Top 20 Dogs For First Time Owners


Before getting a dog, first-time owners should think about why it is they want a dog – for protection, hunting, herding or for kids to play with? As soon as you figure that out, certain breeds will become more or less desirable. Beginners should also try not to get a dog that is especially demanding, in terms of training or health. You want a dog that is reliable, safe, healthy, trainable and has a good temperament. You should also take into account the size of your household and choose a dog accordingly.

Here are some of the breeds that are proven to be particularly suited for beginners, whatever your needs are.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are probably the most popular dogs among young families with children. This is for a good reason too – these dogs are very affectionate, warm, loyal, protective, gentle and docile, especially with children.

Unlike some other cuddly and docile breeds, golden retrievers are by no means couch potatoes. They are energetic and fun-loving and need their exercise, preferably through games. They are easy to train since being obedient and doing what their owners want them to do is one of their greatest joys. Retrievers, like so many dog breeds, need a leader or an alpha. Without one, they can get lost and even become destructive (although rarely in an aggressive manner). [mnleft]

Golden retrievers are amazing with children, even with babies. They are very protective of them and simply love playing with little humans.

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