10 Common Canine Medical Conditions


6. Distemper

The result of a very contagious airborne virus, distemper affects the nervous and respiratory systems as well as the gastrointestinal health of your dog. Symptoms are similar to a cold, often accompanied by diarrhea. There is no successful treatment for this condition.

7. Dental Problems

Many dogs develop dental issues and this can cause pain when eating as well as general discomfort. Signs of problems include foul odors from the mouth or drooling.

8. Obesity

Certain dog breeds are prone to obesity, which leads to a range of other health issues. You should therefore monitor your pet’s diet and make sure he gets regular exercise.


9. Arthritis

Like humans, some dogs develop joint problems as they get older. Arthritis causes a lot of pain and discomfort for your pet if it becomes severe.

10. Bladder Infection

Cystitis, which is an infection of the bladder, is a common canine affliction.

It’s more common in the females but it tends to be more serious in males.

These are ten of the many common conditions that affect dogs.

By making sure your pet gets regular check-ups and prompt treatment when necessary, you can help to reduce the risk of health problems for your pup.

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