Top 20 Dogs For First Time Owners


2. Standard Poodle

Although they may seem like they have a bit of an attitude, because of their graceful and a somewhat snobbish disposition, standard poodles are actually sweethearts and a great addition to any family. They are a bit more low-key than mini poodles and they love the attention but aren’t too clingy, which is great for beginners.

Poodles are good-natured and very intelligent. They are actually one of the most trainable dog breeds, which is another reason why they are recommended for first-time dog owners. They are great with children and very attached to their owner.  [mnleft]

As for the owner, poodles require a calm, neutral authority and don’t respond well to harsh discipline. It’s not recommended to have them stay outside all of the time. Poodles are house dogs and they need the company of people or other dogs.

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