Top 13 Most Important Traits to Look For When Buying A Puppy


All puppies are by default super-cute, so choosing the one that’s right for you may be a difficult task. But besides cuteness, there are other things that you should be taking into considering when you’re buying a puppy. Here are some guidelines and suggestions that should help you choose a perfect puppy for yourself.

1. Call The Puppy By Its Name

It may seem odd or insignificant, but it’s very important for a puppy to recognize its own name. First of all, a puppy should always be given one.

A puppy without a name is a sign of a suspicious breeder. Also, if a puppy has a name but doesn’t recognize it or respond to it, it’s another sign that the breeder or the previous owner hasn’t been taking very good care of it. Most professional and reputable breeders and caring families name their puppies and teach them their names from the start.

It’s important for a pup to know its name because it’s the very beginning and the basis of every successful training. Make sure to use his name in a consistent manner so he can learn when and what it is that you want from him.

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  • LolaS

    #1 is just about the dumbest thing to put on this list. Everyone knows it takes time for a puppy to learn its name and the new owners aren’t going to keep the name that a breeder has given the puppy (if they’ve actually done this). I’ve had five dogs in my family through the years and only two of them had names when I picked them up from the pound/rescue home and those names were promptly changed. The other three were from breeders and didn’t have names yet. FAIL!
    My current puppy is 7 months old. I let her choose me. I tested all of them in different ways but then sat away from them and just watched. My puppy came over to me and crawled in my lap and started chewing my fingers and playing with me. I let her do this for a few minutes then put her with the others. I sat down again and waited. She came over to me again and did the same things. I was chosen by her and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Gail F

    I would also stress the importance of picking out a puppy that does not appear to be afraid of noises or is hand-shy (or very shy in general).

  • Pdxdog

    Food aggression is also something to test. Make sure the puppy has no problem eating out of you hand. Puppy should happily eat from you hand and show no apprehension. Food aggression is almost impossible to fix and can be dangerous around children and other pets.

  • Purry

    Every media should promote pet adoption instead of buying. Awareness should be spread how breeding companies treat the animals horribly

  • Most of these “most important traits” to look for are crap. First off, never buy a puppy over the internet or from a pet store that sells puppies. Second, the puppies should freely solicit attention from you and be generally active and bouncy. The puppies aren’t going to know their names while they’re still in a litter setting. They should all come running at once. Not all dogs appreciate belly rubs. “Test for independence” uh…don’t consider an independent breed if you want a lap dog!

    If you’re getting a pup from a rescue, it’s already been to a vet and has had his eyes and ears checked. The pup should be fixed already before you take it home. If you’re getting a pup from a breeder, you should have it checked out by your own vet. The single most important factor coming from a breeder is: are the parents champions in the show ring or in field trials? The parents should both have had their eyes, hips and elbows certified by CERF and OFA respectively. If those things haven’t happened, then you’re likely buying from an irresponsible breeder. “Champion Lines” is NOT the same as having both the parents be champions. This applies whether you intend to have a show dog or a pet. This is how responsible breeders keep from breeding litters of veterinary problems.

  • Zarilia

    What the heck does a more dominant puppy as opposed to a submissive one have to do with the quality of breeding? It’s just let’s u know if you’ll have a strong willed dog or a pushover..

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