15 Thoughts That Go Through A Dog’s Head When You Don’t Text Them Back

There is no excuse for failing to answer MY texts.

1. It’s been 30 seconds since I texted my human and I still haven’t received a reply.

2. Maybe my owner will answer if I lick the phone. Oh, yummy!

3. Hey, stranger, would you mind taking my picture. My owner will have to text me back when he sees how cute I am.

4. Hmmmm, maybe selfies will do the trick.

5. Hey, human, look at me and my new pal. Wanna come home and play with us?

6. Maybe my ungrateful human left me a message on the answering machine.

7. Still no answer. I’ll just ignore him as well.

8. Let’s see if he’s online on Skype.

9. Nothing on Facebook either.

10. Well, this is frustrating.


12. I’ll never text my human ever again.

13. That’s it. One more time and I’m done.

14. I know my human is in the middle of an important meeting, but I NEED to speak with him urgently.

15. Oh, you forgot your cell? No biggie, I was busy doing stuff anyways.

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