20 Breeds That Will Help You Get Dates


It is no secret that it is easier to pick up a date if you are walking a dog or taking care of one in public. Guys find girls with dogs to be caring and practical while girls see guys who walk dogs as more of a hunter than the average guy, which, on some deep level, simply works.

When you see someone you find attractive walking a dog, it is easier to approach them because you instantly have a topic to engage in, a real ice-breaker. As a person who is walking the dog, this makes you more attractive and easier to approach, which will only increase your chances of getting a date.

However, it is important to point out that not all breeds will yield the same results. You need to be smart. Some breeds are better if you want to pick up girls and some are better if you want to pick up guys. Some work both ways. We will be looking at the 21 breeds that are simply better than others when it comes to attracting people.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador is one of those breeds that will work on everyone. They have been one of the most popular breeds in the world for decades and guys and girls alike just love their calm demeanor, their warmth and their, let’s face it, classic good looks.

Labradors are a particularly good breed for picking up women because they have constantly been chosen as the favorite breed by women. Labradors are enthusiastic when needed, calm when needed, attentive and great company. All of this makes them perfect for picking up dates.

If you happen to be a Labrador owner, you have probably already experienced the exceptional allure that these dogs have on everyone, including your “target audience”. If you are looking for a dog breed that will bag you three dates the first time you take your dog for a walk – Labradors are just what you need. No other breed is such a date-magnet.


2. German Shepherd

There are some very good reasons why German Shepherds are among the most popular breeds of dogs in the world to own. They are loyal like no other breed, they are smart and willing to learn, they are obedient and they are confident. Some people may not love the way they look, but apart from this very subjective aspect, they are perhaps the perfect breed.

Of course, this has also translated into German Shepherds also being one of the breeds that will bag you dates without you opening your mouth. Women who see men walking a German shepherd immediately get the impression that such a man is all about order, loyalty and stability, which are some very attractive traits.

Men who see women with German Shepherds see them as practical, confident, women who know what they want. Which is always very, very sexy. In short, walking a German shepherd is a very surefire way to get a date.


3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of those dog breeds that everyone loves. They have the most beautiful coat and their warm eyes could make the coldest of hearts melt with feelings of pure human love and care. They are not just gorgeous, mind you. Golden Retrievers are also very versatile, gentle and they love making people happy. They consider it their mission.

When it comes to picking up dates, a Golden Retriever will work on both genders. Women who own this breed have that classical appeal, something like the girl-next-door somewhere where the fields are green and the skies are blue. Men see a woman with whom they could settle, raise kids, run a farm.

On the other hand, women simply cannot resist a golden retriever. Even if they are not huge fans of dogs, they will get down to pet this dog and they will admire how gorgeous and cute it is.


4. Pit Bull Terrier

The case of the pit bull terrier as a date-bringer is a very complex and surprising one. On the one hand, pit bulls are considered to be dangerous and difficult to handle which has resulted in them being prohibited as pets in certain parts of the US and in entire countries worldwide. You’d think that such a breed would never be a good choice for getting dates. Well, you would be surprised.

Men who see a girl with a pit bull instantly see her as fearless and not too concerned with what the world thinks. They also know that this girl knows her dogs because she knows that pit bulls are actually fun, friendly and immeasurably loyal.

For women, a man with a pit bull is a bad boy who is also very much unconcerned with what the society thinks and what do-gooders are trying to convince him. Pit bulls get the job done.


5. Beagles

Beagles are once again a dog breed that is going to work for you no matter who you are trying to attract. And it all has to do with their personality and their image as something of a blue-collar, friendly dog with whom you almost have a person-to-person relationship.

They are also smack in the middle between purse-sized dogs and larger breeds. Also, they are not that common to see with women owners, which instantly makes them attractive to men. Ladies, if you are looking to bag a guy, a beagle is an exquisite choice!

If you are a guy on a mission to find a date with a little help from your four-legged friend, beagles are right up your alley as well. They are so solid as a breed, and such a friendly companion that women cannot help but feel a certain attraction. Plus, they are really, really cute.


6. Poodles

Unlike most of our previous choices, poodles will probably not work both ways. Men who are walking a poodle or who are carrying a poodle will not have too much effect on the ladies’ front. If they are gay, a poodle might work, but for a guy looking for a girl, a poodle is one of the worst choices.

On the other hand, for women, it is actually one of the more effective choices on the men-attracting front.

Poodles have since times immemorial been the choice of the fancy lady, the high maintenance, nose in the clouds type of women that have their “audience” among men. Some men cannot help but feel attracted by this type of woman.

Also, there is an air about poodles that makes their female owners seemingly more willing to engage in carnal pleasures, to put things very straightforward but without being too crass. Some men are just suckers for a lady with a poodle.


7. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are another breed that falls in the category of men-magnets but women-not-so-much-magnets. A guy with a Chihuahua is at best a pothead whose friends both him one of those tiny dogs because they thought it would be fun. At best.

For women, a Chihuahua will simply work on a certain type of man. This time, we have the media and certain public figures to thank for a certain “reputation” that Chihuahuas and their female owners have got. Namely, we are talking about Paris Hilton and such similar “celebrities” who have propagated this picture of a dumb bimbo with a dog of this fun breed clutched like a purse.

If you are a shameless member of the fairer sex and you do not mind using a dog as literally a sex magnet to be used on a guy with whom you have no wish to interact in the future – the Chihuahua is pure perfection.


8. French Bulldogs

Everyone loves a French bulldog; there is simply no doubt about that. You’d really have to be heartless not to fall in love with one of these guys (or girls) when you see them in the street. Even people who are not big dog fans feel the need to pet a French bulldog.

As you might imagine, this means that a French bulldog is one of the best allies you can have in getting dates. There is something about these dogs that makes women have that same feeling that they get when they see a man with a baby. It is difficult to explain but every guy who has ever walked a French bulldog will tell you that this breed has a special effect on women.

There is something to a French bulldog that makes him tough and somehow almost feminine at the same time. If you are a woman, don’t worry, a French bulldog will work perfectly fine on a guy too.


9. Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are a very special breed of dog, no matter how you cut it. They are simply breath-taking to look at, they are great companions and they still have that air of exoticness about them, even though we have got used to seeing them in the streets.

If you are a guy who is looking to pick up dates, a huskie is one of the best choices. Women find these dogs irresistible and this easily translates to the owner. A guy who walks a Siberian huskie becomes this adventurer who is ready to leave everything in matter of seconds and whisk the attracted girl away to wilderness where they will do nothing but… Well, you get the picture.

Men also see women with huskies as adventure-loving, outdoorsy types who they would follow to the ends of the earth. Siberian huskies will always remain shrouded in this veil of mystique which is always great for picking up dates.


10. English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs will not work on everyone but when the perfect target sees one, they will be smitten and they will feel the pull of that wrinkled face from miles away.

A guy with an English bulldog is not your average go-getter, your alpha male who is always ready for action. A guy who walks an English bulldog is a man who is comfortable with himself and who knows that life is not a rat-race. For some women, such guys are simply irresistible. They know that they will be able to curl up with them under the blanket and watch a movie that is not necessarily about killing 500 people in one scene.

A girl with an English bulldog is your down-to-earth girl who enjoys the simple pleasures of life and who is not likely to turn out to be a heart breaker. This girl is a keeper. For some men, irresistible.


11. Retired Greyhounds

With retired racing greyhounds, it is a hit or miss, with the emphasis on miss. For most people, they are not the most beautiful dogs in the world, sort of an acquired taste if you wish. They need a really, really good jog every day and they are not the cuddliest of dogs.

As such, they are not the perfect date magnet. However, a guy with a greyhound will have a very special air about him. This is a guy who knows a lot about dogs and who is not afraid to dedicate his life to his best friend. This is a guy who runs to pull his wounded army buddy from a hail of bullets no matter what. This is a guy who knows how to sacrifice himself.

It goes without saying that some women will find such a guy to be the best catch in the world. It is a long shot, but if it works, the lady will be smitten, so to say. Girls, probably stay away from retired greyhounds if your only mission is to get a date.


12. Pugs

Pugs are another very specific dog breed when it comes to picking up dates. In the case of a pug, it all comes down to how old you are and how old you want your date to be.

College girls love pugs. They find them to be the most adorable things in the world, their selfie companions who are so ugly they become uber cute. The screech of a coed girl who sees a pug is a common sound to hear in college towns and in areas with nearby universities.

In short, if you are a guy looking to get a date with a college girl, a pug is a very safe choice. Also, if you are a girl who wants to attract a guy who likes coed girls, pug will work perfectly.

If you are over 24 and if you are looking to date someone who is over 24 and knows there is more to life than downing shots and taking selfies, pugs are not that great of a choice.


13. Great Danes

Great Danes are not the easiest dogs to take care of. For one, they are just insanely huge and if your living quarters are limited, a Great Dane may be more than you bargained for. They also eat a lot. And we mean a lot.

On the other hand, they are truly gentle giants. They will reward any affection that you give them manifold and they will look up at you no matter what.

It is their aura of gentle giants that can make a Great Dane a great date pickup aid. Especially if you are a guy. Women will see you as someone who knows how to handle responsibilities and as someone who will never give up on something just because it is difficult. You will also be this unassuming guy who needs not to boast and toot his own horn. You will be the solid, quiet type that many women will fall heads over heels in love with.


14. Dachshund

Dachshunds are a very peculiar breed of dog. Firstly, there is their unusual stature which is fascinating but which can also lead to certain health issues, which is something you need to take into consideration if you are thinking of getting one.

They are also an unusually fierce breed for one that looks the way it looks. They were bred to hunt and take care of badgers and although they are far more docile these days, they still have that streak in them.

However, this is not how people see dachshund owners. Dachshund owners are usually seen as people who are fun and who are not too concerned with status or looking tip-top day and night.

Men who own dachshunds are often seen as funny and great company and this can translate into dachshunds making you the target of many a fun-loving girl with brains. Do not expect to attract any gold-diggers or prissy ladies with a dachshund though.


15. Shih Tzus

First of all, we have to say that if you are a guy looking for a date with a girl, Shih Tzu will most likely be one of the worst choices. There are very few women, if any, that will find a guy with a shih tzu attractive in any conceivable way.

On the other hand, it is one of the most effective breeds for women who wish to pick up a date when walking their dog. Shih Tzus have been high-maintenance and showing-off dogs since times immemorial when Chinese royalty used to favor them as their dogs of choice.

You might say that this is true to this day. A woman with one of these dogs is seen as a lady who knows how to present herself, a lady who knows all about the finer things in life and who is not ashamed to admit it. Many men will just go crazy for a woman like this. A woman with a shih tzu.


16. Basset Hounds

If you see a basset hound looking up at you with those big, almost sad eyes and with their giant ears flopping around, it is very difficult not to fall in love with the little guy or girl. They are simply one of the most adorable creatures on this planet and it is therefore quite understandable that they will work well as date magnets as well.

They will work better for guys, however. When a girl sees a guy walking a basset hound, she will know immediately that this is a calm guy, a warm guy who knows with people and who is gentle company. It is all in those eyes of theirs. Bassets’, not the guy’s.

A basset hound makes most girls think about home, family, stability and warm evenings while it is cold outside. It goes without saying that this often gets guy basset owners dates. Very often.


17. Dalmatians

Dalmatians are a complex breed of dog. They are insanely energetic and they often take advantage if the owner is not imposing their leadership clearly and constantly. They can be quite a challenge if they are not trained well enough and if they are not exercised regularly. They are also one of the most media-heavy dogs with cartoons and movies made about 101 of them.

Believe it or not, a Dalmatian will best work for girls who are looking for dates. Everyone knows that a Dalmatian needs a firm hand and the sight of a girl walking a perfectly trained Dalmatian can be a huge turn on. This girl knows how to handle anything.

Also, you cannot deny that Dalmatians are gorgeous dogs, which makes them perfect companions for an elegantly dressed woman. Elegantly dressed and strict when necessary – now that’s a killer combo! For guys, it’s hit or miss really.

sleeping woman and rottweiler

18. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is what you would call a powerful breed of dog. They are big, they are very strong and they are courageous, almost to a fault. And as we all know, a powerful dog needs a powerful owner who will know how to handle such a momentous breed.

It is then perfectly logical that a Rottweiler will be a great dog for getting dates, whether you are a woman or a man.

A guy with a calm Rottweiler by his side becomes this protector, this calm figure who is nevertheless capable of meeting any challenge headfirst, a true presence. Most women will find this extremely attractive.

A woman who handles a Rottweiler with ease and who walks proudly with her powerful dog by her side is just as strong and just as attractive to men. There is something about a person who can be in charge of situation when taking care of such a forceful dog.


19. Newfoundland

Guys, take notice! Newfoundland is one of the best dogs in the world if you want a bit of help in getting dates by simply taking your dog out for a walk. You may not think that this is the case, but a Newfoundland will do an incredible job at this.

The trick with a Newfoundland companion is that they will work on a much deeper level than many other breeds that you might consider as your date-making allies. A Newfoundland is sweet as sugar, generous and so loving towards pretty much everyone. A Newfoundland is like a big, warm hug that no one can resist for too long, no matter what they are like and what they like.

Newfoundland dog is also a courageous one when needed, a gentle protector and everyone knows this. This is another way in which this breed will make you the most attractive guy in the dog park. As far as the opposite is in question, we cannot guarantee success.


20. Boxer

Boxers are traditionally one of those breeds that will do wonders for their male owners when it comes to chatting up women and getting them dates. It is truly a classic, in the best sense of the word.

Male boxer owners feel like all-American guys who like a nice big steak every now and then, who prefer beer to wine and who will stay loyal to their hometown sports team no matter where their life takes them. They are like Vince Vaughn from his watchable movies, a guy who lives a few blocks down and who has that something that you cannot ignore.

Boxers also have an imposing, muscular physique and this probably has some sort of unconscious effect on women. They are true dogs, through and through. They will also work perfectly fine for female owners, but it is guys who will do best with a boxer by their side.

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