishness. What you are telling is not ‘normal’ otherwise. One can probably safely say that YOU are in the MAJOR FAULT at having FAILED that poor dog that is a senior now. TAKE HIM TO THE VET and have him overall evaluated for physical ailments, he could be suffering arthritis too, remember their backs are usually the first to go when they start to age. You sound so STUPID I would just LOVE to smack you to outer space!! You are probably not worthy of him as he probably is also ‘ignorant’ of any education due to your STUPIDITY! Dax’s are normally HIGHLY highly INTELLIGENT. You are absolutely NO DOUBT -and have been for years, been doing WRONG, DONE him wrong and injustice. GET him help, take him to the vet and seek out a pro dog trainer and/or a canine behaviorist, they are not the same. ANY age is ALWAYS teachable. They’re not stupid (you are.)

  • huckfillary

    A dachshund was my first dog. Got him when I was about 10. He always let us know when he wanted outside. In those days,
    you didn’t have to take a dog out on a leash, you just let him outside and they came back in 20 minutes scratching or barking at the back door. His name was “Stogie.” He had his faults, but he was fully housebroken.

  • constructionworker

    Best dog I have ever owned is our beagle. Very personable and I love that bay!

  • Chelsea Dimond

    You have to spend so much time with them. They have to be let out every 2 hours 24 hours a day when you are house breaking them. We had one, my very first dog, Mandy. She lived until she was 10 and we had to put her down because of a brain tumor. She helped me though so much and I will always be in her debt. A year later we adopted 2 more, little brother and sister Oscar and Emmy. They are a year old now and are so sweet. Fully house broken after many months. It’s a lot of work and you have to have time for them. The trick for leaving them alone is to crate train them. They will then find comfort in their crate. Dachshunds have such a special personality and I know I will never be getting another breed. I love them 😀

  • Chelsea Dimond

    They are just so sweet, they are always so loving…it’s as if they appreciate the love and family they now have. <3

  • Chelsea Dimond

    I love the breed, I got my Mandy in 2001 when I was 7. She was an angle, I had many health obstacles and she was there every step of the way. May 18th 2012 we had to put her down. She had a brain tumor and there was nothing that could be done. That September after months of our now incomplete family we decided to get another one….or shall I say 2. We got brother and sister Oscar and Emmy. They have completely different personalities than Mandy did but I love them just the same. I’m now in college and we find it a blessing that we had lost Mandy, she and I were never apart, she would have been so confused and hurt. I always wear a locket with her photo and a photo of when I received her on my 7th birthday. I will always be a dachshund girl <3

  • LeopoldvonRanke

    Yellow lab. Mine is sleeping in front of the fireplace right now with his cat.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    We’ve got 2 Mini-Schnauzers, obedient, uh maybe, great watch dogs and squirrels had best beware. Sadly one is a rescue and thinks that cats are a meal, he’s only got two modes Mellow and CRA_ZY. If you’re thinking of one, make sure you’re ready to groom, groom groom and groom. Also be VERY careful of what you feed them or you’re in for some very unpleasant surprises and some expensive ones too. Oh the one in the picture has natural ears. My personal favorite.

  • JenK

    I agree whole-heartedly!! I’ve only been owned by two … So far. Our home will never be without a dachshund. 🙂

  • docdave88

    I like my wife’s miniature Schnauzer. But for a real dog you just cannot beat a Labrador. Chocolate or yellow if you must. Black if you’re a purist.

    The canine equivalent of a pickup truck.

  • Verity

    When I was growing up we had 2 doxies….a male and a female. The male was black and tan…the female red (color name for tan females). They were regular house pets but many of their offspring (via their owners) would ‘do’ the show circuit…..and yes, they won many, many prizes. It’s funny, but in most of the litters there was at least 1 blonde pup. Folks just loved them and we got a higher price for them. I can still, in my mind, feel their soft ears.

  • Verity

    A couple of months ago I went to the local shelter in search of a dog to join my family of pets. A cute little mixed-breed ADULT dog who caught my eye. She is great and we are learning about each other. Please consider an adult pet when going to the shelter. They are there through no fault of their own but most folks choose puppies…and the adults are just euthanized. ;-(

  • Northstar

    Me too. My three dogs were pound mixes, and were cute and sweet. Only one barked a lot. Her puppies did not. All sweet, loving dogs.

  • MiamiEddy

    Shelter dog appreciate be rescued.

  • Turtles Run

    We rescued our dachshund terrier mix and he has been a very loving and entertaining dog. He is turning 19 this year and though he sleeps most of the time now, every so often he gets that puppy energy in him and he runs around the house and yard like he is in the spring of life.

  • shamsky24

    So glad to see that collies made this list. I’ve owned four of them, and they’re just wonderful pets.

  • MoldBuster

    What? No American Pit Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Terrier? Seriously? They are one of the most popular dogs….more so now that the hysteria is being broken by the truth of the breed. I personally have for rescue Black Lab mixes, but love Pitties now that I have learned about them and had a chance to spend some time with them…wonderful dogs.

  • Michael Mitchell

    The line from Dumb and Dumber was he crossed a bulldog with a Shih Tzu… not a pitbull.

  • JustanOguy

    I love Beagles… first dog I was ever bit by when I was four years old.

  • Cole Slagh

    The truth of the Pit Bull breed is that they were bred for their aggressive traits. Anyone that denies that is clueless.

  • Sundog21

    Nice line up of dogs but this is not an accurate list of the most popular breeds in US. For example, English Cocker Spaniel ranks 62nd on the AKC list. It is however a great breed and quite popular in England.

  • williered

    We just adopted a 15 month female beagle named Megan from a local Beagle Rescue group three weeks ago. I had beagles growing up, however, it has been years since my last one. We have our third obedience class tomorrow. She is a handful, but that look is priceless.

  • fande3rls

    Love these beagle hounds ,
    my beagle we rescued walking him one night and a chow was coming , he let out a howl and the chow back up

  • fande3rls

    my beagles are rescues


    This is a list of breeds; shelter rescue is not a breed. And I’m fed up with people who “rescue” a shelter dog thinking they are morally superior to those of us who prefer purebreds. You keep your dog and I’ll keep mine. Thanks.

  • Windy17

    Here’s mine. Third one I owned. Also a pure bred this time, big difference. Smart as a whip. Loves other dogs & people as well. Would recommend this breed to someone who does have some ‘open’ space. Likes his toes rubbed a nighttime (in the bed of course).

  • SaveUsGod

    If you like big dogs, you can’t go wrong with a Labloodhound. It is half bloodhound and half Labrador. We have one and he is the happiest, gentle giant ever. He wags his tail when he eats, sleeps, etc. He is loyal and great with anyone, young or old. They are hard to find, though. I wish more people bred these dogs. When he goes, I will drive where ever I need to in order to get another one. We have five dogs now and have always had at least three at a time. He is the best dog EVER! We normally have mutts from the shelter but someone gave us him and we are hooked.

  • Louis DeGeorge

    We did take him to see a vet and trainers . Both said he is untrainable . When he sits with me then walks away I follow him and try to let him out . But you can’t do that when you are at work . So fuck you for saying it’s my stupidity

  • Betty

    have had toy poodles for 40 years and love the devotion and intelligence of this breed. Also they do not shed have to be groomed but kennel cuts get rid of that cut most call the poodle cut. have had people tell me they never thought a poodle could be so much fun

  • Mike Lawson

    Put out your torch and crawl back under the bridge.