21 Extremely Messy Dog Breeds


Some dog breeds shed more heavily than others. Some furry friends also tend to excessively drool and slobber. If you can’t stand having a messy house or don’t want to clean up after your pet constantly, some dogs just aren’t right for you.
Here’s a list of 21 messy dogs:

1. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a working dog originally bred for fishermen in the dominion of Newfoundland, now a part of Canada.

This dog breed is known for their gigantic size and great strength. They are courageous, devoted, affectionate and very intelligent.

The Newfoundland has a thick, coarse, double coat that needs to be brushed daily. The undercoat is shed in the spring and fall and they require special care during that period.

They also tend to drool a lot, so you might keep wipes handy. They especially drool after drinking water and they can drink lots of fluids. They also tend to be very messy when drinking.

Dry shampoo the Newfoundland occasionally and avoid bathing. Namely, bathing strips away the coat’s natural oils. In addition, make sure to check their ears regularly in order to prevent ear infections.

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