15 Dogs Who Won 2014

No one can outshine a dog. Since they are unbeatable, pooches have decided to share some of their wisdom with us humans.

The first month of the year is all about new beginnings. Hey, don’t worry, you’re already awesome.

There’s no month like February: love is all around you.

Dream big in March and get in touch with nature.

April is the perfect month to go on adventures with your best buddy.

Explore the world around you in May.

Nail your exams in June and get ready to have some fun!

July and August – three words: sand, sun and sea.

Don’t be sad that summer’s almost gone. Learn new things!

Do what you love most in October and give your friends a real scare on Halloween.

Remember what you are thankful for in November.

Make the most out of the last month of 2014 and look forward to an amazing new year!

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