Worst 20 Human Foods For Your Dog


4. Macadamia nuts

When we are talking human consumption, macadamia nuts are among the healthiest nuts you can find in nature. They contain a ton of monounsaturated fats which can do amazing things for your cardiovascular system. They are also packed with potassium, calcium, iron, selenium and many more important nutrients.

While they will not be fatal for your dog, macadamia nuts will still produce an array of negative effects for their health. For instance, they will often feel weakness in their legs which can become worse and they might actually experience tremors.

It is not known how many macadamia nuts it takes your dog to feel the negative effects. This all depends on their lineage and their size, so it is best to make sure they do not eat any at all. Plus there are more left for you!

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  • Holm Wrecker

    My dog doesn’t eat human food. Ever. Sets up bad habits and bad health.

  • Alan O’Shea

    You forgot the worst human food for dogs-sugarless chewing gum. It can kill them-painfully. It mimics other things so by the time the vet figures it out it may be too late for your pet.

  • BKJ7879Abaraham Kamino

    i had a dog he wount like at what was shown ,would u eat dog food?

  • Pat Amburgey

    I will give my dogs some healthy vegetables from my plate. Plus some small bites of boneless white meat chicken..They are all good for them.

  • rafiel hernandez

    WoW! I can hardly believe that avocado’s are bad for dogs. Manfred t wonder dog, a Shepard/husky mix and extremely smart dog has eaten avocados for years and loves them. I have not given the dog any, but when outside this dog will get all the low hanging and fallen fruit and lay down while holding it in his two front paws eat them up. He is healthy active dog and his coat is so shinny after doing this. Honestly I have to beat him to the trees to get a decent avocado and he is so healthy it doesn’t make since to me. I guess I’ll have to stop him somehow, but it seems to be unfair the dog likes them so much!

  • Pam

    Most of these I knew, except for avocados and ice cream, which I would never give to a dog anyway. If you think about dogs in the wild, they wouldn’t be eating anything like these or processed foods (think hot dogs, another no-no), etc., anyway. I’ve read walnuts are also toxic, so you might as well say all nuts are off-limits just to be safe. Cooked, plain meat, and some veggies are OK – my dog loves apples (I peel it) and carrots. I notice peas and green beans in the wet food medleys, so those are OK, too. My parents fed our standard poodle a raw egg every day mixed into his kibble and he was healthy and lived a long life. Go figure.

  • Numbers6

    But they eat other dog’s crap.

  • ArtBrecher

    My GSD used to love a small amount of vanilla ice cream. It never affected him in any way that I could tell; no diarrhea or upset stomach. He lived a long and happy life and it was a sad day for me when he became too disable to walk and we had to put him to sleep. Some of my fondest memories are sitting under our big old oak tree with Bullet and letting him lick the last little bit off a vanilla ice cream bar on a hot summers day. Guess all dogs are different.

  • teaman

    Who ever came up with this list of bad foods for dogs is, in the least, highly suspect! I am 71 and have raised many dogs in my life and have fed them, REPEATEDLY, over half the items on this list. All of my dogs lived long lives with very few visits to the Vet and never for any of the reasons listed. I used to have a German Shepard that drink two cups of coffee with me every morning and he lived to be over 17 years old. The only problem he ever had was good old Arthur the last three years of his life.
    This is just like with people who live to be a 100 or more, folks doing these studies never study old folks to determine how they did it!
    I always go by my experience, but hey, you do what you want. My Border Collie lived to 15 and he loved milk chocolate!……and all of my dogs eat table scraps. Back in my early years, there was no such thing as canned dog food or any of this other fancy crap either. Later years, I fed them inexpensive dry food in addition to table scraps.
    In most cases, with most, NORMAL type dogs, it would take a boxcar load of anything on this list to do harm. Just like with humans, most food things that are taboo, it would take large amounts over long periods of time to do harm. Just remember this, the Bible says, all things in moderation!

  • Shaun

    If you have ever had chickens and dogs you will know that a dog loves to suck eggs…

  • mike cumpston

    I don’t know if they are harmful to dogs or not but brussel’s sprouts are a good thing not to give them. Primarily, they cause the dog to take powerful, green, foul dogcraps that sprout muscular legs and go bounding away across the floor.

  • Albert Stroberg

    Not buying the avocado fear. We live in a part of California where we haves groves of the things. Pretty common to remark about the chubby dog with the shinny coat- “must be an avocado dog, eh?” We do not see dead dogs by the side of the groves.

  • Clemensghost

    Don’t feed a dog leftovers. Don’t feed a dog raw meat, fish, eggs. Don’t feed a dog anything that they would naturally eat on their own natural devices. I agree. Feed them only finely diced human meat.

  • Silsez

    My dog LOVES Carvel vanilla soft serve ice cream. My Vet said it’s a perfectly safe treat in moderation. He gets a small cup every 3-4 months after he’s been a good boy for the groomer.

  • Silsez

    Baby carrots and apples are actually VERY good for dogs. Panning everything with an article like this is just spreading ignorance. If you have a pet, hopefully you have a Veterinarian. All you have to do is ask ANYONE in your pet’s clinic to find out what’s okay and what isn’t.

  • Silsez

    ROFL! Thanks for the memory! My husband was a K-9 Officer, I worked for an animal hospital. He really (SELFISHLY) ticked me off one day, so I fed his dog a few chopped up boiled brussel’s sprouts from our dinner before their shift. 12 hrs. later he came home absolutely GREEN from the dog’s incredible flatulence in their patrol car. I told him about the sprouts…He never ticked me off like that again.

  • mango888

    It bothers me that so many writers put themselves out there as experts and share “truths” they obviously haven’t researched (or more likely learned from other “experts”).
    Some of the article is clearly truth based on what we can all learn from a little personal research, and time tested experience….chocolate, in large quantities, could kill your dog (in small quantities, especially in large dogs, you will more likely cause some gastric upset, or notice no adverse effects)…grapes are poisonous to dogs….but most of the other “truths” are not always or true at all. Bones SHOULD be approximately 30% of a dogs’ diet (not ALL dogs, and not ALL bones, but many and most)….preferably raw…..which also therefore contrdicts the raw meat prohibition….the more raw food a dog eats, the better…If it is not convenient, and of course if it is truly rotten, then you coked food is certainly OK. Which brings up the table food issue…..table food is fine if you screen it for non-dog food ingredients, like grapes and avocados, but table scraps are generally a lot healthier than the kibble the vets recommend. The biggest problem with scraps is people feed their dogs too much of evertthing causing obesity…non-chemically treated salts (himalayan for instance) is good for you and your dog…..it’s not the full mineral salts, but processed sodium chloride with iodine that’s bad…..for you and your dog.
    I am sure i have so many “experts” and dog lovers alike angry right now I won’t continue..(esp. about the bones….EVERBODY knows bones will KILL your dog …right?)…Instead of getting on here and MFing me because i don’t know what i am talking about, please spend a few minutes researching on the internet each of the above prohibitions….you will be surprised at how much “everybody knows” is urban myth or dog company propaganda. Don’t bother with “Purina”, start with Dr. Mercola and other holistic vets and work from there.

  • mango888

    Just one more word of common sense…..what did dogs eat before “dog chow”? How did they survive 100,000 years (now i’ve got the fundementalists pissed off, since everbody who reads the bible knows the earth is only 10,000 years old)? Do you think they passed up on that rotten chicken carcuss….the one there English owners left hanging to rot on the front porch to tenderize and give it some flavor? Do you think the dog food companies have anything to do with “table scraps bad, “dry kibble with no moisture and GMO corn good”…..have you ever had your dog run away from you to snack on the corn field near by? All you have to do to figure out why vets are so expensive and dog food is so bad is “follow the money”. Works with human nutrition and doctors as well.

  • dogpark

    Now day dry food cost $ 50 or more for 30lb or 24lb bags of debone as first ingredients , but sometime even the, super premium, dry food upset my rotti intestinal , so I make them the super gook, large pot of super mushy sticky white rice with white breast chicken ‘on special’ or turkey, 5 to 7 days , help with the bonding and you can eat it too .

  • NCMountainGirl

    There are probably more unhealthy dogs because overindulgent owners feed them far too many “healthy” dog treats than there are cases of dogs who have been made sick by eating raw meat and bones. .

  • jimbus548

    I am with you all the way. No spoiled food or raw meat, eggs? Dogs chew and eat road kill for days and weeks – they have raided nests to get eggs for thousands of years. Dogs are dogs – descended from wolves. Dead stuff is what they were meant to eat! They were not meant to be kept inside, dressed in outfits, fed processed pet food, or treated like people.

  • jimbus548

    LOL – “Bullet” is what we call our dogs when they near the end of their lives.

  • jimbus548

    I use deer meat at times. Especially parts that were damaged by the bullet wound or parts that are tough or otherwise undesirable. Cut it with 50% rice and it puts a smile on their faces. They will eat raw deer pretty good too. When I process the carcass I don’t get overly aggressive on stripping every little scrap, and the hound will chew the remnants for days.

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  • abrasmom

    True, they were not meant to be kept inside, dressed in outfits, and fed processed pet food, and treated like people. But, they certainly adapt to it very well, lol. With Dogs, opportunity is the word of the day, each day. Dogs are very loyal, but don’t ever think we own the dog. They own us, and will work us every way they can, to get what they want. It is said they have the intelligence of a toddler. I have observed farm dogs operate with no training to climb ladders to chicken coups, or hemlock trees. I’ve seen small dogs, guppy big dogs into doing what they want. A dog will play us! But, it’s ok as long as they letme share their world, lol.

  • abrasmom

    Years ago, doggie ice cream was sold. Haven’t found it in this region yet. My Boxer, loooves orange sherbet! A push up in the summer is her fave treat. In the spring when small birds are pushed, or fall from the nest is the second fave treat. She will go around the tree, standing up on hind legs, with her mouth wide open. I guess she’s hoping to catch one in her mouth when they fall, lol. Dogs have a couple of gross habits, but vet says it goes back to wolf pack, and protecting the pack by ridding scents that could bring predators. Don’t know about that, but the cat next door would be wise to stay out of my yard. I have wireless underground fence, and the smart alec cat seems to know how far my dog can go. Yet, she doesn’t bother our cat. Apparently, our cat is an ugly dog that’s in the pac.

  • abrasmom

    Plus, don’t leave fishing pole out, with a hook still on in, after fishing! A trip to vet to have hook removed is horrible! Vet says he has people come in with this problem often. He said, the fish and bait smell is enticing to the dog. I’m glad I don’t have the smell capability of a dog. To be able to smell in layers, is awesome in assisting us, but I like the smell of the entire combination when cooking. The attributes of dogs have amazed me since I was a little kid. They were and are, a very valuable member of our family for many reasons.

  • abrasmom

    Rofl. I had a cat that owned me before I got married. From the start he hated my husband! My husband decided he would give him a bath each time he ticked him off. Well, hubby was the one to get wet, during that experiment. Cat was dry, lol! But, next day when hubby went to work, and pulled out flight helmet, the real lesson was learned! People on flight line scattered, and helmet had to be replaced! When he came home, and repeated the story, the cat was looking at him like, “do we understand each other now?” They had an uneasy truce until his passing. I still laugh at how they tried to one up each other!

  • abrasmom

    My dog loves apples, strawberries, kiwi, and some other fruits. I wouldn’t feed her tv dinner left overs, or white bread.If a loaf of white bread doesn’t look like a petri dish of mold after a few days, I shouldn’t be eating it, little less my dog. When I owned a sengal parrot, I noticed that the hard plastic toys were a hazzard. Their goal is to destroy the toy, and they were sharp, and a choking hazzard! So I used rawhide, rope, and durable items for the bird. We just have to use common sense. Stuffed toys are very bad if dogs like to pull out stuffing! It wads up in stomach, and can be fatal. So, destuff these toys, or don’t use them. When my kid was learning to crawl, I would crawl around floor after cleaning it. If one thing remains on the floor, the baby will find it. I take no less actions for my dog, because she is family. Just because a product is marketed for a dog, doesn’t mean it’s safe. It is more the man made products we have to worry about, imo.

  • abrasmom

    There is only one dog food, that salt could be added to, and used for human consumption. When my dog was a pup, I fed her this very expensive food. She was gorgeous, in bright eyes, coat. I use baby shampo for bathing bc it doesn’t interfere with topical flea treatments. She was one of the easiest to train, of any dog I’ve ever had. But, at nine months, she absolutely refused to eat it any longer! Other owners told me that the same thing happened with their dog. So, I switched to the brand that I determined was best, on the next tier of food. But, her coat, and eyes, are not as shiny, nor is she as well behaved, and bathroom habits changed. I wish she would still eat it. It makes me blue, that she won’t. I’d love for the manufactuer to tell me why there is this problem. She does ok with fruit, veggies, and dog food she gets now, but I’m preplexed as to the problem that made me blue. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is?

  • abrasmom

    Maybe we should take a lesson from our animals, on what’s good to eat from the human menu. The foods they grind are human foods, but allow a more balanced amount during feeding, to maintain calorie intake. A well trained dog won’t beg at the table, imo. But, they will overeat. Guess it goes back to basic instinct of not knowing when the next meal they would be able to catch, to feed on.

  • RunsWithPoodles

    Bones? Oh, please. Just don’t cook them.

  • RunsWithPoodles

    Raw meat? What do they think dogs evolved on?

  • Rafael Tarnawiecki

    What a crock of 5hit! No bones! What did dogs eat for 10s of thousands years before vets tried to convince us to buy their overpriced kibble junk? Get a brain people.

  • mango888

    Yes, maybe…..In the wild it is natural for dogs to not eat for a day or even two……if they can gorge, and are satiated, they might not be hungry for a long time. In practice however the food they scavenge usually comes in smaller portions, so typically they will eat every chance they get. Maybe, and I’m just suggesting this as a possibility, you didn’t give the dog enough time to get hungry again. High end foods are usually very dense nutritionally speaking, and perhaps your dog wasn’t hungry on it’s regular schedule. I have had G/S’s my whole life and every one would occassionally skip a meal…..no problem….when they get hungry enough they will eat. Try it….just leave the food out if it is dry,( or put in fridge if wet and put it back the next day), and see if she goes with it …..believe me sooner or later she will eat!

  • Cheryl

    SOME dogs eat poop, not all, and it’s a condition, not a feature.

  • Cheryl

    They ate RAW bones, not cooked. World of difference jacko.

  • Cheryl

    Judging from some of the comments in here, I’m guessing there’s a huge segment of the population that is too stupid to share life with any living thing at all.

  • Veronica Fitzrandolph

    Actually I used to know a dog who loved corn on the cob. He held it between his paws (on the ground) and nibbled around it just like a person.

  • Rafael Tarnawiecki

    So you don’t think the first domesticated dogs ever got their paws on a cooked bone around the campfire you halfwit?

  • meccano

    I’ve heard the avocado thing before but thought the fruit or the fruit meat was OK. I thought the leaves were the big problem actually. Not that commercial dog foods don’t have questionable ingredients in them, but I’m surprised that AvoDerm is a whole line of dog food based on the inclusion of avocados when they are apparently so highly toxic to dogs. You’d somehow think this would be a bit of an issue for them these past however many decades they’ve been selling this food and harming or killing those dogs in the process. Kind of a bad business model. Hmm….

  • meccano

    Wild animals die early deaths for all sorts of things that we try to prevent in our domestic animals from experiencing, no? Dogs get eat mites, distemper, rabbis or whatever…in the wild–all a natural part of their existence, but that doesn’t mean that I am not going to try and prevent those things in my animal utilizing modern veterinary medicine. Many bones found in the home are small, like those in chickens or splinter easily, like cooked pork bones. If you don’t care, then you don’t care, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Humans are actually often smarter than dogs. With our help, they can often live longer and healthier lives than if they were in the wild.

  • Meg Hinley

    Um, actually, I’d say they’re not meant to live in the wild anymore either. Just because they’re descended from wolves, that doesn’t mean they are wolves. I don’t necessarily think their guts have changed much with all the selective breeding we’ve subjected them to. But most of their survival instinct has been bred out over many generations, and they no longer possess many of the traits that would allow them greater survivability in the wild. Most of the dogs of today are MUCH, MUCH different from their semi-feral ancestors. For example, I don’t think a Chinese Crested or a Mexican Hairless could live outside, as we have made them extremely susceptible to hypothermia and sunburn. A dachshund would also have a heck of a time surviving with their extremely long spines and short legs. Pugs and bulldogs would be extinct almost immediately because none of them can give birth without assistance due to their huge heads. I could go on ALL day!
    Since we did this to them and robbed them of their ability to survive in the wild, we are kind of responsible for them. You can’t exactly take a creature out of the wild, make them completely dependent on you, and then toss them out to fend for themselves like nothing you did changed them at all. That would be irresponsible and trashy.

  • R3zqu3d

    You lost me at Raw meat. Luckily for you – you put it last.

  • Faith Durrer

    Your desire to simplify and promote your personal philosophy about canines does nothing to alter the science. Dogs living in the wild, now or 100,000 years ago commonly died very early, painful deaths from a variety of causes, including ingesting microorganisms in rotting flesh (carcass) that were capable of causing serious, life threatening infections etc. You can’t be so naive as to not understand that. So the answer to your question “what did dogs do before “dog chow” is……they ate whatever they could find, and frequently suffered and died because of it. The key point here is that no one, including you, knows or cares about the death rates from ingesting contaminated food in the wild. In fact, you are totally ignoring that angle as it would alter your ability to make sweeping, vague statements about dog evolution. I know you can’t be so lacking in knowledge as to believe that dog food/human food/ or any other food cannot be contaminated by organisms capable of causing illness and death..surely not..so I will just leave it at that. Take some microbiology courses before you start down this road again.
    High grade dog food has no GMO corn in it. My guess is you don’t know what I’m talking about when I refer to high quality dog food, but there’s plenty out there. The dryness of the kibble is not relevant, unless you plan on depriving your dog of clean water on a regular basis. Dryness is not relevant in terms of kibble nutrition either. When is the last time you ate a cracker, then said to yourself —oh my, that was “dry” therefore inherently bad for me. That’s nonsense and not based on scientific fact. The precise ingredients of the dog food does matter. Just as the precise ingredients of your food intake matters in terms of nutrition.

  • Ken

    my dogs also love the aroma of dead anything, then roll in it, and then come running into the house! Then it is shower time!

  • Rafael Tarnawiecki

    I had a lab that lived to be 19 years old. She ate a scrap bone at least once a week. So there goes your theory. We didn’t give her poultry, but she did manage to eat a whole turkey carcass after thanksgiving with no ill effects. Dogs eat bones, cooked or not, end of discussion.

  • meccano

    Because I smoke and don’t have lung cancer doesn’t mean that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer. Sometimes we need to look past the end of our own noses if we want to see the bigger picture.

  • Mr Schnauser

    I have herd about most of these foods that were bad for dogs. My Giant Schnausers are raised on 90% people food. They eat eggs,meat, a vegstable, and cottage cheese for breakfest. Dinner is made up of carrots, rice, chicken a veggy and some leftovers from our dinner. My first pare lived to be 17 years of age. My new pare are 14 and very, very athletic and very healthy. My first female was the best dog I ever have known, but a real BITCH. One Easter my Dad brought over a 5 pound box of SEE’S candy. I put it in the middle of a pool table and never opened it. The next morning the 5 pounds of candy was gone. But the evidence was every where. A straight line out to the backyard were these little brown candy rappers, plus a very neatly opened box. ALL 5 POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE. She was very, very bitchie and ornery. That was when she was 9 she lived 8 more years. I ges there are some exceptions to the rule. Oh she was a petite 115 lbs, and a show dog at that.

  • Mr Schnauser

    Really the only problem of raw meat is the way the animal is slautered. There is a ton of bactera that is killed when you cooke it. If you either kill an aminal or know a farmer who offers his waste meat to kennels it is much healthier than anything you can buy in a store.

  • See Rider

    Who in the hell is giving their dogs any of this stuff anyway?

  • darkshin

    It’s not that we’ve bred out their ability to survive on their own, it’s more like we’ve bred in their ability to be domesticated. Any domesticated animal can go feral. Check out Australia they have feral everything! (a bit of an exaggeration) This list is mostly bunk.

  • Panglossian

    If Steak Tartare is good enough for the French, then it is good enough for my Dachshund, and I suspect it is much healthier than the highly processed meat leftovers used in dog food (and certainly much less preservatives which are worse for them than salt).

  • nuggetz79

    Dogs are supposed to eat a diet consisting of raw meat and bones. Essentially, they eat every little last bit of their prey. To suggest that a raw fed dog would come down with salmonella is to completely ignore the science behind it. Dogs have short digestive tracts. When they consume a salmonella laden piece of chicken, their bodies digest it and, because they have a short digestive tract, the bacteria is beyond a part that can harm them in 3-5 hours, well before the 12-72 hr gestation period for salmonella. My dogs eat a steady diet of raw meat, bones, organs, eggs, and sometimes entire carcasses. They are the epitome of canine nutrition. Perhaps you should do some research before you spread your misinformation.

  • frabn

    The bit about bones is especially true. My wife’s aunt gave my dog a chicken bone after Thanksgiving this year. I didn’t find out until I found her choking. Thankfully, I was able to pull the bone out of her throat. an x-ray later found splinters in her digestive tract, and she had to go on a mineral oil treatment to soothe them out of her system. My wife’s aunt still insists she did nothing wrong.

  • Dog lover

    Well, the discussion here is not if dog can survive in the wild or not but because they are family from wolves they should be able to eat raw food. Some vet suggested raw food is good for the dogs. I eat raw salmon all the time and feed my dog to it. He loves it and have no problem with it. He is very healthy and i take him to the vet for regular check up and extensive check up every single year. of course anything that’s gone bad you shouldn’t, that’s just common sense, this list is going the other extreme.

  • Rebecca

    jimbus548 you are insensitive jerk! LOL??? what’s part of the comment is meant to be funny? If you are trying to be funny, you are not.

  • megmelodia

    Cats still hunt, and they eat raw meat and bones. You never see anyone saying that cats should not eat raw meat or bones, but it can kill dogs? I have always fed my dogs bones, dogs have been fallowing humans around eating our scrapes for 10,000 years, it’s fine.

  • frank

    have you been around the world?? In certain places, there are wild dogs everywhere that do just fine surviving.

  • Connie Potter

    Ice Cream? WOW! I did not know that ice cream was
    toxic to a dog; Dairy Queen actually sells pup cups

  • JB

    Dogs are fine eating raw meat and eggs- it’s how they are built. They are bred from wild animals who certainly did not cook their meat. The only bones they can’t eat are cooked chicken bones. Raw meat and eggs are good for dogs, and often make up a much healthier diet than ‘dog food’ made of processed organs and filler.

  • JaMarvelous

    I do not agree with the one about raw meat.

  • Patricia Sumpter

    My dog is a diabetic. He can eat green peppers as a treat. His vet said it was the best treat.

  • Bob Don’t worry about it

    jimbus548…That may be true thousands of years ago, but dogs are not that type of animal anymore. And who says that’s even true? You? We live in a society that loves their dogs, so get used to it pal. It’s a mentality like yours that leads to animal abuse and cruelty. Would you leave a dog outside in extreme cold because it’s “just an animal” or it’s “not meant to be kept inside?” If one can’t have their dog be part of their family (which would include keeping it inside and treating it like a person), then they should not have a dog. I really hope you are not a dog owner.

  • Bob Don’t worry about it

    Keyword there is “wild.” She’s talking about domesticated dogs.

  • Natalie

    Um…what about grains? Have we not gotten it through our heads yet that dogs shouldn’t eat grains?
    And raw meat? Seriously? I have only ever known dogs to THRIVE for years on raw meat. Because they can handle it. Because it’s nutritious. Because until recently, that’s all they ate. Even thousands of years ago when humans domesticated the first dogs, do you think they immediately started making kibble for them?

  • Natalia

    I completely agree with you. It bothered me so much when I adopted a cat from the shelter a year ago, and they gave me “Science Diet” cat food. Supposedly recommended by veterinarians, it’s full of corn and other garbage. I’m not sure what these vets are thinking. I’m a biology major in college, and I’ve really internalized my evolution classes. I love evolution. (Oops, if they weren’t offended by the 100,000 years comment, they’re offended now.) That’s why I’m Paleo/Primal, that’s why my cat eats grain free canned food and raw meat when I can afford it. Sure, humans are going to keep eating corn no matter how bad it is for them. But wouldn’t you think it would be less controversial with dogs than it is with people? I mean, they’re not going to complain if we take corn away from them.

  • Natalia

    Well…theoretical evolutionary genetics aside, how many dogs have you known that got sick from eating fresh, raw meat? I’ve known dozens that thrived on a 100% raw meat diet. You wouldn’t believe how sleek, muscular, energetic, happy, and beautiful they were. I just don’t think anyone’s qualified to make the assessment that dogs evolved away from eating raw meat, unless they really are a population geneticist studying dogs. And that seems difficult (and wasteful) to get grant money for. That’s why I’m more interested in the anecdotal evidence I have, until a study comes out that proves otherwise.
    I’m with you on the point that many breeds today wouldn’t survive “out there”. I’ve seen hundreds of stray mutts in tropical countries, but never have I seen a stray cockapoo or chihuahua. What ridiculous things to create, unless we intend to care for them. But I’m not sure that relates to diet. Some of them, those bred for hunting, and maybe even those bred for racing and tracking, could probably feed themselves. Toy pomeranians…I don’t know. But I’ll be you they’ll like raw meat.

  • Natalia

    Okay…the idea is to combine the best of both worlds. We have medicine now, dewormers, tick collars, quarantines, etc. Diseases don’t kill like they used to. Neither do dogs starve to death (ideally) because they can’t hunt enough food. Neither are they killed (usually) by other wild animals. But, we feed them garbage. Let’s feed them what they used to eat, and keep up the medicine, protection, and adequate food supply. There’s your healthy dog.

  • Faith Durrer

    “Surviving’ is the operative word here. You are strongly implying that it does not matter to you whether or not pet dogs survive any better than wild dogs, wolves. Now, if you believe that then there is no reason to feed your pet dog any food other that the stuff found in the wild. However, it’s absurd to state that stray dogs, wild dogs “do just fine.” Most of them barely survive and their average age at death is much lower than that of dogs living a domesticated life. Ask a vet, do some research. It’s a given that most dog owners would not want his fate for their pets. Therefore, comparing the survival state and food choices of strays with that of dogs owned by people who want them to stay healthy and alive as long is possible is simply not relevant–think about it.

  • J5K

    Wolves generally live about 10 years in the wild, and about 20 years in captivity. Why? Better diet is the main reason.

    CAN dogs survive on spoiled and/or raw food? Sure, but not for as long and they will have significant health problems.

  • Emily Click

    My dog won’t even go near most of this stuff anyway…

  • Pets aren’t people

    Actually he or she was quite funny. Get over yourself. Nits just a dog.

  • razzi’s mom

    If avacado is bad for dogs, why is the food called Avoderm (made from avacado) suggested by some vets for dogs with sensitive skin?

  • kcgauss

    Thank goodness roast beef isn’t on the list because my dog just swiped one from the kitchen counter and ate the whole thing.

  • Vic Flores

    I have had ” mutts “who have died of old age who during their lives ate ice cream , salty porkskins , chocolate cake, brownies ,cookies,nuts, candy, chips, tortillas, skunks,armadillos, cat crap, crows,rats, even though they always had Purina dry dog food available. one lived to be 16-18 years old ,he lived so long we wern” t even sure of his age . I agree with the other posts that dogs have been scavengers thru history and its “US” that the chemically filled foods are poisoning !!

  • Cheryl A Sophie

    What gets me is I have seen Avocado listed as safe and not. I know the trees related to the rubber and Banana tree so not feeding them but makes one wonder. Sophie loves a specific type plain yogurt and we treat her to a small amnt of Humphreys yogurt sometimes.

    She’s on prepared raw frozen patties in am and instinct grain free dry at night, along with treats of fruits, veggies and such.

  • goda

    You are such an asshole. How could you do that to a dog?

  • Liz

    Actually, better healthcare is the reason — you know, the same reason we live longer than our ancestors despite the fact that now we eat (literally) tons of processed food instead of the diet we evolved to subsist on. It’s easier to survive when you don’t have to battle endless assaults by parasites, untreated wounds and illnesses, the elements, and possible bouts of famine. Dogs can and do survive on raw food diets; there’s one in Australia who was 27 years old last I knew. Dogs and their close cousins, wolves, are carnivores. They need very little vegetation in their diet and have no need for fillers like wheat, corn, or rice flour that kibble generally has in abundance. You’ll find that super-premium foods like Canidae, Innova, and Blue Buffalo are free of the crap that Iams, Science Diet, and Purina put in their product. Why? Because the dogs don’t need it. Period.

  • Liz

    Wild animals don’t live in homes, protected from the elements, pests and parasites, and they don’t regularly go to the vet to get check-ups or vaccines. Coincidentally, these are the same reasons we live longer than our ancestors ever did despite the fact that our diet is loaded with carbs, sugar, preservatives, and other crap that we shouldn’t eat.

    Most chicken bones, pork bones, lamb, rabbit, and pretty much any non-weight-bearing bone is alright for a dog to chew and digest, as long as it is *uncooked*. The cooking process does indeed soften the bone and make it likely to splinter and get stuck in the esophagus. You really should research the BARF diet for dogs and cats instead of making uneducated assumptions. I personally feed my dog Science Diet at this time, but I am considering the switch because after surveying other brands that are grain-free, I am confident that it would be cheaper to give him meat from the butcher and local eggs.

  • Liz

    I think that roasting a bone over a fire is much different than other cooking methods that would soften a bone, such as boiling or braising. Also, you’re kind of a jerk.

  • vaughn

    I was raised on an organic farm where we used working Border Collies. We fed all our dogs from the cows we butchered for meat. /they all lived long, happy lives.

  • Ronald Mallory

    One of the most lethal foods to give a dog is raisons even though plums was mentioned!

  • Ronald Mallory

    One of the most lethal foods to give a dog is raisins–even though plums was mentioned!!!

  • Ronald Mallory

    To my surprise, raisins were omitted which are very toxic to dogs–even though plums were mentioned

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  • Mine have dragged deer legs to the yard. They have a wonderful time stripping the fur off and gnawing the frozen treats until they get to the rich marrow. This also benefits their teeth.

  • meccano

    I find it odd that you go on at length about your approach to a holistic back to nature wild animal diet and how I should do research before making uneducated assumptions only to follow that up with “I feed my dog Science Diet.”

    Um, Okay.

    You should try and be less insulting in your responses to people as you might get more receptive audiences when expressing your viewpoints. Because you may not agree with what I’m saying doesn’t make me uneducated. I don’t feed my dogs Science Diet either.

    Your first point regarding wild animals vs. domesticated animals protected by humans is what I’ve already stated so I’m confused as to what you are arguing about.

  • meccano

    Yours is a very reasonable, level headed and well thought out comment Natalia.


    Ron… raisins are made from GRAPES (#2)… not plums…

  • meccano

    I guess they should have explain that raisins are dried grapes and the prunes are dried plums. You’d think that was common knowledge.

  • MadMonkey

    All that is true other than the raw meet. Though raw salmon may contain a type of worm, it is rare, but can be deadly.
    We as a society started feeding dogs commercial dog food after WWII. That is a blink in the evolutionary cycle. Prior to that dogs ate raw meet, eggs and bones. Key here is RAW, not cooked bones.

    Dogs have a very different digestive tract. Their saliva has antibacterial properties; it contains lysozyme, an enzyme that lyses and destroys harmful bacteria. Their short digestive tract is designed to push through food and bacteria quickly without giving bacteria time to colonize. The extremely acidic environment in the gut is also a good bacteria colonization deterrent.
    Yes, the bacteria in raw meat or eggs MIGHT hurt your dog IF the dog already has an immunocompromised system or some underlying problem, but extremely unlikely in a healthy dog.

    Due to food allergies I was forced to learn a lot about diet and make my dogs food as no food on the market did not contain rice or potatoes, both she is allergic to. I did the raw diet for a while, but found it too messy and difficult over a long period of time to keep up for a 70lb dog. I still make my dogs food, however I cook it now. Though I do give her a raw meaty bone once a week, which if you ask many dog nutritionists they say it is recommended as part of their healthy diet.

  • Rick

    The list is missing wintergreen

  • MadMonkey

    Key there is cooked. If it was raw it would have been fine.

  • Conservativesniper

    Yep, my dobie was in a BARF(bones and raw food) diet and thrived. He could eat 2# of raw chicken bones in about 90 seconds and was ready for more.

  • Liz

    Yes, I feed my puppy Science Diet right now… because that’s what he was eating when I got him. You can’t abruptly switch foods on an animal unless you want horrible GI problems — which I do not, since my 9-week-old puppy has not been housebroken, thanks. Furthermore, you definitely cannot switch a dog cold turkey to a BARF diet. The acid levels required to digest kibble/canned food are different than for raw, so it takes some time for the digestive system to adjust. I’m sure it will be easier on us at this stage since he’s only been eating solids for 4-5 weeks, but I’m not going to go crazy because I don’t like feeding him grain fillers. I’m also looking into other brands of kibble that would be good for a medium-sized dog as my husband is not as keen as I am on feeding our dog raw meat, whole eggs, fibrous veggies, and bones. He’s squeamish; I’m understanding.

    And I’m not condescending. I said you need to educate yourself further because you stated that small bones found around the house are small “and splinter, like pork bones”. The fact is that on the BARF diet, your dog eats those small bones almost exclusively because it is nearly impossible to eat any weight-bearing bones like femurs, knuckles, hocks, etc. I’m sure you could get them ground up into a powder if you were worried about choking, but those small bones will not splinter unless they have been softened by a cooking process, as I explained. If you take issue with being told to educate yourself, that’s a problem with you, not me. I don’t know you, I don’t have any way of assessing your intelligence or lack thereof, I simply noted a hole in your information base.

  • Robert Kyte

    Raw meat isn’t good for US ,What makes you think its any better for a dog ?

  • fancytu

    Obviously dogs are not great hunters and killers of fresh meat like wolves or hawks. and never were. And early humans weren’t so great a hunter until we developed the correct tools. Humans had neither fang nor claw like the big cats. That left scavenging of the kills of others for people and dogs alike. One study suggests that is how the 2 species first bonded. Or at least formed a symbiotic relationship.

  • Elevator music

    I think people are all different and we should live and let live. There is a reason why they provided this list, and that is because people in the medical community have found these items to be harmful to dogs. This very same list is on WebMD for Pets and the ASPCA list. Regardless, it is pretty silly to be competing against each other about which diet is better for a dog since all dogs are different, and we all have different lifestyles and budgets. Inclusively, it doesn’t hurt to be careful and understand what is harmful. In example, while a lot of dogs are on a raw food diet there is great concern that dogs on a raw food diet can cause harm to people with low immune systems like children, the elderly and people with serious conditions such as cancer – which is one reason why certain therapy dog organizations have banned raw food diets for the dogs. While a lot of people want to disagree with me, I am simply pointing out information from the medical community. People should do what works for them and just be aware of the studies and warnings that are out there.

  • Sue Bertrand

    I agree with the smart person who realizes they kill bird’s n eat them . So the Don’t give them chicken. Bones has never made sense to me. My dog is going on 11yrs if I can eat it so can he. Cat’s ate my kids veggies under the kitchen table as would a dog .

  • Guest


  • TJ Williams

    I have give my chihuahua/bichon, Spike a half teaspoon of ice cream many times. The only effect it has is when he finishes he walks in a circle and takes a nap (with all four feet in the air)

  • Bob

    Anything in excess is bad for Dogs. I had a chihuahua that loved avocados. My pug wont touch them. Every dog is different. Just make sure they don’t get too much of anything than what they are supposed to eat. Even then we need to monitor their daily intake.

  • Bushwacker

    Sick of States, etc. labeling Pit Bulls “inherently dangerous”. IT IS THE OWNER – NEVER ANY BREED! Duh.

  • mastiffbreeder

    raw diet is the ideal diet for dogs…. and raw eggs are just fine.

  • IM

    Raw meat is a portion of many world cuisines. From healthy animals that are raised properly of course.
    Raw meat is perfect for dogs.
    Also, even based on this article – it is obvious that we are different species, therefore it would only stand to reason that something that is not good for humans could be good for dogs.
    Plenty of dogs around the world are fed raw meat – either scraps from hunting or something they kill themselves.
    Not all the dogs live in apartments you know.

  • IM

    Thousands of years ago? What do you think dogs ate 200 years ago? What do you think hunting dogs eat? What do you think the dogs it in the OTHER 2/3rds of the world? Or you are trying to imply that people in India, Africa, Alaska and Siberia that are not able to buy them the commercial stuff are abusing their dogs? Haha. Dogs that are able to tend to themselves and to really help their owners survive (plenty of videos on You Tube) probably have way more respect for themselves than the ones that are kept cooped up, fed corn-laden junk till they are so fat they can not move an are made to wear “dog clothes”.

  • IM

    I fed my German Sheppard meat scrapes and bones, Some selected table scraps. I would let her eat a crow she killed herself. She lived happily until 16 years of age (a respectable age for a big dog) Wren my neighbor took his Hounds to go hunting – they got their share of fresh raw meat. No, I am not 100.000 years old. No, it did not happen in USA. People think it’s all commercialized everywhere and can not see past the neighboring two states…

  • IM

    Another BS – raw eggs. Dogs will eat eggs whenever they can find them and be happy and healthy. Please remember people – not ALL dogs live in the houses and apartments, sleep on the heated mats and wear “dog clothes”. Many are actually great helpers in hunting and human survival even nowadays. Yes, there are people and dogs that do not live in United States. In some places “commercial dog food” does not exist.

  • blu

    Dogs bodies are completely different from ours. And as a matter of fact, some humans do eat raw meat. Like folks who choose the raw food diet. And who’s to say it’s not “good” for us. There are plenty of things that aren’t. I feed my dog raw meat once or twice every two weeks and have been since she was a pup, she is as healthy and beautiful as ever. I was even told she is one of the healthiest dog’s the vet has seen.

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  • bunyanstomper

    it could be because over a period of time your stomach/gastrointestinal system adapt to your particular diet. If you’ve been giving your dogs pellets and can foods they might not be able to adapt to the change in diet without getting sick.
    also if humans and dogs for the most part had some sort of symbiotic hunter/retriever relationship, they may have “evolved” to live off scraps (cooked)…i think the first thing i said is more likely, but you never know.

  • JK

    Raw meat and bones are natural to dogs, Mountain girl. I feed my dogs a raw diet regularly and they are healthier then ever. Only trick with bones is they need to be raw, not cooked. They don’t splinter if they are raw. Even chicken bones are fine if raw.

  • polka

    Animal cruelty is not something to be proud of. You should never work with animals nor be in contact with them at all.

  • polka

    Raw bones are very healthy for dogs (marrow, minerals etc.). Cooked bones are potentially dangerous.

  • polka

    You ignore the bacteria in most processed dog chow as well as the chemicals that make the food shelf stable.

  • polka

    Tell us why you think roasting a bone would have a different affect on it than boiling or braising. That sounds like nonsense…

  • polka

    I guess the dogs that have Rabbis can’t eat pork.

  • polka

    I suggest not feeding cooked bones, regardless of chicken, turkey etc. Also, the raw bones are much more nutritious. They easily eat any raw bone, including chicken

  • polka

    You wife’s aunt is a moron. Please tell her to stay away from your dog and never feed it anything.

  • Cat Person

    You need to check the grain free canned food for ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas, cranberries or other starchy fillers. Cats have not adapted as well as dogs to the carbohydrates in their diet and cannot process these any better than rice, wheat or corn.

  • no trolls

    yes, it is “just a dog” to you or other people. but a dog is an important part of many people’s lives. So it’s still pretty messed up.

  • jason

    what an awful list that takes some huge liberties with what it calls facts. it is dangerous to spread opinions as truths. raw meat diets are great for dogs and they thrive on them. raw bones can be great for a dog’s diet and for their teeth. many of these points are well taken and important to take note of, but when you throw in lies, the list becomes a festering mess of disinformation.

  • MBrettH


  • MBrettH

    I love my dog. I am a nice person. It was still funny. Sorry, but I am still giggling about it.

  • MBrettH

    That’s a lot meaner than the joke about the dead dog, Bullet.

  • MBrettH

    That is absolutely golden. Cats can sure be nasty. I got a cat pee surprise on my pillow once.

  • MBrettH

    Heck, the Settlers didn’t even feed their dogs. Had to keep them hungry because it was the dog’s job to clean the scraps and human waste. That way, it would be harder for nomadic Indians to accidentally stumble across their wagon train’s trail.

  • MBrettH

    Raw chicken bones is fine. Once you cook foul, though, the bones change and can splinter sharply and potentially dangerously for a pet’s innards.
    Now cats eating veggies is kinda unusual…

  • MBrettH

    I am Christian, but also a realist. I don’t think it’s heresy for me to acknowledge geological truths, which I do. Hearing a person discuss evolution or earth history (even LGBT issues, or Marxism) is not offensive to me.
    What is offensive is that you know that there are some people who might be bothered by some things that you say–and that this thought consumes you so much.
    What is offensive is that you know there are people who don’t agree with you–and that this idea bothers you so much that you feel a need to discuss it with strangers.
    What is offensive is that you know that there are people different than you–and that it tickles you so much to publicly mock them.
    Tell me please: what is your position on issues of diversity?

  • MBrettH

    Good point!
    I have traveled the world a bit, and [me being an ignorant Yankee myself :-)] I still forget sometimes that everyone else online might not have the same perspectives as me! It is easy to do when you see nothing but Americans every day.

  • Tosha Monty

    raw meat really? stupidest article I have ever read. what do you think wolves ate? dogs have a prey drive because they were born to hunt. we as selfish humans contained it and then took that from them giving them the scrapes. back in the day the dog didn’t find something for the master it didn’t get anything either! and bones if prepared properly (and by that I mean utterly raw… even chicken) are a necessity to prevent tarter build up that can actually fatally harm dogs. cooking bones dries them out and makes them brittle, more prone to splinter NEVER give a dog COOKED bones in the more accurate warning. i’m utterly pissed off by this article spreading mis-information. this is why people shouldn’t own animals without huge amounts of common sense present.

  • Night Owl

    That’s not cruel or mean to the dog, he only had gas & people have gas everyday from the stuff we eat. Lighten up folks.

  • Redsled

    I agree. Good for you!

  • Redsled

    I agree

  • TerriV

    Dogs have evolved to a more refined diet. While raw meat won’t harm some dogs. Most diets have changed their make up. They(most) do not have the bacteria in them to digest raw foods.If given all the time I would guess the stomach would adjust to the diet.

  • Faith Durrer

    So true. I spent 4 hours in the emergency vet having a lot of raisins removed from my dog’s stomach. She was given anti- toxin meds also. Got a baggy full of oatmeal raisin cookies from the middle of the coffee table–left there by a relative visiting for the holiday. Raisins can cause kidney failure. If your dog eats them and gets away with it– he’s just plain lucky. Even the vets don’t know exactly which dogs will go into acute failure and which will not–don’t test the waters.

  • Irish78623

    Was this article published by the processed dog food industry. Some of these are good points, but you totally lost me when it go to the raw meat and fish. Totally goes against reason and the BARF diet that many doctors recommend. As for bones that does apply if the bones are ‘cooked’ but not raw. In fact it is recommended to give dogs raw turkey necks to keep their teeth cleaned. So much mis-information in this article.

  • Red Green Jr

    It seems as the the worst foods for your dog are also the worst foods for you. Imagine that.

  • polka

    “Giggling”…about shooting a dog? What are you…12 years old? Just think how funny it would be if someone shot you and your dog and your mommy! Hilarious!

  • polka

    I hope someone puts something in your food without your knowledge and you suffer extreme stomach cramps. Or if you have a child – man, that would be so funny to make the kid violently, painfully ill. Just tell your baby to “lighten up” when it starts wailing endlessly.

  • polka

    when you are right, you are right, mbretth…

  • Brittany E. Butts

    Animals don’t cook their food. They never have, they never will!

  • Brittany E. Butts

    There are some discussions that I have read here about feeding the dog raw meat. Am I living on a different planet, or do dogs or any other animal actually cook their food? If a dog lived in the wild, you know, like its VERY close relative the wolf, or a fox or coyote, it would eat raw meat! The freshness of the meat that it kills verses the meat that we would serve it isn’t much of an argument either. If you are going to compare humans eating raw meat to animals eating raw meat then I would ask you, would you eat a raw animal that you just killed? Some might, but most of us wouldn’t. We are NOT the same, dogs and humans. We can cook our food, and they cannot.

  • Bubba SoCal

    I had a shepherd and a mutt, both ate avocado almost every day for 15 and 17 years. It was great for their coat and they would bring me avocados with the provismo that I peel them and give them at least half. Also, squirrels and tens of different kinds of birds absolutely destroy avocado for food. Are you sure it’s not just the peel is bad for critters? Because none of the animals I’ve watched eat avocado over the past 50 years, to include deer, pigs, javelina, etc. have eaten the peel!

  • LeeWee

    That was mean! Why take it out on the dog!

  • LeeWee

    Must we have the language!

  • LeeWee

    If it’s bad enough, it can really make you uncomfortable. It is cruel !

  • Dee

    Gas can be quite painful to dogs. Not a cute story.

  • Dee

    Our ancestors also ate spoiled & raw meat…until they discovered fire.
    Dogs may be descended from wolves but they are not wolves and have evolved due to circumstance. I don’t feed mine processed crap and make my own dog food.

  • Dee

    Just fine? Are you kidding? There’s a huge difference between surviving and thriving.

  • Dee

    I agree..and think one of the few virtues humans display is their willingness to share their affection with another species and accomodate it…learn what’s good for it..and how to care for it properly. On their side they never question us about achieving our life goals or care if we look good or even if we’re cranky with them sometimes.

  • Dee

    You certainly paint with a very broad brush. Inbetween all that are caring, knowledgeable owners who respect their dogs as dogs…not toys..or human children….and educate themselves on nutrition, training and exercise. My dogs are Not “cooped up”…not fed corn-laden junk ..don’t wear “dog clothes” and are in prime condition. So get a grip.

  • Dee

    Wolves only live to about 5 or 6 in the wild. And you can feed a raw diet to dogs IF you know what you’re doing and add the proper supplements. Yes, you’re taking the risk of ecoli and salmonella but dogs have an extremely short digestive tract which (unlike ours) helps them “dispose” of food quickly
    and therefore are less susceptible. Some swear by the raw diet..I tried it and ended up with two expensive trips to the ER so we’re done with that. I make their food but it’s cooked.
    No processed crap for my boys. 🙂

  • Dee

    All true. But unlike cats, dogs aren’t obligate carnivores..kind of more “opportunistic carnivores”. They do not need carbs but do need protein and fat. 40% of the protein a dog eats goes to “skin & coat”. Kibble is the worst invention ever.
    And Science Diet constantly pushed by vets is SO bad that no nutrition list in the world even lists it. But even the better brands you mention are STILL processed food. Would you feed a child out of a can or box and think you were doing a wonderful job? No.

  • Dee

    That’s only cooked bones which easily splinter…ask any ER vet. Raw bones are a different story.

  • Dee

    Give it a rest.

  • Dee

    With you 200%…would just say dogs are not “designed” to eat cereal (kibble) and that “wet food” usually has higher protein content and is less processed. Best is to make it yourself but be educated on what is necessary to add.

  • Dee

    No reason at all your dog can’t occasionally have raw salmon.
    Plenty of knowledgeable people feed their dogs a raw diet..but it does have to be done correctly. It’s not just tossing a hunk of raw meat in the bowl.

  • Grace Fisher

    garlic is not toxic. There is an enzyme in onions, although it is not clear which, Garlic does not contain the same enzymes and does not pose a threat. Onions ARE toxic.

  • Dee

    Let’s all remind ourselves of the word RECALL.

  • Dee

    Go lick some pesticide…in moderation, of course.

  • Dee

    Your ignorance is just astounding…and dangerous.

  • Dee

    I’m sure others will point this out…but for thousands of years they did NOT eat cooked bones which can and do splinter and kill your dog.
    Ask any ER vet. RAW Bones will not…probably! Hope you don’t have a dog.

  • Dee

    Agreed. There’s surviving and there’s thriving and no living being (dog OR human) does well on a total diet of processed food.

  • Dee

    It’s a risk. I’m not prepared to take it…and you are.
    THAT is end of discussion.

  • Dee

    I was with you right up to “I feed Science Diet”…the ultimate worst crap on the planet.

  • Dee

    Not always. A lot of dogs do very well on a raw diet. One of mine ended up twice at the ER. So I make their food (and know how to do it properly) but it’s cooked now. No problems.

  • Dee

    Not necessarily but it’s far less dangerous.

  • Sean Walsh

    Some of the foods on the list are oviously bad and some are pure B.S. like raw meat , dogs are scevengers and scavengers tend to eat the remains of what other animals left behind , do you think before we demesticated dogs they were cooking all their meat on a B.B.Q. ?

  • daniel

    You’re right. Pets are not people. Most of them are better than most of the people.

  • Katie

    This is a fine article, however there are three incorrect issues. Ice cream is fine for dogs (vanilla). It will not cause harm other than it is fatty and sugar laiden. A recovering dog or nursing bitch can actually benefit from it in small amounts. Eggs are fine for dogs, just make sure it is both parts or yellow only. White only would cause a B deficit as there is a protein in there that binds up B and makes it unavailable. Raw meat is FINE for dogs, duh. Though I won’t feed mine raw pork. They get some much needed enzymes from it. Raw FISH is not. ANY raw fish can cause Salmon poisoning – it is not limited to salmon. Cooked salmon is excellent for dogs, EXCELLENT!

  • Faith Durrer

    Polka & Dee– No, with all due respect, I don’t ignore either of those things. Bacteria in commercial dog food is one of two things—-put there deliberately for the dogs (good bacteria, as in yogurt) or the result of accidental/careless contamination by the food maker. Pathogenic bacteria (that cause disease) is not routinely in commercial dog food. If it were, thousands, perhaps millions of dogs would be dropping like flies on a daily basis. That’s simply not even remotely the case. As horrible as the recalls have been, they do not approach that kind of situation. The recalls were the result of specific cases of contamination. There are numerous high grade dog foods on the market that have NO chemicals in them and no preservatives. They are costly and I know a lot of people do not/cannot buy them. I respect that. On the other hand, MANY of the bacteria growing in food sources in the wild (dead animals) are pathogenic and do cause disease. The statistical chance that a pet would get sick (or worse) from eating something brought in from the “wild” is significantly higher than the chance it would get sick from eating high grade commercial food(low grade food is another story). So the question is, why would a pet owner take the chance if they really care about their pet? Can they allow it and the animal get away with eating food found in the wild–you bet–but why chance it. I think some people chance it out of ignorance about microorganisms, and some chance it because they are attached to a vague, generalized belief that “wild” is “natural” and that’s always better kind of thing. At the risk of sounding like I’m bragging, I do have a biology degree, so my decisions are based on that knowledge. Others will do what they will.

  • Janet Ritchie

    Nice lady! Get ticked off at hubby and make his dog sick.. glad I’m not married to you or a friend of yours..Do you have any friends?And what’s worse..you are pretty proud of yourself, aren’t you?

  • Janet Ritchie

    Apparently this dear lady has no concept of how to treat an animal. If she’s mad at her husband, she needs to take it out on him. One of the signs of domestic abuse is willingness to harm the partner’s pets. I’d say this is a classic example of spousal abuse. “Now he’ll think twice about pissing me off because if he does, I’ll get even by hurting his dog.”. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens every day.

  • Terry Green

    This list is a joke….no science in most of the recommendations…. Just tabloiud hearsay…..Salmon poisoning……give me a break…let me guess its salmonella???

  • Mary

    Off the subject, I wish there was a food too kill fleas.

  • The PunHunter

    I think you mean “sprout-sal abuse!” Hey-oh!

  • The PunHunter

    I think you mean “sprout-sal abuse!” Hey-oh!

  • Hygiene queen

    I would just like to point out most candies do not contain xylitol due to the highly expensive extraction process so I’m not sure where the authors got that from. Candy is usually sweetened with raw sugar, corn syrup or sorbitol. It is also a naturally occurring sugar, not artificial, found in berries, mushrooms and bark. It’s benefits for human consumption are numerous, but I will agree it should stay away from dogs.

  • rawdog

    raw diet is *NOT* bad for your dog if you know what you’re doing. In fact, someone once told me…if there were no humans – what would your dog eat?

  • shygirl2013

    We feed our dogs Brussels sprouts all the time. Bear loves them! I will have to admit, though, that I’m thankful when he lays down beside my husband and goes to bed with him! My husband doesn’t have to smell it, though. He wears a CPAP at night!

  • shygirl2013

    We have beagles and feed them ice cream (vanilla and strawberry) occasionally. We give them bones all the time. The marrow contains all the minerals and vitamins a dog needs, plus it’s good exercise for their jaw muscles. They are very healthy. Most of the things on the list we would never think about giving them, though.

  • Truth


  • Truth

    @jason- yes, thank you…my thoughts exactly!!

  • Warcat59

    Had a dog that would eat a few chocolate chips maybe once a month when they fell on the floor from baking. If you wanted to lose a hand, try keeping him away from them. He lived to close to 20.

  • Jeff

    You are a total asshole!!!

  • frances manion

    Raw meat can cause various bacterial infections, and the same goes for fish.
    BEFORE the government stepped in and made our meat safe for human consumption, my mom would always pop a bit of raw hamburger in her mouth. Then the government said no no no no no you are all going to die. We will now inject these animals with growth hormones, irradiate the meat, and invent pink slime for your dining pleasure. Meat became tasteless, and even with all the good crap the government was doing to us for our own good, we have more meat recalls than ever before.

  • MBrettH

    This sounds very plausible. I know most people don’t realize that they overfeed dogs, since it is not natural for us to consider once-a-day feeding as sufficient. Many dogs will ACT hungry and eat anything put in front of them, to the point of sickness. Since my cats eat twice a day, I give the dog a small treat when the cats have their morning meal, just to be fair…
    See, haters? I DO love animals. The Bullet joke–still funny.

  • MBrettH

    True. In nature, dogs are bottom feeders like vultures and catfish. Clean up what less hardy species will eat.

  • MBrettH

    hahaha. Nobody shot the dog. Read the thread again, silly.

  • MBrettH

    Dee got off a good one!

  • MBrettH

    OMG, she didn’t break the dog’s leg. The dog had a little runny poop. Not exactly abuse. Not exactly right, maybe, but not breaking one of the Big Ten, either, folks.

  • MBrettH

    Whoo-hoo! Are we friends again?

  • MBrettH

    Why couldn’t you address your comment to Natalia? Or is it ok for her to insult those who she disagrees with? My point was, that those who fight hardest for “multiculturalism” and force diversity training on people are quite often the least tolerant among us. I you cannot grasp that, then perhaps you are in that group. Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Truth

    Dogs have NOT “evolved to a more refined diet”. They eat what we give them- yes…. But the way they digest food has not changed or evolved. Processed dry food is not healthy for them. Some brands are worse than others, but unless you go to a holistic, natural pet store to buy your pet food, then its safe to say you’re not feeding one of the few ‘better’ brands. Dogs and cats are carnivores – they are meant to eat raw meat. That is what is healthiest and most natural for them. Just because we only give them dry processed kibble doesn’t mean its good for them. In fact, processed dry food is often the underlining cause of common issues like dry skin and allergies. Dry, processed food is sold for human convenience and made for corporate profit, thus using the lowest quality, FDA rejected, diseased, cancerous, and otherwise uneatable garbage animal parts, as well as potentially hazard yet disturbingly legal ingredients, to make the cheapest possible kibble for maximum profit. A raw diet is what dogs and cats are designed to eat, they are carnivores. It’s common sense people.

  • Truth

    Raw food is the most natural, healthy food you can feed your cat or dog. Period. What do you think they eat in the wild? Raw food! Domesticating the dog did not alter their organs or change their internal structure- (and yes, a yorkie has the same insides as a Great Dane…just a lot smaller). But the inner workings are the exact same! We are omnivores and we would get sick from eating raw meat because are intestines are way too long and bacteria would have enough time to grow and create problems. Dogs and cats are carnivores. They are designed to eat raw meat. They have long sharp canines for ripping flesh, their intestines are very short allowing the meat to pass quickly through so bacteria doesn’t even have time to grow. A raw diet is is what they are supposed to eat. It’s the processed dry food that is bad for your dogs!! Dry dog kibble is formulated, cooked, processed and sold solely for human convenience and corporate profit- It’s not your dogs health most pet food companies have first in mind. When feeding a fresh, raw diet your pet is, most importantly, getting all the nutrients, protein, and enzymes they need 100% naturally. Dry food must have those essential nutrients chemically added to the kibble when your dog or cat could could’ve easily gotten it purely and naturally just from eating raw food. It’s the processed dry kibble that is completely unnatural and is the underlining cause of many of the problems seen today in cats and dogs…dry skin, allergies, you name it. A raw diet is the most healthy and natural way to improve your dogs (and cats) overall health and quality of life. Dogs and cats on a raw diet have better skin, cleaner teeth, better breath, softer coat, more energy, better health, and generally live a much longer and healthier life. It’s common sense people.

  • polka

    I’ll tell you what dogs shouldn’t eat: Purina Dog Chow and the like. Most commercial dog food causes kidney disease and tumors.

  • Truth

    @Liz- science diet is one of the worst foods on the market. And yes, you can switch foods without GI upset, especially with a puppy. Just slowly add raw to the diet and slowly remove the science diet. This is the ideal time to start feeding raw. Talk to a holistic vet if you are still concerned.

  • MBrettH

    Baby toys are occasionally recalled. That doesn’t mean everyone should stop buying baby toys and make their own… The fact that there is someone with the authority to initiate a recall, who is testing the products, gives me more confidence in them.

  • MBrettH

    Personally, I cannot afford to buy the top self pet foods. Commercial food and table scraps have been sufficient for dozens of animals in my family to live long, healthy lives.
    There have been bargain-price foods that I used and stopped using because of negative effects. I have never had a problem with any branded pet food, however.

  • MBrettH

    hahahahaha You’re nuts… 🙂

  • MBrettH

    The FDA will tell you not to eat it, but generally red meat (cattle, horse, deer) is safe raw as long as it has been handled properly. Every time I bring steaks home, I cut a nice piece off, sprinkle it with some season salt. Delicious. I wouldn’t recommend this with ground meat, just because it is so difficult to clean the grinding equipment properly. In fact, raw horse or beef is normal fare on a sashimi dish in Japan.

  • MBrettH

    If you can eat it yourself, I think it’s usually safe to say the dog can eat it. I always throw a raw egg into my protein shakes. Hasn’t killed me yet!

  • MBrettH

    Unfortunately there is a large underground dog-fighting culture in parts of the States. People who blame the dogs that are outcast from this industry are fools. Not only are the dogs intentionally made vicious, they get inbred because of the high demand for “practice” dogs.
    Until the local governments quit worrying about being called “racist” for shutting down this disgusting lifestyle, it will continue. There is nothing racist about humanity.

  • MBrettH

    People traveling West in USA’s infancy kept dogs in large part BECAUSE they ate poop. Kept the Settlers’ trail clean.

  • MBrettH

    If you are having a problem, try Sevin Dust. It is inexpensive, safe for the pet, and since it is a powder form, it can be applied to carpet and furniture and vacuumed up later. Also works great in the yard. Just make sure there is no rain forcast for a couple days, or it will be washed away before it finishes the job.

  • MBrettH

    hahahaha True!

  • Sherry Francis

    Calling a dog bullet at the end of its life might have been referring to shooting it.

  • seanoairborne

    I respectfully disagree with your statement!I had a neighbor who got a pit bull puppy and it grew up with my Husky.It was very playful and was even afraid of my Husky.This neighbor got pregnant,had her baby and the full grown pit would lay next to the baby and sleep.I would say to her .”I wouldn’t let that pit sleep next to a baby” and she would always say,”it’s just how they’re raised.After she went back to work she gave the pit to a friend of hers.About two weeks after giving the pit to this friend the pit attacked the lady who was just sitting and watching TV for nothing and she wound up getting about 200 stitches and almost lost her arm.The dog was removed from the house and was put down.Pit bulls are inherently a fighting dog.That is why they were cross bred years ago.To fight!And like a wild animal you can never completely get the wild out of them.And you can’t get the killer instinct out of a pit bull.And this is a proven fact in America where there are thousands of pit bull attacks every year.Many fatal!

  • BobJ

    Sled dogs in Alaska have been fed salmon for thousands of years, get real. Some dogs eat only salmon and race hundreds of miles with no problems. Whoever wrote this doesn’t know very much about dogs or feeding dogs. The worst thing is when I see something stupid I tend to disbelieve everything in the article and there are some poisonous things mentioned. Chocolate, etc.

  • BobJ

    One more thing. I don’t want to get any “Your dog will die early from salmon” as I had a husky that was a village dog fed only salmon for many years and he lived to be 25 years old.

  • BoBelinski

    Not give a dog a bone? That’s just completely stupid. Sorry, but if there’s one thing in the world that is certain, it’s that dogs love bones and use them as both nutrition (particularly bones with marrow) and as natural chew toys. How many thousands of years of recorded history does it take to convince someone that giving dogs bones (preferably with a little meat on it) now and then is one of the nicest things dog owners can do? Nutritional revisionism be damned, give that dog a bone!

  • SunSpot

    I had a dog that loved beer. He drank a little, not too much, then he took a nap.

  • MBrettH

    Now, HIS dog might have been shot; true, Sherry.

  • cgpinabq

    Do not feed my dog raw salmon or salmon in general?

  • dogssuckballs

    I am so glad that I read this. I hate my wife’s dog and I am going to load its ass up with all of this stuff. I have been giving it chocolate and grapes for years to no avail. Now I am going straight for a raw loaf of avocado macadamia nut bread with a side of coffee and a pile of candy.

  • Valerie Alexander

    Our GSD could barely stomach any store-bought dog food and would regularly go days without eating at all. We switched to a raw diet (that we buy and prepare ourselves) of whole chicken, bones included, beef liver, kindey and heart, sardines, raw egg and sweet potatoes and she’s been the healthiest she’s ever been, for nearly two years. Eats every meal in minutes, cleared up all her itching and skin problems, and at 7 she’s more active than she was at 2. I agree with everything else in this article, especially about not feeding them junk or booze, but raw meat is what dogs were built to eat.

  • EricWolfsbane

    Years ago I had roommates which had an extremely stupid cat. Whenever someone yelled at him he’d go and hide in the glass door bathtub. It was a simple operation to go and turn on the shower. The stupid cat would sit under the water and cry.
    It was known as the catitude adjustment chamber.

  • Brax

    I think it’s illegal where I live to sell a pup who is only 9 weeks old.

  • Brax

    We give our dogs a Dixie cup of vanilla cream as a treat in the summer, maybe twice per summer season. We give them hotdogs frequently and in fact were told to use them for training purposes by the dog trainers we went to in order to make our large dogs socialable and into registered therapy dogs. Our dogs get carrots, potatoes, string beans, peas, squash… almost any vegetable… and at times, they get rice. They get most table scrapes including raw and cooked meat. They get chicken skin and fat. They get left over spaghetti and ravioli with the sauce rinsed off, which they love. This entire diet was approved by our vet, especially the vegies to help control the weight gain from our oldest dog who has Cushings Disease. All 3 of our dogs have beautiful coats and great teeth. Our Akita lived to be 14. Our Shephard is currently 14 and doing fine. We buy them the bones that are sold in pet shops for them to chew. None of them have had diarrhea or intestinal problems.

  • code4blue

    We had a parakeet like that, LOVED beer.

  • jan edwards

    what about duck jerky sold by Costco? Made in china

  • pooch from h*ll

    I think we just need to introduce “A hole” above to Hannibal Lecter, and let him sit alive and restrained and eyes pinned open with stitching material, while he watches each and every one of his family and extended family, slowly, verrrrry slowly and still live, Hannibal dissects and cannibalizes his loved ones… then we can start on his toes and work our way up, cauterizing each area so he doesn’t bleed out… sounds hilarious doesn’t it 🙂 :/

  • pooch from h*ll

    what language would you prefer? greek? okay, bend over then.

  • DropZoneMom

    Perhaps you need to improve the quality of people you associated with?

  • omnimax

    I read that feeding garlic to a dog is a good way to keep fleas away as the garlic permeates the shin and the bugs do not like it. Aside from chocolate and alcohol I fed my dogs all of these foods and they always lived long robust lives. Maybe they were just lucky.

  • This has to be the best comment on the thread for me.

  • It’s really lame – wierd marriage, but not the only one like it. Imagine having to do that cos you can’t tell someone to blow it out their ass! Feeble . . .

  • Victoria Davies

    Just sounds like a dog story to me

  • Rhett

    More like a dog-gone story.

  • Dog69er

    Don’t feed you dog raw meat… what do wolfs eat?? change that to don’t feed them rancid meat.

  • RexRowland

    I have asked a vet before about keeping fleas away with garlic. She said it’s an old wive’s tale.

  • ArtBrecher

    Three years ago my “Bullet” lost his ability to walk and even standing was difficult. He was unable to do his doggie “business” standing up only by lying on his side. The vet thought it would be the better choice to put him down, he was then 13 years old. On the day I carried my dog into the vets office; he didn’t struggle or anything. The vet gave him a sedative and then left the two of us alone; Bullet put his paw in my hand and a few minutes later the vet came in to administer the last dose.
    That a good enough dog story for you???

  • kristine

    You forgot to issue electronic cigarettes, a dog recently died from chewing on one and the chemical it spews out killed the dog. <3 Thank you

  • aliswell

    Sorry, but it is indeed the breed. From 2005 to 2013, Pit Bulls accounted for 62.2% of fatal dog attacks on humans, while they comprise only 6% of the canine population. The BREED itself is dangerous, despite SOME INDIVIDUALS within the breed that aren’t.

  • Realist

    Nicotine is deadly in large doses and not just to dogs, common knowledge. Ecigs can be used without nicotine added, then you can drink the stuff if you wanted to as it is all FDA approved food additives that make up the rest. Please don’t generalize ecigs into a bad light because someone left their device in the dogs reach and it contained nicotine. Plus, an electronic cigarette isn’t “human food” so I don’t know how this comment was featured in regards to this article.

  • etsth870

    So sorry for your loss Art. Our pets become our family and yes, for those of us who take the time to learn how to communicate with them, they are very much like people. I tend to think that jimbus begins calling his dogs “bullet” as they near the end of their life to distance himself from who they really are to him and how much they mean to him. This makes even more sense if he has to end the dog’s life himself rather than being able to take it to the vet. The ability to separate his beloved dog from the animal he has to kill would be crucial to his mental well being. It takes a strong person to be able to do that. And putting the animal down himself may not be his choice. It is sometimes a matter of not living close enough to a vet or not being able to afford the fee to have a pet put to sleep. Often it’s also a matter of “this is the way we do things on the ranch”.

  • TJP44


  • TJP44

    wish we could meet in person dick

  • TJP44

    especially this tool

  • TJP44

    here’s an example of a person that all my pets exceed in most ways…maybe

  • TJP44

    will see when yours dies and you get classless comments how funny you think it is….bet you think picking up your teeth off the pavement would be funny too ha hah

  • TJP44


  • TJP44

    send him to so cal….it can be fixed

  • TJP44

    like gone with the wind…what dork names their kid Rhett….oh, i see, in bred south

  • TJP44

    how many animals have you hurt??????

  • FrostyC

    It only says chocolate. That’s not 7 foods (like the url says) or 18 foods (like the title says)

  • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    You are evidently a person who doesn’t understand dogs. Too bad for you as you are missing a blessing. Animals are so superior to human beings. Humans are the scum of the earth.

  • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    I am from the great state of Alabama and highly resent your remark TJP44. And by the way……where ever you are from they must not teach you how to spell. The word is inbred, not in bred. Gone With The Wind, not gone with the wind. And Rhett is a pretty nice name even if the real person you are referring to is not..

  • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    And he may have had severe stomach cramps with the “little runny poop”. She does not need to take it out on the dog when she’s mad at another stupid human.

  • Gina

    I am sorry for your loss Art. I had to have both my girls put down last October. 1/2 sisters, 13 years old, one had fought cancer for almost 2 years, and the other sounds like your dog. Advanced arthritis, but she also had several strokes and was becoming senile. I still miss my girls. I fed them cheese, milk and ice cream all their lives and never had any problems. Like people if they continue to eat dairy the enzyme to digest lactose stays active. OTOH, I had 3 rescue dogs who had never had anything other than dog food in the commercial kennel I got them from and all 3 were seriously lactose intolerant. You would not believe the large smells that came out of such tiny dogs.

  • ArtBrecher

    Thanks Gina and you too 870. I still think about Bullet and remember all the great times we had together; we have a new member of the family a black lab we named “Murphy” in honor of Navy Lt. Mike Murphy of “Lone Survivor” fame. We are currently having a difference of opinion of just exactly who is the Alpha dog.

  • gokusupa

    When you said that you should not give a dog raw meat…It was a clear indication that you have absolutely no idea how the dog digestive system works and that it is designed as a carnivore.

    People, talk to your vet. Don’t listen to this uneducated individual who simply did a google search, and pasted any results he found in order to be “helpful”

  • MBrettH

    Anger management much? Sounds like you need sharp objects taken away from you.

  • MBrettH

    Damn, Art. You’re making me tear up. Always stinks when you’ve gotta put them down. I hope you got a puppy. It’s not health to stay sad always.

  • MBrettH

    Hopefully, none. I actually love animals. I cry when my pets die, just like everybody else. That doesn’t keep me from having a sense of humor, unlike your not-so-well-adjusted self.

  • chrisstar

    I also had a german shepherd, who lived 15 years abd never was sick except for the last year. she ate chocolate, ice cream, onions andeven grapes, never saw her affected by these foods. cheap dog food is more dangerous for dogs, you would never see a healthy 14 year old shepherd who all her life ate Iams for example

  • Mary Hunter

    Do not get the brussels sprouts problem further on down- my little Brussels and bigger dogs both love them and have no problem with them- after 45 plus years as a vet tech never recall any problem with them- in face the worlds foremost veterinarian on canine diabetes told me to feed brocalli, brussel sports (not with butter) and green beans to our diabetic terripoo. I am sure some dogs have problems with them but some dogs have problems with everything- once got a Ymar whose former owner told me had had reactions everytime he took his heartworm meds-= well turns out they for 7 years had been giving them in peanut butter and their dog was allergic to peanuts- had him many more years but took them in velvetta cheese. Now all my dogs love peanut butter and have no problems with it. All my dogs also love milk and have no problems with it and I have a Boxer, red heeler, blue heeler, Catahoula, schnauzers, brussels griffons , poodle le thing and something that looks like a miniature pitt but I think from its actions is a Boxer cross (38 lbs) and my daughter has a Dachshund and a Dachshund/Minpin cross, so you can see this covers many breeds, many sizes and many types of dogs. Most all were rescues with the exception of 1 Brussels who was store bought by a friend for me.

  • Mary Hunter

    Do remember during my vet years being present at an autopsy on a very large Doberman who had punctures his intestines with very small chicken bone and a very small poodle who ate either a color crayon or a birthday cake candle – at that point it was hard to tell which but it was wax and that size-

  • Cynthia Bessonen

    Had me until the raw meat. My dog was on a raw meat diet ordered by our veterinarian.

  • Yayayayayayaaaa

    I knew most of these. My friend’s dog died because the owners left the house for about an hour and they left their pantry open, and the dog got into all the food. Flour was everywhere. and the dog was dead because of the flour, the dog couldn’t digest it along with all the other food. 🙁
    My chihuahua ate a tiny little piece of onion, and he was sick for 4 days.

  • 3rdRock

    My lab got a very sharp bone splinter stuck about 4 inches up in his colon area. It was imbedded sideways in the tissue wall on both sides. No way was it coming out naturally.

    Money was tight and I have a little vet assistant experience. I put on gloves, got the Vaseline out, had help holding him down and slowly turned it the right way and slid it on out.

    Rex didn’t put up much of a struggle, I think he knew he was being helped. I believe the shard left on it’s own would’ve caused his demise. I’m glad we recognized the symptoms and was able to help.

  • scott

    So… basically everything.

  • brianjconway

    A man will do well who goes through life trying to be half the man his dawg thinks he is.

  • brianjconway

    Same thing three months ago with my 15 yr old Australian Cattle Dog. I cried like a baby.

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  • Ian Slayne

    “Xylitol” is NOT an ARTIFICIAL sweetener! It is naturally produced in many fruits and vegetables and even your own body synthesizes some xylitol. True it is bad to give the sugar to dogs. Plums are very high in this sugar, if I recall. But for humans this sugar is very good because it has a very low glycemic index, and is ok for diabetics.

  • Shelly Leit

    Most of these are true but there is nothing explaining why ice cream is bad. It’s just cream/milk and sugar, which is not harmful to dogs. My dog loves ice cream in small doses and has no bad effects from it.

  • city living

    I’ve had four dogs live long healthy lives (14-15 years old) eating commercial dog food…

  • Sara Jacobs

    Best comment ever. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • dangler69

    Dunno about this list. My neighbors give their dog all kinds of stuff, almost everything on the list and the dog is very healthy. They even gave him dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts they got from Hawaii. Well he got a hold of them when they dropped on the floor. I’ve seen him eat two raw burgers once too. He’s going strong many years now,

  • Chucky Regalla

    I hate the way dogs stink.

  • Chucky Regalla

    Dogs eat cats.

  • I wish my fiancee cared about facts like these…

  • Chucky Regalla

    Don’t teach your dog to beg.

  • Chucky Regalla

    What’s your dog’s blood pressure?

  • Chucky Regalla

    You should never let your dog chase cars, especially in the city.

  • Chucky Regalla

    Even though vaccinations can cause the disease you should get them done as you vet sees fit and no dogs can’t get measles from licking your open sores.

  • Chucky Regalla

    I hate it when the poor come begging for food and they don’t care if my dog has enough to eat.

  • Chucky Regalla

    People, as the author states you are extremely lazy.


    chocolate is bad for dogs and cats ! people’s with some brain will understand this. Of course ignorant owner give dogs chocolate ,they don’t know how bad is for cats and dogs.


    if u shoot your dog you are such a evil bastard ! if u did, how could you do that ?? i have no sympathy for retarded ,incompetent people’s or ignorance ! get this straight , if you got a pets you agree to look after them for 20 years, if is sick you got the vets. You don’t shoot him like a piece of trash ! WHAT IS THAT ?? pets are part of family !

  • Angela Walters

    Actually persin toxicity is a f4ad fatal food. The fatalities occur if they eat the nut and get a blockages. So Chuckles can rock the guac.

  • bluenose

    ahhh yes, the old wifes tale of never give your dog chocolate….the FACT is you would need to feed your dog a bar of chocolate the size of a double decker bus to kill it, scarmongery and bullshit !

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  • Mandy W

    I know the Heart felt Story all to well,Our Dog was 10 and she sat in the garden and just couldn’t get up, she spent all day in the vet’s and sadly that evening we had to have her put to sleep, It takes a loving person to understand how much a Pet means to all Animal lovers. I agree it’s a sad day when the leave you Mandy W Scotland

  • Doggiehearts

    I think the photograph attempting to illustrate No.18 is quite misleading. The photo shows beef and pork jerky for human consumption and NOT chicken jerky as they claim.

  • Pipa1304

    Why would you feed your dog anything that is raw? ‘Obvious’ doesn’t even begin to cover it!
    Surely, every dog owner should already know that anything sugary is bad for their dog. I can understand things like grapes and avocado but chocolate and raw meat? Come on!! Atl east they know now though I guess

  • Just a list of the foods on ONE page would be good!

  • Andy Brooks

    “Raw meat” This is misleading. If you do full raw diet, the rule of thumb is 80% raw muscle meat, 10% raw organ meat and 10% raw bone (Note than a common misconception about giving dogs bone originates from cooked bone. Raw bone is quite different).

  • arobinson

    Look. I understand that you have to be careful, but this article is badly researched and explained. WHY are certain foods bad for the animals and in what AMOUNT are they bad? It is correct in that chocolate and grapes are appalling, but – for example – our puppy eats fox poo and yet licked up a little ice-cream from the floor and we panicked.
    nb he did not die from either of these things

  • babyangel katie

    Alot of people that HARM their dog’s from giving them a “taste of chocolate” they DONT know it would be very good for candy to have a small warning printed on them

  • Duncan

    “Remember, there are all kinds of mold in the world, but most of them are not just deadly to our pets, but to us as well.” Sorry, this line made me think that maybe the rest of this advice was a bit suspect too. This is absolute nonsense. The vast majority of molds are not at all “deadly”.

  • AtLorrieLife

    Dear God, please let me be the person my dog thinks I am.

  • dialate

    No bones and no raw meat…utter bollocks. Try explaining that to a dog who eats roadkill, hair, bones, and all, and then has a cat pile for dessert.

    Maybe that rule applies to a specific pedigree with a weaker constitution (eg Chihuahua) but not to dogs in general for sure.

  • disqus_7SOh19uVSv

    Dogs have descended from wolves. Do you see wolves and wild dogs standing over a stove and BBQ cooking their catch of the day?

  • Sunshine gal

    Dogs eat raw meat. I can’t believe I actually read that you shouldn’t feed your dog raw meat. What do you think they did in the wild, fired up the barbie?!

  • bobololbo


  • bobololbo

    that is scary

  • bobololbo

    im sorry mandy w i dont know hot it must feel but my feelings tell me it must be sad to loose a lovely pet i hope it had a lovely life x

  • bobololbo

    im sad for the loss kristine but people say whoever created it in in the spotlite for the fault of the incident

  • onebadscientist

    I avoided the obvious bad (chocolate, bones) but a lot of this is scare tactics…most commercial dog food is crap…scary garbage…fed my lab table scraps and he lived happily for 16 years! No worms, parasites, fleas, etc. 16 for a lab is abnormal but awesome…so phewy to this article and whomever paid them.

  • Carl Fin

    Dogs never existed in the wild. I think you mean wolves. Dogs are domesticated and have evolved to be what they are from wolves due to human interference.

  • Denise Hurst

    My dogs always have ice cream as a treat. NEVER heard that’s its harmful

  • Denise Hurst

    And all my 9 dogs are fed on a BARF diet – bones and raw food – and have been since weaning. Never heard such rubbish in my life

  • Blackeyedpea

    TJP44 likes the dick!

  • Realityisanillusion

    “We have an almost full understanding of how the body works” Yet we still allow ourselves to ingest such unhealthy crap as McDonalds & KFC. Dogs are descendant from wolves.. Wolves eat meat and chew bones.. Bones are most likely better for dogs than processed chewy cancer sticks of death, made for its low production time and value and mass marketing capability.

  • owns dogs

    i have a hard time believing some these because my dogs have eaten them and are fine

  • VetTech79

    Do keep in mind that this article is about human foods that should not be fed to a dog. Wolves in the wild do not cook their meat. The bones of cooked meat (especially smaller bones – like those in chicken or turkey) become very brittle and can cause punctures, tears, and obstructions throughout the digestive tract. These are absolutely a bad thing for a dog to ingest. Unless you are eating your meat raw on the bone (uncooked bones and those specifically prepared for pet consumption and sold in pet stores are a different story), then please know that it is not okay or safe for your dog to eat the bones from your meals.

  • VetTech79

    Now I understand why dogs come into emergency with digestive tract tears and obstructions after being fed bones from the meals of their owners. I’m surprised at how many people seem to think bones are okay. Do NOT ever feed your pet COOKED BONES from your meals. And let it be known that most of these dogs we see in emergency are larger breed dogs – rotties, labs, pits…
    Dogs who eat dead animals are ingesting uncooked bones, which have not become brittle from cooking them with heat. That being said, feeding raw meat to your pet is also not a great idea. Parasites and salmonella are not fun for pets any more than they are for people. There is simply no reason to feed raw food to your domesticated pet. It is not healthier in any way for the animal.

  • VetTech79

    You are actually incorrect. Theobromine in chocolate is the main component which is toxic to dogs. 20mg per kilogram can prove to be a fatal dose. Baking chocolate/dark chocolate is the worst and can contain up to 450mg per ounce of theobromine. This is actual fact.
    Milk chocolate does contain significantly less theobromine than dark and baking chocolate, but still adds up if the dog ingests enough, and it takes a lot less than “a bar of chocolate the size of a double decker bus” to cause death. Will a lick of chocolate kill a dog? Probably not. But please don’t assume that everything is a scare tactic. I agree that this article is not very well written. There are definite inaccuracies. However, it is 100% true that chocolate can (and has been) deadly for dogs. I believe that this article was written with the best of intentions. If you are a pet owner, it is probably not a bad idea for you to self educate. Many people lose their beloved pets because they assume that dangerous food lists are all derived from “old wives tales.”

  • VetTech79

    You are correct – ice cream is not actually “toxic” to dogs. Some dogs may experience GI upset, especially if they are lactose intolerant. It is also best to avoid giving too much cream (rich in fat) to dogs to avoid inducing pancreatitis. But ice cream itself is not a toxic element. Many dogs can ingest dairy products with little to no difficulty.

  • dialate

    THAT makes more sense. Cooked vs uncooked. Thanks

  • George Wagner

    Sled dogs in Alaska and the Arctic have been fed Salmon since Jesus time on earth. What idiot researched this? The first run of salmon is King Salmon the second run is a smaller red Salmon with dark and strong flavored meat that has a lot of oil and is commonly called DOG Salmon. This is fileted and smoke dried to feed the dogs in winter. I have spent a lot of time in Alaska and have never heard of a dog getting sick from Salmon.

    Pulling the meat off a bone for your dog is perfectly fine.

    Cooked bones that have become soft because of cooking are not good. Bones that splinter, like pork bones and chicken bones are also to be avoided. But uncooked BIG beef bones are a delight to your dog and should not be withheld.

  • Barry A Clarke

    The same chemical that gives chocolate (especially dark chocolate) it distinctive taste can be fatal to dogs. It can also be fatal to humans too. Anything you consume to much of including water can kill you………..

  • foxxydog

    I am not sure if dogs are people or not but as far as I am concerned there well worth there weight in gold-and I do know they have a heart and a soul-one of gods creatures-my dog found cancer on my neck 5 years ago that my doctor had overlooked was stage four been cancer free a little over 5 years -call your dog bullet if you want but everybody including me calls mine HERO-true story

  • FaithColeridge33

    What a ridiculous list. Must be shills for dog food companies. It would have been a better article if it were things we commonly feed our dogs. Avocados? Really? Our dogs all lived very long and very healthy lives eating our table scraps and other human food prepared for them. Oh well.

  • mickforth

    Don’t feed them raw meat? Oh sorry, should I let the dog cook it like they do in the wild? Everyone knows that dogs are well known for their cooking skills.


  • Splinter

    I agree. This is not a good article. How is an avocado human food? How is raw salmon human food? Chocolate, candy, and other refined and manufactured products are “human food”. We’re getting a tad far-fetched these days about how human we treat our dogs. Next you’ll tell me I should brush my dogs teeth.

  • Nobody important

    just feed them dog food. That is what they are supposed to eat. THey don’t need fruits and veggies. WOlves don’t eat that so they don’t need it. Everyone is trying to humanize their pets and it’s stupid and dangerous.

  • BHG

    There is an entire industry now trying to sell (very expensive) raw food to us for our dogs because it is “better” for them….take a look at dog teeth. Canines. For meat……

  • no

    you’re wrong again. GEEZ.

  • M Wolf Garcia

    OK, most of the things i saw here I knew about but ‘raw meat’? I mean, that is just stupid. Dogs and cats have been eating raw meat since time began. How many wolves do you see dragging down a deer and bringing it to camp where Flurry and One-Ear have set up a butcher station and a roaring fire? The rest of this article becomes suspect when I read something that so obliviously flies in the face of fact.

  • placidoatlanta

    My dog eats chocolate occasionally, no problems, steak bones once every week, no problems, loves grapes…8 years old and healthy as a horse…Oh an vanilla ice cream is his favorite and gets it weekly…everything in moderation. I think the author wussifies his/her dog

  • chickief

    I feed chicken jerk, have for several years but buy only made in USA products.

  • Ken Warren

    Actually there are numerous breeds of wild dogs out there. How can you meaningfully say that a Dingo (one example among many of wild dogs) is a domesticated animal?

  • el

    Your list was right on for the first 4-5 but advising against raw meat and fish… ha! You are completely out of your element and knowledge regarding canine, carnivore diets.

  • Carl Fin

    A dingo is a sub species of the grey wolf. Thus, all dogs descended from wolves. Are you thick or are you just arguing with me for the sake of it?
    You hardly think chihuahua’s roamed the plains eating mice and grooming each other. They evolved due to human interference. Some people…..

  • Paul

    I bet some come to the end of there lives a lot sooner than natural expiration, huh ?

  • j

    As far as I know dogs have not mastered fire in the wild.

  • Rockie

    They certainly are correct about the ill effect of salmon. A friend lived a short distance from a river, and his dog got loose and ate some salmon that was beached. The dog became really sick and nearly died. It cost my friend over a thousand dollars to save his furry friend, and learned a hard and expensive lesson.

  • aamericannovice

    Canned dig food has garlic and onion on the ingredients label. It is the last ingredient as it is in trace amounts. I don’t give them in produce form. They may become ill.

  • aamericannovice

    My two GR.puppies ate a box of chocolate. They didn’t get sick by luck.

  • aamericannovice

    The rats eat the fallen avocado every night. I wonder how it affects tbem.

  • opal gold

    Why do Humans get angry when they are referred to as Animals?

  • opal gold

    Pets are not better than people unless you are an Animal.

  • Brian Matthews

    To all of those commenting “I give my dog XXXX and they’re just fine”, each breed may or may not have issues with items on this list. That being said, just because humans can each shellfish and peanuts does not mean some of us cannot die from them. Best to err to the side of caution and avoid these things.

  • Rocco

    No Chicken or really any bird or fish bones, because they splinter into thin shivers very easy and can get caught in the dogs throat or stomach. A good pre-cooked beef bone however is something all of my dogs have enjoyed (from time to time) and they have never had problems with them, and continued on into their old age.

  • Madeline

    Was told by animal trainer aq little garlic in food warded off fleas. My dog ate tons of avocados that fell from my tree.

  • DoSomeResearch

    Salmonella comes from the egg shell, not the egg itself…

  • Jimm

    I have been in the practice of Veterinary Medicine for over 50 years and have more degrees than the person who wrote this article, Bones are a necessity for a long healthy life because they keep the teeth clean and over the long haul prevent kidney disease. Raw fish are fed exclusively by the Eskimos to their sled dogs and they do just fine. Candy and chocolate in small amounts cause no harm. Many people feed table scraps because of convenience or economic necessity and those dogs do just fine. Much of the information in this article is derived from Old Wive’s Tales. Read the great new book that dispels many myths about animals “Old Spouse’s Tales About Animals” and get the true store.

  • Steve Sauder

    Sad thing is ice cream, candy, and soda are just as toxic to our children as to our dogs, but we can’t seem to resist feeding the crap to them either.

  • Bob Hoff

    whoever said ‘pets are not better than people unless you’re an animal’ sure does have a lot a learnin to do. I guess that person never passed his/her biology or any science class – humans are animals (which in my opinion is a compliment) we are one of the 5 great apes – maybe this idiot will learn to use the word ‘animal’ more as a compliment and not as a negative.

  • jeff

    Weird. My family had a Doberman Pinscher back in late 80s that used to scarf avocados when they were in season and falling on the ground. She loved them. We had two large mature trees in yard in Miami. Never noticed any ill effect.

  • httbggrs

    My Beagle unwrapped and consumed several mini chocolate candy bars from my daughter’s Easter basket. It didn’t hurt him, but maybe he was just lucky.

  • Huskystar

    If it is just about a dog then why are you here reading and posting about dogs?

  • holly

    not true my poodle ate a 1lb bag of m&m and was un conscious, eyes rolled back in approximately 1 hour. The emergency vet said he was about 30 minutes to full unconsciousness and death. my poodle was a 30lb dog, overgrown miniature. he ate everything that smelled or looked like food.

  • Pingback: Worst Human Foods for Dogs - Helping Abused Animals :: Helping Abused Animals()

  • frank

    I especially took issue with raw egg being on the list. My 16yo fuzzy and I eat raw pastured eggs, yolk included. That issue of biotin deficiency only occurs when one eats only the whites. From my research: “Egg yolks have one of the highest concentrations of biotin found in nature. So it is likely that you will not have a biotin deficiency if you consume the whole raw egg, yolk and white. It is also clear, however, that if you only consume raw egg whites, you are nearly
    guaranteed to develop a biotin deficiency unless you take a biotin
    That bit about not feeding one’s dog people food is also repeated by the vet, but I have come to realize that most vets assume most people eat the SAD.

  • frank

    what exactly did mango888 say that was so dangerous?

  • frank

    they have shorter lives because they get less food, more parasites/infections and greater chance of injury.

  • frank

    I know of two dogs that loved corn on the cob and both ended up in the ER for surgical removal cobs and bits.

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    “don’t give your dog food you wouldn’t eat yourself.”

    Wait, wat?!? I’d eat raw meat way before I would ever consider eating dry or moist dog food.

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    Raw chicken bones don’t normally splinter. I feed my dogs chicken leg quarters and they never have a problem scarfing them down bone and all. In fact, the breeder was feeding my dog this before the dog was even 8 weeks old and he had no problems digesting the bones.

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    True, but the comments regarding raw meat and bones are just plain wrong.

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    I think you are the one that has wussified your dog.

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    Why are they “supposed to eat” dog food? Food made specifically for dogs has only been made/sold for the last century. Perhaps you shouldn’t give an opinion on what dogs should/shouldn’t eat since you don’t have an expert opinion on the matter.

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    He didn’t question that dogs descended from wolves. However, your point that dogs never existed in the wild is simply false. There are tons of wild dogs in this world even today.

    Also, was there even a point to your original post? The person stated that dogs eat raw meat. Do you disagree with this? Prior to the last century when people started feeding dogs food made specifically for them (aka dog food) what the heck do you think dogs ate?

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    Not healthier than dry dog food? Really? Would you eat dry dog food? Considering the low quality undesirable meat products that go into fast food and hot dogs, I can only imagine how low quality the meat products are that go into dog food. I had my dog on a high end dog food called Innova, and it kept getting recalled for Salmonella. That dry food cost 2 times as much as raw meat. I think I’ll take my chances with meat that is examined and tested for human consumption. I’m sure the safety mechanisms are much more stringent.

  • VeryFriendly Nihilist

    Raw meat is perfectly fine for a dog. This article is wrong. A dog’s digestive system is not the same as a human’s. Perhaps you would be best served by doing some research on this subject.

  • RMHarden

    Wolves don’t eat dog food either.

  • Burnerjack

    I buy my GSD “Frosty Paws”, ice cream for dogs. He absolutely loves it as did my last GSD. Not often, but once in a while. A special treat for a special friend. Never saw a bad reaction from any dog I gave ice cream to. Of course, peanut butter flavor, never chocolate.
    My last GSD (met him at 8 years old) lived to 15. Was doing awesome until peripheral neuropathy overcame him. At 14, he looked and acted 1/2 his age! Sensible physical, dietary and emotional care are all it takes.

  • MJ

    Hey thanks EINSTEIN for telling us not to give dogs food that has decayed and has mold all over it. I never would have thought of that. LOL

  • Elliot

    I’d save a dog’s life before I saved YOUR sorry ass.

  • Disgusted with dumb comments

    OMG these comments are the stupidest waste of time I have ever seen. Really people GROW UP!

  • Lisa Perry

    Opal gold, that’s not entirely true. An animals love and devotion can be so strong. I have 5 dogs, they are all females and they all get along better than my children did and they don’t hold grudges or talk back.

  • Ross

    it’s just as traumatic when you have to put a sick cat to sleep. we had 5 rescue cats, now 4 because our black kitty got cancer. having to hold her in the vet’s exam room while they administered the sedative and euthanizing medicine was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through, and that includes the death of my parents. that was 2 years ago and I still start to cry just thinking about it.

  • dtechba

    Yeah but doc you have to admit all bones are not created equal. A roasted beef knuckle bone is one thing but chicken bones are quite another.

  • This lady is an idiot

    Worst Article Ever. I have fed all of my dogs a raw food diet for years. Uncooked whole chickens, beef neck bones, pork hooves, etc… My dogs are healthy, do not suffer from bad breath, do not have to be expressed, do not suffer from fleas/ticks or parasites. Whoever wrote this has no idea about dogs or how they evolved. Seriously, don’t feed a dog raw meat? wtf are you thinking?

  • tom shelly

    i thought the most dangerous food to dogs was dog food made in China.

  • tom shelly

    more than half the items this article mentions as being deadly to dogs i have fed my dog with no negative results. I also remember when our family dog got into a full box of chocolates, ate every single one and apparently loved it. that dog lived for 15 years. This article is bullchit.

  • scoutman

    I’ve always had cats.then I got a dog.somehow the pup just got under my skin.he won’t leave me alone.i mean all day.i cannot turn him away and his devotion is inspiring.we can learn from these creatures the real meaning of loyalty.i would defend my dog…..and my cats…With my life.like my wife they are my family.

  • brenda woodcock

    Stevia, the newest sugar substitute is LETHAL to animals, even drinking tea dregs from a left mug can kill them.

  • Jessica Juden

    actually raw meat it good for the dogs what do u think they would eat in the wild cooked meat or kibble

  • jessica

    also raw eggs is ok too

  • Chris Colburn

    You did the right thing ART. You will ALWAYS have GOOD MEMORIES on HOW YOUR DOG LIVED…..not how he died…..

  • HDS26234

    When the Nation that claims to be under God, and its money says: In God we Trust, and spends over 50 billion dollars a year on pets, one can only but wonder how the Almighty God, thinks about the USA, while millions upon millions of humans on planet earth die of hunger ever year! I am a old farmer boy where our dogs eat just about any and everything including chicken bones, etc., etc., etc. I don’t remember ever having a sick dog!

  • crimevictim

    TrueRed, Alabama is a cesspool of idiots like you. I see why you think humans are the scum of the earth. You’re thinking of yourself. Rhett was not a real person. He was a fictional character. Do you know what that means, Bama?

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Bones. This should be #1, but it should come with an important caveat: Cooked bones are *always* bad / a no-no. RAW bones are always OK. Forget about chicken vs. other kinds. That’s not the important distinction (though cooked poultry bones are indeed particularly bad). The distinction is cooked very raw. Cooked bones of any animal can splinter. Raw bones do not. Raw chicken bones are fine. Yeah, and I disagree with raw meat. Raw meat is fine – it says don’t eat anything you wouldn’t eat yourself – well, fine and good, but I eat raw and very rare meat myself: sushi, tuna steaks, venison – delicious. Not sure about the salmon thing though – sounds “fishy” but maybe there’s something to this.

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Note to self: don’t ever entrust any living thing to countrygirl.

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Raw chicken bones are fine. Cooked chicken bones can hurt and kill. This is known. And what’s God got to do with anything? I’m an agnostic but most animal lovers I know are quite theistic.

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    It’s also lethal to humans, just more slowly over time.

  • historyspeaks10

    i have been around black labs my entire life, raising and training 2 award winners for retrieving and jumping competitions. my entire life we always gave them a morsel or two of chocolate every now and then and they never seemed to suffer one iota. one hersheys kiss a couple times a year.

    the only way i can see a dog dying from chocolate is if an imbecile owner gives them an entire halloween bag of the stuff.

  • Chris

    Animals – if you can’t eat them – what’s the point?

  • Ronald John Lofaro, PhD

    I could relate 2 similar ones about 2 of my Westies but am crying again…as I did each time in the past.God love you for the care and love you gave “Bullet.”

  • F.Y. Jones

    Was agreeing with everything on this list until I hit raw meat. As others noted, what does the author think dogs eat in the wild? They ain’t grilling chickens round the camp fire. I actually had to put my dog on a raw diet because his stomach couldn’t handle any of the dry food in the stores. I must have gone through about ten different brands before a dog trainer recommended that I tried going raw. The raw diet worked miracles. Unfortunately it’s freaking expensive…about $25 per week, but that’s still a lot cheaper than all the vet bills I had (not to mention the messes I had to clean up).

  • johnnypants

    So would I…and it would appear that we’ve been infested with trolls….ewww! Hopefully they’ll retreat back under their bridges soon…

  • johnnypants

    Either that or he’s a troll…

  • edwardconnor.007

    the insulting (e.i jerk, dick) and nasty comments are made by whom is putting dogs before people. Did you ever thing that perhaps if people are so horrible to you, is because you are not such great human being either to them!

  • edwardconnor.007

    dogs cannot talk to call you on your mistakes
    and they need you to survive, if this is the relationships you like, well it is normal that people step back from you

  • Billy

    Don’t feed the PB anything; just let him go hungry until some Pit-Bull advocates are in the area. I bet those dogs can smell those idiots for miles, and since they’re brain dead, they prolly make excellent dog food. And throw in Just Desserts for extra good measure. A good pantheist is a…how’s that go again???

  • Craig F

    I’m kind of surprised hops made the list because dogs will not just go eat them off the vine. Hops taste horrible unless boiled with the sugars extracted from grain. Dogs that like sweet stuff will only eat the hops after they have been soaking in wort.

    How many homebrewers read this article that didn’t already know this?

  • John Green

    dog food nothing else but garbage my pets dont like if you think dog food is good then you eat it i live i n forest my beautiful pets healthy as cam be who ami to force them to eat they dont like reason most pets will eat dog food they wont get nothing else same with people like dont like after all people are the forst scavenger there is every beautiful creature on this earth know what to eat nature does provide
    its there for you and me my pets catch mice packrat find deer bone or elk bone they chew it till all gone did you ever see wolf or cougar have fire so they can roast their meat i dont think so

  • waitingforthe1

    LOL did this list really need to be made, seriously? Anyone who has an animal should know not to feed them these things…alcohol? really? who gives their dog alcohol? or bread dough?

  • carolyn baker

    That’s funny.that she’s so upset . But listen ,,,Dogs r man’s best friend ….also spelled backwards is GOD….

  • amanda

    My parents dog has eaten 2 lbs if fudge and a brand new box or oreos before and I’m pretty positive a lot of other things dogs aren’t suppose to eat but he’s 17 years old now and still going!!!

  • Mike B

    Whats wrong with liking dick? I do! Think TJP44 is a douchebag though!

  • frank

    “The American Veterinary Medical
    Association shows related cancer rates in dogs exposed to lawn care
    chemicals. Other concerns: the compounds that make up Sevin are mutagens causing fetal abnormalities, reproductive dysfunctions in males and females, kidney and liver damage and behavioral problems in humans and animals. Carbaryl is an inhibitor of the cholinesterase enzyme, found in nervous tissue, red blood cells, and plasma. It is also a carcinogen and has shown to induce DNA damage in humans, animals and plants.
    Breakdown of this chemical in the stomach, coupled with ingestion of
    sodium nitrate, a common food additive, forms nitrosocarbaryl, a more potent mutagenic compound.

    Sevin is highly toxic to bees, aquatic invertebrates, and mollusks. Groundwater contamination and subsequent runoff affects the entire food chain. It also increases the toxicity of another common yard chemical, 2-4-D or Scotts Weed & Feed or Miracle Grow.”

    Safe? I think not!

  • frank

    Commercially prepared Xylitol is often made from corn. Since 98% US corn is gm, use only organic or sourced from birch.

  • frank

    My cocker got into the garden and ate all the raspberries off the thorny plants! He loves carrots and apples. Carnivores eat first the gut of grazers for the partially digested vegetable matter and organ meats. Just muscle meat is not that good for us or our furry friends.

  • frank

    Where did you find this information? I have been working with critters of all size and shapes for years and have not ever come across this. Xylitol is a liver toxin, yes. Different plant.

  • Steve Mills

    Written by Cats

  • ankiel

    “Nits” just a dog ? Really ? #1) First off learn how to spell correctly. #2) Secondly, learn a tiny bit of English Grammar if you can even understand a text book. No…..not a book on how to text……rather a book which teaches one in a certain subject or topic. 3) Finally you show just how low your IQ actually is and people like you should NOT be permitted to own a dog.

  • Rick

    Hummm…I have had several dogs all of whom lived long to exceptionally long and happy lives and pretty much ate a lot of what I did….I have no idea who write this stuff…but I used to eat raw meat sandwich’s which today they call steak tar tar as did my dogs…dogs love raw meat…what they are not mentioning is that today raw meat is full of crap that did not use to be there…and that is what is killing dogs and humans…we are all meat eaters…we just fucked up the meat supply so some welfare queen ranchers could fatten up their cattle faster with chems that kill you…but they make more money as does the meat industry…and ice cream are you friging kidding me…what ends dogs lives for the most part is hip dysplasia and that is what is hardest on dog owners…seeing our beloved pets no longer able to walk and having to put them to sleep…not a few scraps after dinner or an m&m now again or licking out an ice cream bowl…that makes them happy…and again all of my pals lived longer than most of their breed…

  • Larry Smith

    My dogs have all been eating the chicken jerky for over 10 years with no adverse side effects. It was their favorite snack…now it is almost impossible to find and if you do it is soft and 5 times as expensive

  • Tony DeSylva

    Raw meat? RU kidding me?

  • Victor Bruce Biddulph

    Gina, I am going to suggest this gently as I can, is it not possible there is a correlation between your dogs’ ailments and what they ate? Things like cancer, strokes and senility dont just happen, they are caused and as in humans, most causes are diet!

  • Jeremy

    kristine, this subject is about food.. not e – cigarettes.

  • jonathan

    With the exception of raw meat and eggs this is a good post. Dogs should eat a raw food diet. And if yours doesnt you owe it to him or her to look into it and educate yourself. What does a dog eat in the wild? Raw meat. And theres a reason. Their bodies are built for it. My pup is almost 2 now. And shes fast and healthy. Shes been on a strict raw food diet for almost her entire life.

  • Stephanie N David Harris

    dogs suck. but i wouldn’t intentionally kill one because someone, somewhere loves that dog for some reason and it’s not up to me to seperate them

  • geawiel

    We toss our dogs bones fairly often. I just ensure to not give them aviary bones, since I’ve always been told that they have a high chance of splintering. I’ve given our dogs about half the items on that list. Each time we eat pizza, the kids usually give the dogs their crust. I give them eggs here and there also. Growing up, my grandmother always gave our dog her scotch covered ice cubes.

  • BubbaGumpShrimp

    I’ve never seen any problems from giving a large dog a beer. Do these people get paid to write stuff without providing any evidence to support their arguments?

  • David Phillips

    My dog likes to lick his ass then my wife’s face. Sometimes he’ll like the cat’s then my wife’s face. He’s not real fussy.

  • Rafael T

    Yes, the ridiculous fad (everything we always ate is bad for you) has now seeped into the realm of pet foods.

  • Claire

    Raw meat???? A raw diet is one of the healthiest for dogs when done properly I agree with the raw fresh water fish as they carry parasites but both my dogs are fed a raw meat with cooked rice and veg which is supplemented with salmon oil for their joints and coat. They also have raw bones as a treat.
    As for this causing illness since being weaned to a raw diet I have not had any cause to take my dogs to the vet. In fact one of my dogs suffered with terrible skin problem which has disappeared since being on a raw diet

  • star9000

    Ok who gives alcohol, caffeine or moldy food to a dog? But raw meat? C’mon, that’s a dog’s natural diet. They would be out hunting and eating raw meat in the wild. Maybe our raw meat is sitting around too long (and in the grocery store) whereas they would eat fresh meat that they’ve just killed.

  • David J

    I gave my dog beer in moderation. It lived for 20 years.

  • Rawfoodrocks

    I disagree with the raw food. My dogs have been fed raw their whole lives and our vet says they are the healthiest dogs he has seen.

  • Stephen DiBeneditto

    And what do you think wolves in captivity eat? Yup – uncooked animal carcass, just like in the wild. So what is this “better diet” you speak of? Wolves in captivity live longer because they are not subjected to other wolfpacks killing them or infectious disease.

  • Stephen DiBeneditto

    Actually dogs ARE still wolves. Canis lupus. Domestic dogs can still breed with grey wolves. They are simply a different phenotype.

  • billy

    well said


    I never intentionally fed my dogs any of this stuff your talking about, They wouldn’t eat it anyway.I am surprised you didn’t mention peanut butter, All animals like peanut butter, just now an then. Never made it a habit to give it to them though.

  • Metacomet

    No matter what the subject, I don’t understand how insensitivity is seen as humor.

  • nick315

    Missed one, dog food Made in China

  • libralady ♡

    Too ignorant to know any better., maybe mom has been drop zoned one too many times. .

  • libralady ♡

    If u” giggle “over shooting a dog, u are a sociopath And a coward!

  • libralady ♡

    You need a heart and soul mbretth. Anyone hurts an innocent anima In my presence finds out how funny pain is!

  • libralady ♡

    Also zylitol in cookies, gum etc. Extremely toxic to dogs

  • Ronald Pence

    I did not care for the joke either. A funeral is no
    place to tell jokes either. I guess it could be funny if you had never had a dog you really loved. To a true dog lover having a dog get old like that is a really sad time to deal with. Its called being insensitive. You catch more flies with honey than with salt. That means be nice.

  • GotScience

    Bones? please…..

  • dino digger

    As far as salt, my dog loves the ocean, I’ve seen her and other dogs lapping sea water. When she is done playing, she gets all the fresh water she can drink. I have not noticed any ill effects.

  • dino digger

    Moderators, do your job. I take my dogs health seriously, there are some arse holes here that are nothing but trolls.

  • Peter

    Humans are animals. And yes, dogs are better than humans in most every way.

    Species:H. sapiens

  • sublimeone

    thats a great one!

  • sublimeone

    forgot to say do you lick your wifes face?

  • Emily Wang

    Haha people are animals.

  • Matthew Southall

    wow someone should have shown this to my parents, their german shepherd, actually looked forward to his sunday afternoon walk and trip to the pub, a half pint of bitter in his bowl and a packet of crisps, ben made it to the ripe age of 16 and went quietly in his sleep, he had never shown signs of discomfort from the alcohol,

  • Phantombite

    On the rare occasion that I have Oreos and milk my dogs would probably maul me if I didn’t share. Ice cream, the alpha always got to like the bowl and I made sure there was enough in it to be worth the trouble. Chicken jerky, yeah there have been bad reports on Chinese jerk so I check the label to be sure. Moderation in all of the above and I’ve buried some really old dogs.

  • Andy Rout

    raw eggs raw meat what a load of crap, my dogs live on this especially rabbits etc and they are healthier than me

  • pbrower2a

    Remember — we are apes, and dogs are wolves. However similar dogs have become to us in behavior, dogs do not share our digestive realities. They can eat some grains and grain products… but all else must be “formerly alive”.

    Mine has very cat-like tastes in food.

  • pbrower2a

    Dogs are basically scavengers now.

  • unclesamonmars

    Finally!Someone backing me up on the alcohol is food theory!

  • unclesamonmars

    Your parents have any children that lived?

  • unclesamonmars

    I have an Irish Wolfhound and he enjoys a Bushmills with a twist of lime after a hard day at the office.

  • coffeeallday

    Which is better than you two clowns.

  • coffeeallday

    You call yourself a nice person but giggle over rude and insensitive comments. Like a child. Interesting.

  • The Logical Prepper

    Wow, people are so touchy these days. Internet Comment Section Rambos.

  • The Logical Prepper

    Person dick? As apposed to dog dick? You’re just a little twisted aren’t you?

  • The Logical Prepper

    “Finally you show just how low your IQ actually is and people like you should NOT be permitted to own a dog.” That’s a run on sentence. All kinds of grammar problems too. Go study.

  • Martin

    Are there many people feeding their dogs Hops?

  • jef20071

    Be good to your pets, treat and feed them well. People who abuse animals have no soul.

  • GentleWizard

    I’m sorry, but you dropped the ball on garlic and onions. The reason that onions and garlic are so dangerous to dogs and cats as well is that they damage the kidneys (like raisins and grapes do). A dog or cat who eats onions can quickly go into acute renal failure (ARF) and from there to chronic renal failure (CRF) or death. Yes, red blood cells are involved, but RBCs have little directly to do with the immune system (that’s white blood cells). The RBCs are damaged by the onions and the damaged RBCs damage the dog’s or cat’s kidneys. Their kidneys shut down, they lose the ability to concentrate their urine, toxins build up in the blood that their kidneys would normally filter out, they lose their appetite (due to the toxins), they vomit, and the toxins eventually kill them. It isn’t pleasant for them. LOSS OF APPETITE IS ONE SIGN YOU NEED TO BE ALERT TO! A quick trip to the vet – and I do mean QUICK – can often help, if you get subcutaneous fluids into them (a harmless, easy, and usually comfortable outpatient procedure that you can also do at home if more than one session of fluids is needed). DON’T WAIT!

  • Squidly2112

    Sorry, I gotta call BS on the salt thing. There is nary an animal on this planet that doesn’t need salt. Sodium is a vital element to virtually all living creatures on this earth, especially mammals. Sodium deficiency is extremely dangerous for almost all animals. That is why farmers utilize salt licks for their livestock.

  • ChierDuChien

    My dogs have always lived to ripe old ages and they have always gotten a little chocolate milk now and then. Not that chocolate milk has much, if any, real chocolate, but they love it. Certain foods are good for morale and that counts more than any perfect diet. People shouldt spend at least an hour a day playing with Fido or they are not good owners.

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  • I ,
    As an old coffin-dodger who has always had a dog, and had to man up when they reached their late teens in human years, and say goodbye as they were put down, I find the insensitivity shown by those who regard dogs as just animals, to those who don’t crass.

    Canine Friend, a poem written by a fellow member of my writers’ club, is one of the most moving pieces of poetry I have read.

  • PAJ

    Macadamias are Australian, even if they’re often grown in Hawaii.

  • usc440

    i have a weimeraner who ate tons of dark chocolate and the wrappers too… it did not bother him at all… also, drank coffee out of my cup when i was not looking… nothing ever happend

  • Jacksaid

    Don’t give the dimwits any ideas in killing a dog or car. You can surely expect someone to try it.

  • Jacksaid

    My dog is not very discriminating . I saw him gorging on poop one day.

  • MurderInTheBarn

    they should’ve been more clear that there is a difference between chocolate and cocoa. Cocoa is the problem. My dog ate two dozen duncan hines chocolate cupcakes so I called my vet and she said he would be fine because they don’t have a lot of cocoa in them.

  • William_JD

    Of course, it’s food. If it has calories, it’s food.

  • Box Diamond C

    That’s surprising about garlic…..it worked wonders to keep the fleas off my little Dachshund/Chihuahua mix and didn’t make her sick at all. She loved it!

    hmph…..go figure……

  • Matron

    Our chocolate Labrador, like most labs I guess, is a food scavenger, but Ice cream is tops for her. One 45 minute walk in our local park yielded her 4 dropped ice cream cones. No signs of diarrhea or scratching from that episode. The text doesn’t say what it is in ice cream that causes that reaction. Maybe the cheap and nasty stuff they sell in that park is so full of air that it doesn’t have the same effect.

  • Baxter

    From my personal experience with my dogs, who have all lived 16-18 years (which is unusually old for larger dogs), these tips are largely old wives tales and BS. They ate plenty of chocolate. Chocolate ice cream almost every night (that’s not a lot of chocolate) and sometimes eating a whole box or bag of chocolate (about 1 pound), that was accidentally left out. Zero symptoms. We gave one of the dogs garlic pills that were supposed to keep fleas away. It didn’t do much for to help with fleas (advantage worked for that) but it never hurt the dog. Guacamole and chips? No problems. Yes, chocolate contains toxins that are toxic to dogs and people. Perhaps dogs are a bit more sensitive (though mine didn’t seem to have any sensitivity). The issue is dose. A big fat person would have trouble eating more than 1 pound of chocolate at one time. That is 1 pound of chocolate per 250 lbs of person. On the other hand, a 30 pound dog is capable of wolfing down about 2 pound of chocolate. That is 6.6% of its body weight vs 0.4% for the person. That is 16.5x more concentration for the dog… and that could easily kill the dog, just as it would kill a 1-2 year old child if you shoved 2 pounds of chocolate into him. You can give a dog part of your ice cream sandwich or chocolate chip cookie or a little ice cream. Just don’t give it more chocolate that you would give a person of half the dog’s weight. If you want your dog to live a long healthy life, underfeed it. Keep your dogs lean and that will stay puppylike for a long time. And, if your local tap water is questionable for you…. give your dog filtered or bottled water as well. — Baxter

  • Mat

    @ kristine – Featured Comment

    Although what you say is correct and people should be aware, I don’t think electronic cigarettes will ever be considered food?

  • Ray C

    Maybe it’s just my computer, but everyone I read shows the current food on the top half, then shows the second half of the previous or what should have been the second half

  • Nola76

    Ok, I’m confused with salmon and raw meat. Our dog is on a salmon based dog food and our vet said that it is perfectly fine to give him raw or cooked salmon. She also doesn’t have a problem with him eating FRESH raw meat. So, what gives here?

  • AsktheWhiteGuy

    So what are the 12 worst dog foods for humans?

  • Claude

    Had a puppy once who downed a small bucket of antifreeze, she only lived 17 more years.

  • dballance

    I’d take you a lot more seriously if you had bothered to actually read what you wrote before you posted it. It seems you must have been using a template that you didn’t clear between items. No editor I take it?

    You posted the caffeine poisoning issues in item 9 again in item 10. Not to mention that yes, bones from poultry, or any foul, are hollow and will splinter. Thus, causing the issues of which you warn. The same is NOT true of pork and beef bones.

    Every article I’ve read that says the beef and pork bones are bad for dogs seems to suggest some commercially branded raw-hide replacement. This reeks of a very transparent marketing campaign to get people to buy expensive raw-hide “bones.”

    If, during, the thousands of years of domesticated dogs and cats where they have eaten scraps, and bones from our tables and hunted carcasses, before tables, have not endangered our animals to the point of decline or extinction I doubt they will now.

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  • George Blair

    Ex-G/F had a St. Bernard / American Bulldog mix. She would drink grapefruit juice and Vodka like you and I drink water. Oh and she gave the dog some too.

  • ikihi

    and you are just an animal. dogs are better than people

  • Jim Mann

    Oh lighten up..good grief…the humor police…its better to smile and maybe shake your head than to be preceived as a jerk.

  • Dog Mama

    I’m not being funny. This is my question: If salmon is so harmful to dogs, then why do reputable dog food companies make salmon and sweet potato dog food that’s rather expensive? Since my dog has an allergy to chicken, he is currently eating such food and I’m wondering if I should wean him off of it.

  • Tiffany

    The only dogs you can give salmon to are huskies, because of there origin Siberia .Fish was what what they eat. My sister in law s aunt feeds her husky raw salmon and she has the most beautiful white coat. I don’t know about malamutes but I assume they can have salmon too.

  • luka

    I think dogs are better than humans most of the time!!! Lol

  • steal

    all you ppl r mad y comment on stuff watever ur feeling or thinking you should keep it to yourself and comments like shooting a dog n others sayin its only a dog wouldnt happin grow up ppl

  • oscar1939

    Some of this is common sense but much is BS. Raw meat and dogs??

  • Springer Lover

    Pets most certainly are people, and much better than MOST!

  • TobyDozema

    18 more reasons to not have a dog.

  • Seenabitoflife

    Nearly all of the warnings in this article are valid and important.

    However, to put “left-overs” in the same category as cooked bones
    sounds a bit extreme, as long as the acknowledged danger foods are avoided.

    Given the above, what is the difference between “left-overs”
    and food cooked by the owner, for the dog.

    Also, what did 700 generations of domesticated dogs eat, as the
    main part of their diet, before the multi-million pound pet food industry
    wanted us to buy only their products?

  • Trev

    So why is it the farm dogs eat nearly everything from rabbits they catch to afterbirth from cows to Horn and are fit as a fiddle and long lived

  • Trev

    Sorry but I have to ask what does your wife’s face look like for the dog to make such a mistake!

  • newguy

    LOL at e-cigs being human food

  • aieahi

    I have an avocado tree in the yard and my 10 year old dogs have been eating them since they were pups…they even eat them unripe.

  • Stan Lee

    what a bitch!

  • Crystalqueen26

    Some of this list is true but others on here are just scare-mongering. My dogs are fed on raw meat, raw oily fish (including salmon!), raw chicken and raw bones. They are 2 of the healthiest dogs you will ever see. They have beautiful coats and constantly being admired.

  • Tynkyr Belle

    I knew a dog that scarfed down pizza ALL THE TIME. Onions and garlic didn’t phase him in the least.

  • Tynkyr Belle

    So dogs shouldn’t eat raw meat, huh? Gee – before they became domesticated, did the dogs discover how to make fire and BBQ their own meat, or did they just go to the local deli and order it by the pound?
    This article had to be one of the most vapid, clueless, ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

  • Tynkyr Belle

    Farm dogs get a special dispensation from Doggie Jeebus and they can eat what they want.

  • randigb

    Actually, a little bit of garlic is good for dogs. It helps with repelling parasites, boosts the immune system, helps with digestion and has many other benefits. Just be sure of the amount to feed and that your dog doesn’t have pre-existing condition that precludes feeding garlic.

  • randigb

    “To put it simply, if you wouldn’t eat it, neither should your dog. If your see your furry eating bad food, try to take it away from him/her.”

    This is the most informative sentence in this article. Applies to manufactured kibble as well.

  • CollieGirl

    Macadamia nuts are actually from Australia.

  • RichardSibello

    Who the hell wrote this article?? Obviously a vet with an ax to grind.

    Raw meat is bad??? Funny, the raw meat diet is becoming very popular
    for dogs because THEY EAT RAW MEAT IN THE WILD. The reason why these
    ABOUT 80% LESS THAN DOGS ON KIBBLE. Your vet can’t get a new Mercedes
    if you feed your dog raw meat!!

    Garlic is bad?? Maybe in HUGE
    amounts, but garlic actually prevents fleas and ticks on a dog. But
    again, if your dog doesn’t get fleas and/or ticks, that’s one less trip
    to the vet, meaning one less pair of Jimmy Choo shoes your vet can buy!

    They’ve been PROVEN to cure skin irritations in breeds that are
    susceptible even AFTER feeding a grain-free and limited ingredient diet.
    But go ahead, listen to your stupid veterinarian and throw your money
    at him/her.

    Chicken jerky treats from China ARE bad (as are pretty much ANY dog food product from China). But AMERICAN chicken jerky treats are fine. It was VERY irresponsible of the writer of the article to put the heading as simply “CHICKEN JERKY TREATS”.

  • RichardSibello

    Ice cream is about the WORST thing you can feed your dog. He was probably “too disabled to walk” because of the fatty tumors that the ice cream caused.

  • pinky

    This article whilst very good overall. I dislike the fact that it mentions raw meat, raw eggs and garlic. Garlic has been used and is even sold as a natural antiwormer for dogs, many people seem to use it with no problems. The same with raw meat and eggs, how many peoples dogs experienced life threatening diseases or illness being on a prepackaged doggy diet then converted to raw and their dogs regained full or better health? I think more emphasis should be put on with raw meat/eggs its where you get them from, how fresh they are etc problem with b vitamins and biotin from eggs? where is the source for that?

  • Patriotic_Psychonaut

    I don’t see LSD on the list… must be okay 😀

  • naomireid

    I’m sure the dog was happy to eat the brussel’s sprouts. He probably thought it was a treat. I like Chinese food even though it makes me gassy lol. Grow up. I love dogs. I am a successful dog trainer, but sometimes, things are funny. She didn’t hurt that dog. I think it’s a funny story. I’m glad she shared because it made me smile lol.

  • Xanga

    As opposed to plants or rocks?? Yes. And your point is??

  • gym2cts

    95% of the things on this list wouldn’t interest a dog enough to eat anyway.

  • asdf

    My dog used to eat avocados every day. We had a gigantic avocado tree. It was his favorite treat. He never had any negative effects from avocados, makes me doubt the truth in this article.

  • James Kilpatrick

    Most of these are pretty reasonable. But dogs not the pampered kind that have never touched the dirt. Can and are supposed to eat some of this stuff. My dogs have total freedom in the country no fences no leashes. A real life you know. They are always coming home with a rabbit, chicken, deer head, random bones, etc. They eat everything but the teeth all uncooked, moldy, rottenness and all and are so so happy. But I guess that’s what happens when they are free to build their immune systems in nature and have access to what their instincts tell them to eat. They don’t touch the corn in my garden. Kinda strange since almost all dry dog food is mostly corn. You would figure they would devour it by dog food logic. But they don’t look at it twice or even once. They prefer drinking creek water over tap, and rolling around in the dirt; all that fun stuff. Heck I’ve even known people who do stuff like that and you know what come to think of it. They never get sick and always have tons of energy. But I know people who stay clean all the time, rarely go outside, and use that antibacterial stuff and drink purified water and eat healthy all the time. They are tired all the time, always go to the doctor sick and are on tons of pills. Strange isn’t it…

  • Dog

    Huh thats funny, everything mentioned here is just plain bad in general for any living creature. Really? Dont give your dog rotten food? I never would have known,
    wow great insight right there.

  • Dog

    You must have had horrible children seeing how they were just bested by dogs.

  • Toshio Pendarvis

    You’re a Troll. A pretty ugly one at that…LOL

  • Rey Trasgo

    don’t give dogs raw meat or bones … since dogs cook there food in the wild.

  • eyeforeye42

    I knew a person who had a neighbor that wouldn’t restrain his dog and it would threaten his children and leave loads in his back yard and the police did nothing so he resorted to leaving out products like the ones mentioned above so the owner would find that the money spent in veterinarian bills from his wandering dog might make him think again. Sure poor dog but then who do you really blame? Bad owner or one protecting their kids on their own property when nothing else worked?

  • Neveko

    The avocado part is the part that made you doubt this article? What about the part that says don’t feed them raw meat or bones? You know, the things dogs eat in the wild? This article is all sorts of misinformed. The raw meat we’d buy for ourselves at the grocery store is probably a hell of a lot safer for them to digest than whatever’s shoved into canned dog food.

  • Lassie

    So… are you calling yourself scum??

  • JohnDHoffman

    What an irritating article! What do I have to click 19 times to get through this?

  • Bow Wow

    My dog Charlie used to do tricks for treats. One day, I got him all worked up by doing a couple of tricks–he was drooling, anticipating that treat that he knew I had in my hand for him.
    Well, I pulled a fast one on him. Tossed him a big ole chunk of raw onion. Hahaha.
    By the time he realized how horrible it tasted, it was too late. In his dumb fervor he gulped it down and was looking at me for another one before his expression changed, and he started walking in circles with his head hung low–scraping his tongue back and forth over his teeth trying to scrape the taste off.
    It was pretty funny at the time. Then I felt bad and never did it again.

  • Marla Singer

    I love that the “featured comment” is about something that is very obviously not food, and that anyone would be an idiot to let their dog chew on. Sigh.

  • Rosebudmi

    Not so sure about the chocolate myth…I once had a dog eat a half package of Hershey’s Kisses, including the foil wrapper. He didn’t get sick or anything. Seems to me that if chocolate was that fatal, he would have died or been very ill quite soon afterward. Perhaps the foil wrappers were the difference?

  • orangectlive

    did not know about Ice Cream.

  • charlie 1

    tea my dog has drunk tea all his life he’s twelve years old now and as fit as a flee .

  • quimb

    Total BS. Someone used a combination of next door neighbor and an idiot’s blog to research this.

  • Jack Kenhoff

    Look out every one! We have a mouth breathing key board warrior here with a score to settle, no one call him out on his knee-jerk over reaction or failure to realize this is a comment thread not real life so his impotent threats do nothing but show every one who bothers to read it how moronic and pathetic he is!

  • Fred

    If you really cared about saving dogs’ lives, you’d start with a list of the 19 dangerous foods–that would inform people right away, could be e-mailed, and would not require the time-consuming process of clicki slide after slide!

    Still, glad you provided this?

  • Paul Robinson

    In fact, it’s taking me so long to click through them, I stopped!

  • and that leaves you licking doens’t it George Michael

  • jacko

    Poor old fido,Nothing to eat now,tell your owner to throw it away,and increase the wasted food mountain?

  • Thanks Jack OFF…….anytime you want to meet….

  • nice sentences….yes i do think(not thing?) and….dogs are better people than most people…..if the shoe fits, then they get to wear the name in the social media world…….

  • speak for yourself……..back to west Hollywood for you

  • and that leaves you as a used douche bag then?

  • look at the thread and then tell me whose twisted…….you

  • lpjammer

    Actually you are Nits!

  • lpjammer

    No, there’s no need to do that, dogs are better than a lot of people.

  • mbee1

    while we are at it why not say what the author was paid to do. make sure you buy that expensive dog treat and dog food or God will punish you. Mostly a bunch of half truths and distortions. Think about it a moment, when was the last time anybody told you their dog died from eating those bones from their table. I bet zero tales of tragic ending from bones and ice cream to name two on the list. chocolate does have its place but avocados/plums? come on tell me another.

  • mbee1

    Come to think about it raw meat is a natural food for dogs as are raw fish. If the fish has this terrible disease what is it doing in national commerce?

  • Mike Arienti

    Human food is for humans. None of it should be eaten by dogs.

  • Wolf

    I have NEVER heard of a dog getting sick from eating raw meat and bones. They lick their own butts! Even rotting meat does not hurt them unless their owner is to stupid to understand what an immune system is. They are used to bacteria, and so were humans until this anti-microbial hype started. There’s a reason we have an immune system to begin with, so avoiding germs is what’s making people sick, not the other way around. This article is somewhat misinformed on the raw meat part because of the propaganda.

  • Wolf

    That’s not a run on sentence because there is only one “and” in there. There were no grammar problems in his argument. Also, he is correct, anyone who thinks “it’s just a dog” or “it’s just a cat” should never own pets, they are the ones who have the dogs that attack people because of neglect. They are also the same people with problems being nice to other humans, because if it’s not them, it’s not their problem.

  • alysdexia

    Are they raw?

  • miss daisy

    That’s funny

  • Airedale

    That chart is based on the ignorant opinion of a bunch of morons. An animal is an animal. A human is a human. Humans have the ability to dominate all animals.

  • Sid

    What absolutely amazes me is the rubbish so called “dog food” that people feed their dogs in the first place ! ! !
    Does anyone bother to check the label for “contains permitted additives” that skin,crushed bones, feathers etc.
    What preservatives are in there ?? BHA, a known carcinogenic ?
    The old adage is little of what you fancy does you good, moderation in all things
    Chew on that before you criticise other people for feeding tit bits

  • Jim McGowan

    Macadamia nuts should be number 1. My dog has eaten chocolate and grapes in the past with no visible ill effects. However, after being given a single macadamia nut one evening, the next day he was unable to walk for a number of hours. His legs went all floppy and he could not get up.

  • FeynMax

    ok…my dogs have been on a raw diet for years due to food allergies in commercial dog food. my dogs both are healthier now than they have ever been. they have no health problems or weight problems. they are designed by nature to process these foods. the only raw meat i dont give them is pork and that is just my choice. raw fish, beef, chicken, deer, you name it, they have had it. and raw bones! the best…just dont cook the bones and everything is good. people really need to do more research on what they can and can not feed their dogs instead of taking some websites word for it…like talk to your vet. your vet will give you the pros and cons of a raw diet for your dogs. or even better…talk to someone who already feeds that to their dogs. you can learn alot from them.

  • fraggles

    my previous Springers did the same with ice cream,loved one between them after a long walk. Lived to 16 and 17.

  • Jim

    Im sorry but who would feed a dog these things? Raw egg, moldy food, alcohol? im sorry but if you feed your dog that your a bad dog owner :/ should be ashamed in my opinion :/

  • BertaD

    In case your pup does get at something he shouldn’t have (like chocolate) dump about a capful of hydrogen peroxide into his mouth to induce vomiting. It works very fast and is safe.

  • dixiedragon

    This was interesting informative reading. I will of course heed these warnings with ALL my beloved dogs but am exceptionally RELIEVED that I have not ALREADY murdered my dogs. Up until recently — around 2011ish — every summer I would give my dogs whole roasted cloves of buttered garlic — a single clove for the smallest dogs and 2 or 3 for those over 60 lbs. to kill fleas – one treatment lasted about a month and was EASILY as effective as any high end flea preventative on the market — I heard about this flea remedy on a local weekly home and garden radio program on WSB Radio with a “good ole boy” host. I NEVER had a dog get even remotely ill from the garlic — in fact they would gather around the stove when they smelled it roasting – I have a LOT of dogs and there would be 10, 12, 14 or MORE little puddles of drool in a semi circle around the stove — they LOVED the stuff! Then I heard that it was potentially fatal and stopped. I also ran across the raisin problem a few years back – and just could not believe how many times I had potentially endangered the “people” in my life that I love the most. There are more surprises on this list and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL DOG OWNERS, CARETAKERS AND GUARDIANS — IT MIGHT JUST SAVE A LIFE. Thank you so much for this informative post!!

  • Carnivore!

    Most of that is true except raw meat. Fresh raw meat..that of a fresh kill is OK….they’re naturally carnivores. Humans have tried to humanize them into vegans and thats BS. Fish bones and chicken bones=bad.

  • Oversoul

    Don’t feed your dog raw meat? The hell do you think they eat in their natural environments? I’ve never heard of a wild dog cooking its meat.

  • Elliot Veal

    No we are animals exactly the same as dogs. only through evolution, (mostly larger brains…), a misbegotten sense of entitlement and the existence of ignorant people like you has such a view been accepted. I bet most dogs could quite easily dominate you but then you’d cry and have it put down because it’s vicious.

  • Vladlette

    What an awful thing to say.

  • Vladlette

    Yeah, the raw meat and bone bit is rubbish. What do people think dogs eat in the wild? One of my dogs suffers from allergies to EVERYTHING – apart from raw meat and bone. We’ve seen plenty of vets, and none of them have had a problem with us feeding him raw meat and bones… Also, “Don’t give your dog food you wouldn’t eat yourself”? Isn’t most of this list full of food humans would eat? Dogs can’t eat anything else? I’m pretty sure wild dogs don’t kill a chicken and then cook it over a fire, or use a can opener to get into some wet dog food. Now THAT’S something I definitely wouldn’t eat!

  • jumper297

    A lot of this is true, an equally large amount is not. One issue with “toxic” foods is the amount required to be harmful is impractical at best. Some of the others were just flat out untrue.

  • Billyde

    Just stick to a high quality dog food and carrots for treats, if you stick to this your dog will live a healthier, longer life.

  • Know Fool

    Well, my dog DID ask me for an avocado and plum sandwich on moldy bread last weekend. It’s good to know a few of these. The rest are common sense.

  • Know Fool

    So, dogs shouldn’t eat steak, chicken… maybe it’s US that shouldn’t be eating THEIR foods.

  • Know Fool

    I imagine most dogs do well with ice cream. Many ice cream places give a dog dish of soft-serve… My current dog doesn’t care for ice cream, but I’ve been around others that LUV a good slurp in the hot weather.

  • Know Fool

    Sorry, my dog is going to get our good beef bones when we’re done with them…

  • bilzod

    It is amazing that most things that are the list : Are the Best for Humans to eat but it is just the opposite for dogs….Go Figure ?????

  • aszure42

    Go jump in the lion cage at the zoo and send us back the video of you “dominating” all the animals.

  • VST

    They should have specified cooked bones. Cooking changes the structure of the bones, making them more brittle.

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  • zinger59

    One time my dog got very sick after swimming. Had to go to the Vet for IV overnight and $600.00 later she was better. Never knew the cause but suspect cyanobacteria (blue algae).

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  • emjayay

    As everyone knows but was not stated in the article, poultry bones are way worse than other bones. Bird bones are hollow, or have lots of empty spaces in them, which makes them splinter. Particularly big bones from cows or pigs the dog can’t break don’t seem to be particularly dangerous.

  • emjayay

    Chocolate chip ice cream was one of my dog’s favorite foods. She never had a lot but definitely some amount on a fairly regular basis But she no doubt had a little leftovers with some amount of garlic and onions and lot of these forbidden foods with no apparent ill effects. It seems pretty obvious that a fairly small amount of most of these is not the horrible thing the article portrays them as.

  • cupcub

    I’ve never understood article like this. I had a dog eat an entire chocolate easter bunny once, no effect. Another dog ate nearly an entire Reebok shoe. Perfectly fine. They eat car bumpers and barbie dolls and even their own feces.

    What do these people think dogs were eating for 10’s of thousands of years before dogfood was invented? That’s right, everything we ate.

  • Pingback: Ed's Rants | Pet foods to kill your pets()

  • Trev

    Did you ever consider he lost the ability to walk as a consequence of being fed ice cream???

  • Trev

    Ability perhaps the right no!

  • Jeh Jeh

    You know, this thing about Chocolate keeps popping up. I’m 55 years old and you would think that in all that time I would have heard of at least one instance where a dog died from too much chocolate. Especially my own dogs which were given regular feedings of whatever my brothers and I were eating. Maybe the can get sick and vomit, but die? Not too sure about that.

  • Jeh Jeh

    Ok, I’m calling BS on the Avocado. My brother had Avocado trees in his back yard that would drop Avocados on the ground that were over ripe. His golden retriever would eat so many that he started getting fat. Other than that he lived a long and healthy life. Plus the family got many boxes of avocados because my brother had to pick them before they hit the ground.

    Chicken Bones – yes
    Pork Ribs – yes
    Chocolate – Haven’t seen sufficient proof.
    Avocados – Bullcrap!

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  • Mark Heil

    Back when I was in high school we had a mutt that got into and ate half of a case of M&Ms that I was selling for a school fundraiser. Unfortunately, the chocolate didn’t kill her, didn’t affect her in any way. Hated that damn dog.

  • Rebecca

    some of this is correct, but a raw egg now and then has always given my dog a healthy coat. I say anything that a dog ate in the wild, like fish or eggs, is not the enemy, but dog food companies that sponsor pages like this and want you to buy only their food.

  • I think live yeast may be dangerous to any animal that has a suppressed immune system, but the funny thing about having an immune system, is that it works. Live yeast are present everywhere in our environment, and the idea that ingesting them will cause a yeast bloom in a dog’s stomach of all places, is just crazy. The pH of a dog’s stomach is somewhat lower than that of our own stomachs. Why on earth would healthy dogs be more susceptible (or susceptible at all) to yeast infections?

    The others on here are interesting also. Fruit pits is logical to the point I am surprised it made the list, but I accept that intestinal blockage can occur. It is good to mention that lactose intollerance can be very painful – in humans also – although I think saying that it will cause itching is a little far fetched. Chocolate is a great one to include, that is absolutely true, and it is good to mention the slower metabolism times for caffeine and alcohol too – those can be dangerous at much lower doses in dogs than in humans.

    I have found it hard to figure out why the rickettsia that occasionally infect farmed salmon are worse for dogs than for humans though. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any salmon treats specifically marketed for dogs, which leaves salmon marketed for humans. This salmon is usually flash frozen to kill off pathogens such as rickettsia, and also marine tapeworms for wild caught fish, so it is very unlikely that rickettsia would be present. If they are present though, which is possible, it is definitely true that virulent strains can be lethal, particularly in immunocompromised animals. It is unlikely though. Again, dogs, just like us, have immune systems, and they work pretty well most of the time, not all of the time, but most of the time.

    With all of that being said, I think it is fair to be careful with raw meat and bones in the modern world though. Eating raw packaged meat is not at all the same as eating a wild animal that was killed in the last few weeks. Our meat packing facilities frequently infect meat with salmonella and other things. Freeze or cook the meat first though and you will be fine most of the time.

    This is not to say that owners should not be careful when feeding their dogs. While most rotting food is fine (for humans too), some is not. If you aren’t good at identifying the distinction, maybe it is best to be safe rather than sorry. The same is true with raw snacks and cooked bones, if you don’t really understand, best to be safe. I have to agree with NCMountainGirl though, I think far more canine disease is caused by lack of exercise and overfeeding than is caused by any of the things mentioned on this page.

    Take care of your pets, make sure they get exercise, live fun lives, and generally eat healthy food, but don’t worry too much about all of these rules. If they eat a little raw bread dough, followed by an old bit of steak, followed by a bowl of milk, followed by a little chocolate, they will survive. They might have the runs from the milk, but they will be fine. If you ignore your pets, never give them exercise, and overfeed them, they probably won’t be ok for more than a few years (once again, just like humans).

  • WayneEDay

    “This also means that you shouldn’t, under any circumstances, give your dog bread, not even in small quantities.” What a load of horse shit.

  • Best Guest

    For sure raw is not a healthy way to go for a pet. Not in this day or age. So much of our food supply is contaminated. Regardless of a high immune system, don’t do it. Also, never ever give a pet animal bones ….. chicken, cow, lamb, etc. Highly dangerous. Bones split. Can get lodged in a pet’s throat and sufficate. These ridic things to give any pet or human is totally wrong. There are plenty of healthy foods for all of us. I give our poochies salmon, chicken cubes, rice w/a touch of canola oil, scrambled (any) eggs for beautiful skin. They can eat cranberries and certain beans. Lettuce, spinach and carrots. No dairy products. They can cause severe skin irriations. Also ear infections.

  • In cage == Out of Cage // Just whom do you consider has been Dominated //////

  • zeezee

    I had 2 dogs that lived to be 19 and 20……Both dogs lived a very healthy life. They both ate chocolate,cookies and ice cream. When they could get to anyones coffee mugs they drank every drop. So now they say don’t give your dogs this stuff. I guess they don’t make dogs like they use too! lol

  • Robert

    I lost my almost 8 year old GSD recently. I still dont know what happened. About a week before she died she ate a whole bag of gummy bears she grabbed that was left out. She also drank a bunch of milk the day before she died as I made the mistake of leaving the bowl with milk out after eating cereal. I came home late from work on the night she passed. Her stomach was bubbling really loud, and making loud growling sounds from her gut. I didnt think it was an emergency so I did nothing. An hour later, I told her to eat her food and she fell over on her side and died instantly while in front of her bowl. I was so crushed and devastated. Tried to breathe into her mouth but she was gone. She was overweight as I worked 10-12 hours a day and didnt walk her enough. I guess I failed her as an owner. Any ideas if it was the candy or milk that contributed to this? RIP Carma. 🙁

  • Matilija

    Walnuts are deadly to dogs, especially English and black walnuts. Our dog got feed a small piece of banana bread and it had a black walnut in it. He threw it up and was sick for about four hours.
    Be carefully of feeding your dog anything that could have walnuts mixed in it.

  • Matilija

    I know dog trainers/breeders that feed their dogs frozen chicken with the bones. I guess the bones are safe when frozen? They must break differently when cold.

  • Matilija

    Tell that to an Alaska Brown Bear or Polar Bear. Both would kill you in a heart beat and the polar bear would eat you to boot. And sharks will also make short work of people. All you need to do is add arrogant person with blood in ocean and stir. All we need is the blood, you will do nicely for the arrogant human.

    Dominate that.

  • LiveFromATX

    M&Ms aren’t chocolate – they are sugar and butter with trace amounts of cocoa, so, like Hersheys and all those other pseudo-chocolate excuses for candy, they are less likely to harm a dog than a slab of dark, 70% cocoa chocolate. Sadly, that still leaves the problem of you being a horrible human being.

  • mel1979

    I feel like a bad mother. My dog is 3 years old and I have given her choc., bread, ice cream, dairy and she’s NEVER gotten sick. Why has she never gotten sick.


    Here’s a hint

    “Also, remember that most of your dog’s diet should consist of quality dog food.”

  • billdeserthills

    You can make your own chicken jerky and it costs much less. I wait till chicken breast is on sale and buy 5 lbs. Cut the chicken into 1/4″ thick slices, place onto a sheet pan and bake at 150-200 degrees for 10 to 12 hours. I like to freeze most of the chicken and then just keep what I need in the refrigerator to hand out. It is a very healthy snack and will cost less money too!

  • catbell7cat

    liver boiled will heal up mange — often dobies are born with it — it did the trick in 8 weeks with a friend’s lovely dobie – now her vet tells everyone – — a couple of times a week and then monthly to keep it gone — works like a charm the vet said – so one must figure that mange is a lack of good iron nutrition

  • Blanche

    When looking for pooch treats I avoid anything made in China. The chicken jerky made in China has been identified as being toxic. My little girl, a pick eater, was diagnosed last week with congestive heart failure. She is on a salt/sodium free diet. I found an independant store with great products to include canned salmon for pooches. At $3.00 a tin it had better be good. The proprietor also told me that products from New Zealand were the best as NZ has the highest standards for processing quality pet food. I won’t eat any food products from China and neither will my dogs.

  • Blanche

    Thanks, I will try it.

  • momof3

    Of course they do… they can, and often do, have the intelligence of your average 2yo child. They also love unconditionally and do not hold grudges. My children, when 2, did not talk back. I am with you though…I love love love my dogs. The connection is even stronger if you are without children in your home since they can then get your full attention. If you pay close attention, you learn how they express fear, joy and sadness. They are such great companions.

  • John Dohski

    Salt? It’s an ingredient in most canned dog foods, which are formulated with the help of experts in dog nutrition. Yeast? Brewer’s yeast has been recommended for years as a nutrition booster that you can add to your dog’s usual food. “Candy usually contains Xylitol.” Who fact-checked this article? That statement is simply untrue. And just as an aside, while Xylitol is commercially produced through “artificial” processes, it is also found in low concentrations in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables.

  • TheDogNutritionist

    THIS ARTICLE IS A BUNCH OF CRAP. GET THE FACTS BEFORE WRITING. For the record- a RAW diet for your dog is the healthiest thing you could do. Cooking it diminishes a significant amount of it’s nutritional value. Dog’s digestive systems are completely different then our own… they process raw food extremely well, if not perfectly. They are also NOT susceptible to food-borne illnesses, including salmonella. I’m not even going to start on the 20 other things wrong with this article. Do your research people.

  • wryview

    According to this article our 14 year old dog should have been dead 14 years ago. Our dog has eaten a whole bag of Hershey Kisses – foil wrapper and all – with no ill effects. He gets a slice of cheese every day. He’s had raw eggs, bones, and -well, most of the things on this list. He must be one tough cookie.

  • Fiorello

    I continue to give my dog Chicken, Turkey, and Duck treats made in the USA only.
    I would not buy or consume any food product from China.

  • rkr1111

    Who keeps the raw meat and bones away from wolves and wild dogs? My Wire-Haired Fox Terrier has been eating 1.5 to 2.0 raw chicken drumsticks per day for 10 years. That’s 7,300 drumsticks with no ill effects.

  • rkr1111

    Who keeps the raw meat and bones away from wolves and wild dogs? My Wire-Haired Fox Terrier has been eating raw chicken legs for 10 years with no ill effects.

  • Helen

    Dogs are generally much more loyal than friends! Never talk behind your back, Very devoted, They are protective and some are very protective.

  • R G

    I have been feeding my 4 very healthy dogs raw meat and bones only for their diet. They have some of the best teeth the Vet has seen and their coats and skin are healthy and shiny. They are made to eat raw meat and ONLY raw bones. You should NEVER EVER give a dog a cooked bone and why people don’t stress that enough I have no idea. Yes you have to watch them when they eat the bones to be sure they eat them properly but I have been doing this for years and they are very happy and healthy dogs. I only feed them a raw diet that is a formulated diet with vegetables as well. Dogs are Omnivores so they need both vegetables and meat in their diets. Also probably one of the main things besides feeding people food to dogs is watching out for treats made in China, I NEVER EVER feed them anything from China, they should be illegal honestly.

  • R G

    You should check that again, you should NEVER feed a dog cooked bones, the brittleness makes them too easy for them to choke and can become more easily lodged. That is a very scary thing to think that so many people think it’s ok to feed cooked bones to dongs, never should you, they are made to eat certain raw meaty bones only.

  • Amy

    Strange because vets recommend garlic, pork and beef bones in the diet.

  • reader

    raw meat? Remind me when dogs naturally ate cooked food?

  • Tyrel Foster

    So many many things I have
    wrong with this list!!! EVERYTHING that they have on this list they say is
    bad/fatal for your dog “in large/extreme quantities.” Chocolate (I had a lab eat 3 chocolate cakes, and 5 lbs of chocolate and survived- yes he was sick but who wouldn’t be after eating that much), lactose( dogs eat meat not dairy- of course they are lactose intolerant), RAW MEAT(oh how did dogs survive in the wild for so long), bones (refer to previous comment- I have seen 6 generations of labs and we always gave our chicken bones to them- NEVER oncedid any of them die from bones), eggs (yes they mentioned Salmonella present in1 of every 3million eggs), alcohol, YEAST( they say that it can produce alcoholin the stomach and give the dog alcohol poisoning the stomach is way way to acidic for yeast to survive-multiply- and produce a sufficient amount of alcohol to kill a dog of alcohol poisoning, and that is assuming the yeast ferments all instantaneously and that is immediately put into the blood stream(yeast takes days to ferment), hence it is IMPOSIBLE to get alcohol poisoning from consuming yeast. Plus any being that drinks a high concentration of yeast will have diarrhea), “hops” (yes they singled out alcohol, yeast, and then HOPS) saying in each case that one should only give a dog high quality dog food and the dog should be rushed to the emergency room if any signs are shown. Oh and they lead you in saying top 7, and of course it is a 20 slide show!
    I love stupid people.

  • Conservativesniper

    Cooking the bone coagulates the proteins in the bone making it easier for them to break into razor sharp edges. I used to feed my doberman 1 lb of raw chicken breast frames, daily. They lasted <45 seconds. He loved them. Cooking bones for dogs is a DUMB idea. Remember, eating chickens is not what killed stray dogs. The guy who owned the chickens is what killed the dog.

  • Conservativesniper

    Yep, I’ll trust my dog before I’ll trust most humans. My dog has no ulterior motive. He’s just a good ol’ boy. In fact , if my dog doesn’t like you, you aren’t welcome.

  • Bite

    And you are just an idiot

  • Stargzer

    Chicken Jerky: Never get the stuff from China. In fact, never get ANY FOOD from China. I’ve used Chicken Jerky made in the USA from US chickens, but I can’t find it at Sam’s Club anymore. They had some from a Large Name Brand Animal Feed Company, but the chicken was sourced from China. Sam’s now has an American-made “Chicken Jerky” that has US Chicken as it’s first ingredient along with other non-meat proteins. I think both of those were made in Idaho. Sam’s also has some Alligator treats, the first ingredient being Alligator from Louisiana. We give our dogs a treat when we leave so we can get out the door.
    Milk: I had a terrier/beagle mix in the late 60s/early 70s who had a bowl of milk every morning every day of his life, and he lived to a ripe old age (16 or 17 years). Beagles seem to be well nigh indestructable.
    Raw Food: Get it from a reputable source. We once fed our dogs raw food we bought through our trainer. It was made from human-grade meat in a plant inspected to human FDA standards and came frozen. It had vitamins and some mineral and veggies in it, but the meat was raw (beef, buffalo, turkey, chicken, and I forget what else). We transitioned off of it due to the price but never had a problem with it. Remember, BARF is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, not just any raw food.
    Hey, dogs eat their own poop if you’re not looking!
    We had a Lab once that swallowed a whole popsicle, stick and all. We took her to the vet who force fed her and tried to get her vo throw it back up, but it wouldn’t come out. He said it wouldn’t show up on an x-ray, so just watch her and see what happens. Later that day we took her for a walk, and wile talking with a neighbor, she ate a bunch of grass, more than she usually did (I swear she must have been part cow). Guess what came out the other end the next day, all wrapped up in grass?

  • The High Evolutionary

    “They lick their own butts” lol….yes they do.

  • Ron Dorazio

    It isn’t that the bones are frozen; it’s that they are raw. BARF (bones and raw food) is probably the healthiest diet for a dog, it sure beats the hell out of kibble, most of which is made from corn and animal “by products”. Dogs, and their close relatives wolves, have eaten raw meat and bones for tens of thousands of years. That said, to be on the safe side, I only feed my dogs frozen raw food packaged just for dogs.

  • Duncan

    My dog eats my leftover chili laced with onions and the Bloomin onion that I never cook after bringing it home…tuna laced with onions…never had him say no or show any signs of distress… Raising a dog on people foods is common on farms and they do very well…

  • Big Daddy Amin

    How many people are killed by sharks every year? How many sharks are killed by people every year? It’s pretty obvious who is winning. Now I completely disagree with what people are doing to the sharks but I’m afraid sharks, and pretty much much anything besides microbes, is on the losing side.

  • Ruth Thomas

    Lighten up! Don’t be so sensitive, Rebecca. As a very caring, empathetic RN for many years, I and a lot of my colleagues used dark humor as a way to deal with and process the tragedies which all too often came our way. Death is a natural part of the life cycle, but caring for a terminal patient & their loved ones takes a toll on a persons’ emotional health. Humor among colleagues (privately, of course), helps us maintain our mental & spiritual health so we may continue too provide excellent, compassionate care to those people to which medical science has nothing more to offer other than a peaceful, dignified death.

  • Ruth Thomas

    Awww, Peter, you need to hang around with a better group of people lol! I love my doggies, but, when it comes down to them or my husband & grandchildren, the dogs are in second place. I do understand your sentiment; there are quite a few humans with whom I am acquainted who would definitely lose out to the canines.

  • Ruth Thomas

    Ankiel, I really don’t try to be the grammar police (being an imperfect human, I make enough of my own mistakes), however, since you felt is was necessary to correct another poster, I childishly feel the urge to point out to you that “grammar” isn’t a proper noun and doesn’t need to be capitalized. Secondly “finally” should be followed by a comma. PUNCTUATION KILLS! As evidenced by the following: “Let’s eat, Grandma! vs Let’s eat Grandma!”

  • Ruth Thomas

    Animal, vegetable or mineral? These are the only choices as far as I know.

  • VizslaOwner4Life

    All I can say about this list is “DUH”. If you didn’t know this already, you are a pretty terrible dog owner.

  • thundercloud47

    Raw eggs?? On our little farm years ago we had a beagle hound that would jump up on the walkway the hens used to get to their nests. He’d check every nest for fresh eggs and gobble them up leaving the shell behind. We could not break him from this and if we wanted eggs for ourselves we had to check the nests 3 or 4 times per day every day. Our chickens were free range. We did get the vast majority of the eggs but that Beagle lived to a ripe old age. I don’t ever recall him being sick.

  • thundercloud47

    I used to feel the same way about dogs and bones but then one day our German Shepherd tried gulping a chicken bone and it got caught in his throat instead of going down. No more chicken bones for him or any other dog I have owned since him. I think large uncooked bones are OK because they have to chew and chew on them to get anything out of them. Even then it’s usually the marrow they are after.

  • thundercloud47

    Certain brands of dog foods are not exactly healthy either. They use kibble from rendering plants. Dead animals are put in a vat and processed. By dead animals I mean any dead animal and not the beef waste left over from butchering. Rendering plants also get animals from vet clinics and kill shelters. They don’t bother to remove things like flea collars. The drugs used to kill the animal don’t break down very well in the process either. Don’t just take my word for this do a google search. I forget the search terms I used but this info was easy to find.

  • thundercloud47

    I had a huge labrador that I always made sure was tethered on Halloween Night. Why? Because he’d steal candy from little kids. I’d bet he scarfed down a lot of chocolate before I caught him. I later learned the older kids would bribe him with chocolate to keep him from stealing their candy. That dog lived to be 13 years old and passed away from cancer. His death would have probably happened a lot sooner had I not caught him stealing candy.

  • thundercloud47

    My miniature dachshund is sometimes like a toddler who had not learned to talk yet. If she needs something she will come to you and sit and just look at you patiently. If we can’t figure out what she wants we say “Show Me” and she will lead you to whatever it is she needs. Like an empty water bowl or if hungry she leads you to the kitchen. If she wants to go for a ride she’ll lead me to my truck. Sometimes I’ll say “Truck or van?” She’ll then lead me to what ever one she wants to ride in. I make her sound spoiled but she’s the least spoiled dog I have ever met and it fact she’s done a good job of spoiling us instead because each time we do something for her we get those long “Thank You I love you.” looks. I have time to study her actions because I am an old disabled man. Best of all my doxie had sort of trained herself to be a service dog.

  • thundercloud47

    Just a dog? Well there are normal dogs but then every once in a great while there are special dogs. Ones that make you change your views about dogs. Mine came in the form of a miniature dachshund. Before she came along I did not allow myself to become close to any particular dog. Why? Because when I was a kid my favorite dogs did not live a long life. I had pretty bad luck with them.

  • Mary Johnston

    I had a Siberian Husky, she would not touch her dog food before leftovers were in her bowl. She would not eat anything on that list except, raw fish, ice cream and candy, but not chocolate. Spoiled little girl lived for 15 1/2 years.

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  • bluenose

    At 30 lb you dog would have to have ate 30 ounces of chocolate to even show signs of theobromine intoxication…. a 1 lb bag of m and m would not be made up of a full lb of chocolate. Therefore it is more likely an allergic reaction. SO IN FACT VERY TRUE

  • David Straub

    #13 Plums – is the concern the plum pit only, or is the flesh also bad for them – we need clarification when you focus on a particular part of a fruit. And while I’m at it – what about COOKED salmon?

  • Joe Blow

    My goodness, you are screwed up. I have given my show dogs garlic for years. Keeps the fleas away and they have never been ill. Also, I lived on Maui for many years and the avocados there grow to the size of small footballs. Dogs used to eat them and leave nothing but the seed and some skin. So, what a waste of time. You should not be writing bullshit.

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  • C Ellison

    I don’t know about some of this. My old grandpa raised coon hounds for decades, he had show dogs & his dogs received many awards, and he did hunt with them, too. I remember grandpa fixing the dog’s food. Grandma saved all the scraps – gravy, meats, whatever – grandpa mixed it in with the dry dog food and added a little warm water. His dogs always ate eggs – raw, fried, any old way. Of course, grandma was a farm wife and she cooked every day – and none of the food was processed. I will give my own dogs leftover meats – gravy, a egg once in awhile – but no processed stuff. In the summer my dogs enjoy a Dairy Queen vanilla cone a few times – they love it and have had no issues. I don’t know why anyone would feed dogs avocado, grapes, nuts – that is just ridiculous to begin with. My other grandpa had little dogs and he gave them a few M&M’s as a reward for “dancing” – his dogs lived very long lives. My grandpa’s had very happy, healthy dogs.

  • C Ellison

    I was feeding my little dogs these packaged dog treats – looked like a little biscuit with a piece of “chicken” jerky wrapped around it. My dogs really liked these treats and I was FINALLY able to train my beloved but very stubborn dachshund, Daisy, to do her business outside. BUT..after a while Daisy started to get these bumps on her back – its gross but my son called it “mushrooms” -yuk. Of course, I took her to the vet and she was prescribed meds, special shampoo, all of it – nothing worked. Then I read about the China treats and sure enough -her treats were made in China. I immediately stopped with those treats and Daisy cleared up in less than a couple weeks. My other little dog – Owen – didn’t get this rash, but he is off those treats too!

  • Mike B

    You are just an asshole, plain and simple!

  • Mike B

    At least some of get laid, and fyi its MICHAEL BRUMFIELD!!!!!! GET IT RIGHT BITCH!

  • MLJ

    There are some disgusting chemicals used on the chew toys sold next to pet supplies and leashes.

  • Charlie

    Your a loser.

  • Charlie

    Airedale, your the only moron as far as I can tell. Why do we need to know we can dominate an animal? That’s called evolution you moron – that’s not based on opinion. Get a life loser, and learn to love animals, not dominate them

  • Stargzer

    I’ve seen BARF as standing for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. You have to be careful of your source. Our trainer has a source in Baltimore that uses Human grade meats and has the plant FDA Inspected to Human specs. They also use dehydrated carrots from Germany, I think, and other appropriate stuff, but no Chinese Food. We just got tired of buying 30 pounds at a time for a Beagle/Basset mix and trying to find freezer space for it.
    We now use a “minimally processed” food (Fresh Pet) that is easy to store and cut up for portion control. It will usually be in a refrigerator case in the dog food section of Safeway, Walmart, and other stores. One of the first times we bought a 6-pound chub of it the checkout clerk asked how many burgers we got out of a package, because it looked like a chub (roll) of hamburger. 🙂

  • Stargzer

    Well, we give our dogs Chicken Jerkey, but not that Major Brand stuff from China. Sam’s Club has a US-made product (from Idaho, I think) made from US Chicken. It’s not exactly Jerkey because it has pea protein and some other ingrediants, but no wheat, mostly some flavorings and a few other things (like vegetable proteins) mixed in.

    They really went crazy over some Alligator-based treats, but they mostly crumbled too easily and smelled to High Heaven.

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  • mylilelar

    Well,I only went to # 2
    I don’t have ALL day to go through all 20 and read/reread all the ads.And these sites always make my computer SLOW DOWN so they can force me to read the ads.
    A holes.

  • Melody Frazho

    If you read the directions, it states to “cook” the portion you will be giving the dog even though it says on the package – fully cooked.

  • ralphwylie

    All of these “don’ts” on what people food not to feed my four dogs makes me question the chit I feed myself and family. Maybe we should share the dog’s food with us humans and save a bundle at the grocery store!

    Pic is my dearest boo-boo faced dachshund, aka “Barackie Majick.” This little guy will eat anything such as birds, lizards, squirrels, gophers, rabbits, mice and rats and a rare treat of badger, (which he’s bred for) which have become mostly scarce in our backyard. I have the minefield of ankle-breaking holes to prove it………..but he’s a happy lil’ camper.

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