Top 13 Most Important Traits to Look For When Buying A Puppy


All puppies are by default super-cute, so choosing the one that’s right for you may be a difficult task. But besides cuteness, there are other things that you should be taking into considering when you’re buying a puppy. Here are some guidelines and suggestions that should help you choose a perfect puppy for yourself.

1. Call The Puppy By Its Name

It may seem odd or insignificant, but it’s very important for a puppy to recognize its own name. First of all, a puppy should always be given one.

A puppy without a name is a sign of a suspicious breeder. Also, if a puppy has a name but doesn’t recognize it or respond to it, it’s another sign that the breeder or the previous owner hasn’t been taking very good care of it. Most professional and reputable breeders and caring families name their puppies and teach them their names from the start.

It’s important for a pup to know its name because it’s the very beginning and the basis of every successful training. Make sure to use his name in a consistent manner so he can learn when and what it is that you want from him.

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