10 Christmas Treats For Your Dog


Christmas is almost here and it’s time to make the perfect holiday treat for your best friend.
Here are ten unbelievably delicious recipes that will leave your pooch begging for more:

1. Peanut butter pumpkin dog treats from MyBakingAddiction.com are ideal homemade cookies for Buddy. They are easy to make and your dog will fall in love with them at first bite.

2. Apple mint holiday dog treats are the cutest bone-shaped cookies that can either be green or red in color! Pawtastic!

3. Christmas candy cane treats are something even humans would like to try. Your dog will be over the moon when you make them these delicious treats.

4. Sweet potato dog buiscuits are another amazing recipe from MyBakingAddiction.com. These wonderful people really know how to fulfill your dog’s dreams.

5. Christmas carob mint cookies will definitely keep your pooch occupied for some time. They are great-looking and taste as good as it gets. What more could a dog ask for?

6. Peppermint holidog treat is a tasty Christmas recipe from Petguide.com that your pooch will never forget. Apart from being super tasty, these cookies help with bad breath.

7. Dog Christmas cake is a treat every dog wants to get from Santa. The smashing recipe from K9PuppyDogs.com will make your pup the happiest dog in the universe.

8. Apple carrot dog treats are another fantastic recipe from MyBakingAddiction: these cookies are delicious and your pooch won’t gain extra pounds during the holidays. No wonder dogs adore this treat.

9. Canine cranberry cookies are healthy, holistic treats that are full of healthy ingredients. Your pooch will be thankful for AllNaturalPetCare.com’s superb recipe.

10. Minnie’s carob-chip cookies are every dog’s favorite treat. This great recipe comes from MinnielnManhattan.com

Surprise your dog and prepare them one of these amazing treats for the holidays. Merry Christmas!

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