Worst 20 Human Foods For Your Dog


8. Food That Has Gone Bad Or Moldy

This almost feels unnecessary to write about, but the fact is that most dogs will eat just about anything, including food that has gone bad or moldy. They are just not as picky as we are and if it looks remotely edible, they will stuff their faces with it.

Of course, this can lead to a number of problems and it can even be life-threatening for your dog, especially if their ‘treat’ happens to be teaming with mold. In the dog’s stomach, mold will ‘explode’ and lead to all kinds of gastrointestinal issues which can lead to very serious complications.

If you notice your dog is experiencing seizures or tremors, this may be a sign that they have eaten something moldy. The best policy is to make sure they do not have access to trash where they can find moldy or bad food.

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