Top 21 Laziest Dog Breeds


Sometimes you just want to cuddle with a dog that loves chilling on the couch as much as you do. If you would like a lazy dog that doesn’t really like exercising or doing much of anything really, you should check out these guys.

1. MI-KI

Whether it’s deserved or not, this toy dog breed has a reputation of being incredibly lazy and inactive. It may sound strange to describe a tiny dog as lazy because we usually associate small dogs with a nervous, jittery disposition, but being small doesn’t take away your right to sit around on a bed or a couch ass day, doing absolutely nothing. And that’s exactly how Mi-Kis spend most of their time.

Mi-Ki is a toy dog breed that shares a lot of characteristics with the Maltese and the Japanese Chin. In fact, some believe it was created by combining these two breeds. They make great companions and because of their small size they are perfect for small living arrangements, like apartments. However, this is not the only reason why Mi-Ki dogs are great for apartments – there’s also their general laziness and lack of interest in jumping around, running and playing all day long. These dogs are perfectly happy with some activity and a lot of sleeping and lounging around.

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