21 Ultimate Dogs For Travelers


Everybody loves travelling and there’s nothing better than travelling with friends and family – why not take your dog along as well? It’s important to take your pet pooch on road trips from time to time; they don’t like being separated from you and they sure don’t like being left home all alone.
Different breeds react differently to changes in their surroundings and travelling in general, so choose wisely before getting a dog. To help you, we’ve put together a list of 21 dog breeds that are a dream come true for everyone who is frequently on the go.

These 21 dogs will gladly keep you company on your next adventure:

1. Boston Terriers

These little dogs were once trained to be ferocious pit-fighters, but when you look at them today, Boston terriers have very little in common with their ancestors. They are extremely lovable, and very affectionate towards their owners, loyal and just a tad too stubborn. Not only are they intelligent, but also fairly muscular for their small size.

And an obedient, smart, sturdy dog is just what you need if you’re planning to take them on longer journeys. They are very lively dogs and fairly sensitive to the tone of their human’s voice, so handling Boston terriers shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It’s also important to note that they cope with changes relatively well, despite not having excessive exercise requirements.

Just remember that Boston terriers don’t like extreme temperatures, so if you’re taking them on a trip, avoid chilly mountain tops and scorching deserts.

2. Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are the perfect pick if you’re planning a hectic vacation filled with all kinds of physical activities. They are usually big and heavy, so they are not one of those breeds you get to carry around in a handbag! However, handling a Labrador is not the least bit difficult – they are easier to train than a lot of other breeds – as long as the training involves some kind of playing and running around as a reward, they simply can’t stay in one place for long.

Labs are built for sport – which is apparent from the moment you see them – with their muscular and athletic build. They have a short coat that’s easy to take care of, and they are friendly, intelligent, and full of energy. If you’d love to take a big, happy dog to a vacation with you and not worry about whether they’ll destroy everything around them or behave well, the Labrador’s a pretty good choice.

3. French Bulldogs

Quite possibly one of the funniest breeds, the French bulldog has a long, long history of being a companion dog. Apart from them being spectacular family friends and show-makers, they were originally trained to be effective ratters. And how can we forget those adorable bat-like ears that just add to their overall glamour and beauty? They are relatively rare, so if you have one – consider yourself lucky.

They are a rather small breed, weighing about 20 pounds on average, and their height standing at about 11 to 12 inches. This makes them very easy to transport, especially since they are so smart and loving towards people. French bulldogs generally react well to training, and they know how to adapt to new situations and environments. Like all short-nosed dogs, they don’t really fancy airplanes. But put them in a car next to an open window and they’ll have the time of their lives.

4. Beagles

These adorable little dogs are generally considered to be among the cutest breeds in the world. Maybe it’s because Snoopy is a beagle, as well as Garfield’s Odie, and they are phenomenal characters, or maybe it’s just the way they are – simply delightful. These dogs don’t want to be left alone and they will follow you wherever you go if you treat them right and if you’re their friend and companion.

They get along pretty well with other animals and humans, so meeting new people and other pets shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Oh, and they also have about 220 million scent receptors, so if you train your beagle, be certain that you will never get lost. They don’t take kindly to weather that’s too cold, but they tolerate the heat rather well.

5. Chihuahuas

Whereas a lot of people have a problem with spelling the name of this particular breed, not many folks who own Chihuahuas are known to have experienced difficulties with the tiny pooches. Look at them! They’re literally travel-sized, and they like nothing more than being around their human owners and friends. They’re also among the top 10 choices for a watchdog, recommended by experts, and they require minimal grooming and exercise.

Since they have a single layer of short fur, make sure not to expose them to temperatures too high and low. Chihuahuas may be able to hang out for a while in the scorching sun, but throw in some cold wind and clouds, they’ll be freezing in a matter of minutes. They love adapting to new places and environments and they’re generally curious about everything. And yes, they really can fit into your handbag – they are the world’s smallest breed!


6. Dachshunds

These adorable pooches, commonly called “wiener” dogs, make excellent companions, although they might not look like it. In fact, they sometimes strike people as weak and fragile, but the truth is that they are quite sturdy despite their looks. They are scent hounds and have been trained intensively over the years to hunt rabbits, foxes, badgers and what not.

That explains why they wouldn’t mind taking long walks or exploring new surroundings with you. They are good for novice owners and are, generally speaking, easygoing. They also don’t like extreme temperatures, but don’t mind changing their whereabouts. If you’re a city traveler, though, this is quite possibly the perfect breed for you. Dachshunds know how to behave in an urban environment really well.

7. Siberian Huskies

One of the best dogs to take out for a jog, or a stroll around a forest. They are considered by many to be the most beautiful breed out there, with their blue, multi-colored eyes and their incredible fur. They are strong and independent, although they get along quite well with other humans and dogs. You know those dogs that have to establish a dominant position the moment they see other dogs? Well, not the husky.

Their thick fur allows them to handle cold weather extremely well, and they prefer outdoor over indoor activities at any given moment. If you need a dog that can pull your sled incredibly fast and still have tons of fun while doing it, the husky’s the breed for you. Being the natural wanderers that they are (sometimes not even fences will stop them), they will absolutely love going to new places and exploring the world around them.

8. Boxers

Although not proving themselves to be the most intelligent of dog breeds, they are incredibly loyal and like to have a good time. Sometimes they get so playful that people refer to them as the “Peter Pan” of dogs – if they want to have fun, they will have it, it doesn’t matter when and where.

They’re not the smallest of dogs, so pay attention to their size when you want to travel with them. They have one of the longest ‘puppyhoods’ among pooches so they may not be the most “mature” dogs, but they know how to handle changes in their environment. They don’t take too kindly to extreme temperatures, though.

If your plan is to head out to a hill or some woods for camping or just have a long stroll through nature, this is the dog for you. Mind you, they tend to be slightly uncontrollable when they are too excited, but then again, this is nothing that can’t be dealt with.


9. Pomeranians

The smallest member of the Spitz family was once a large breed, and now you have to look twice before accidentally stepping on their tails (and getting your leg bitten afterwards). These fox-faced dogs are nicknamed “the little dogs who think they can” mostly because of their confident attitudes. They are very compact, active and incredibly agile.

Even though they are well-suited for apartment living, they don’t mind making the occasional road trip. They are incredibly fun to hang out with, and they love being in cars. Make sure to fulfill all the necessary safety requirements first – one sudden stop could send an average Pomeranian flying across the car!

They adapt better to cold weather (in most cases) because of their thick fur, and they have a moderate energy level, which means they won’t become bored after 15 minutes of hanging out somewhere outside. They’re also good for sightseeing in urban zones because they absolutely love sitting in a stroller and just staring around.

10. Bichon Frises

Similar to Pomeranians, the bichon frise is a breed that nearly fits into a box of matches, so you know what that means – yup, they are ideal for travelers. Not only do they fancy riding around in strollers or hanging around in purses and handbags, they love exploring new surroundings and are incredibly social – in fact, they are one of the most social breeds there is.

The bichon frise is the dog you see running around at dog owner gatherings and eagerly socializing with every single pooch around. They can handle the heat and even the cold to some extent, and they are never bored. Everything you do with them strikes them as an adventure and an engaging activity. If you shake your leash and nod at the door, they don’t care if the walk’s 10 minutes or 10 days long.

11. Poodles

What’s a poodle doing on this list, you ask? Well, we’d have you know that poodles are one of the most energetic dog breeds around, and not only that, they have a huge need for constant physical engagement. So what better thing to do than to take them on a short (or long) trip somewhere nice? There they can run around all day, explore their surroundings and satiate their need for adventure.

They are pretty easy to take care of, intelligent and obedient. They are relatively small, so transporting them around isn’t going to be a problem at all (as long as you teach them how to behave in carriers and/or cars, buses, planes, etc.). They can tolerate all kinds of temperatures, you might need to purchase some vests to help out, but they can take it. They also deeply love their owners, so they won’t stray or straight-up leave while you’re somewhere outside.

12. Havaneses

Yet another breed on the “travel size” sub-list, these pooches will fit into any bag, stroller, or carrier. They were bred for the Cuban aristocracy in the 1800s and earned their nickname “Velcro dog” because they would never leave their owner’s side. They are friendly towards pretty much anything that lives and breathes, and make a great dog to have around children.

They also have an adventurous personality that manifests itself through their outgoing behavior. Although they might not be dogs with the most exercise needs, they still excel at being constantly playful and never having a dull moment. Plus, if you’re thinking of staying in a hotel and own a Havanese, you’re in luck. They don’t shed as much as other breeds, and they know how to behave well in closed spaces which are new to them.

13. Golden Retrievers

The most loyal breed in the world, according to some owners. You can always count on a golden retriever to be eager to please and to express their kind nature in every single way imaginable. They excel at retrieving games (hence the name, obviously), tracking, sniffing out things, and as therapy and assistance dogs. This is not a breed that will fit in the front seat of your car or into a small plastic carrier, but you can count on a wonderful companion throughout all your travels and adventures.

Golden retrievers are highly adaptable to all kinds of situations and are known to be wanderers by nature. It will always be amusing for your retriever to go somewhere new, seeing as they love exploring and sniffing about. They also don’t have a problem with adapting to different types of weather, just don’t jump from the North Pole straight into an Egyptian desert. Intelligent and obedient, they will try their best not to cause any issues while they’re on the road.

14. Tibetan Terriers

Although not many people own one, they are a fascinating breed. Which other breed has the word ‘terrier’ in their name without actually being a terrier? Don’t let their size fool you – they were originally bred and raised in Tibetan monasteries over 2,000 years ago, and they make excellent outdoor companions. That’s not enough? They were mostly used for herding sheep, but they would also be sent to retrieve items that people would drop below mountainsides.

Tibetan terriers are very agile, energetic, and athletic – they could probably walk around and play for hours. They excel in handling snowy surroundings and just adore climbing. It could be that they spent too much time with sheep, but who knows? They are medium-sized, and transporting them around isn’t a problem. They are intelligent and obedient, and make a good outdoor pet to take somewhere on a trip.

15. Bernese Mountain Dogs

These giants are, without a doubt, within the top 5 breeds if you’re a frequent walker in slightly colder climates, or if you fancy going to your nearby hill/mountain for long walks. Bernese mountain dogs were originally bred as droving and drafting dogs, quite possibly because of their huge size, but they eventually found their place in loving homes.

Although large in size, these gentle giants are incredibly versatile and love being faced with new tasks and challenges. They are also phenomenal with kids, and would guard them with their lives. It really isn’t a problem training your Bernese, and their happy-go-lucky attitude certainly helps. Although you’d probably need a leash to control something as huge as this dog in a city, they are perfect for mountain hikes, seeing as they don’t need any restraint. They will even carry your stuff for you!

16. Pembroke Welsh Corgis

This is the breed of dog that broke the Internet and became an internationally known phenomenon, and it’s really not surprising, seeing as how incredibly hilarious they are when they’re doing…pretty much anything.  Although very stubborn and incredibly vocal, these dogs love nothing more than to have diversity in their everyday activities. Just make sure to train them to stay in their boxes because their ludicrous behavior could get in the way of safe transport.

Corgis were bred for herding and therefore still require a lot of activity to remain content. Because of their short legs, you might think that they are lazy dogs, but don’t let appearances fool you – they are incredibly quick and athletic and very much enjoy the outdoors. Corgis shed a lot, so take that into account when staying in a hotel or an apartment somewhere.

17. Portuguese Water Dogs

PWDs make phenomenal companions – they are a strong, independent, intelligent, and obedient breed, and they once served as crew on long fishing trips, retrieving lost gear and herding fish into nets. You are probably already aware why they made it onto the list, but we’ll cover it anyway – PWDs absolutely adore the outdoors and especially water.

If you’re planning on taking your dog to the beach, this might be the perfect breed for you. As mentioned, they are very smart, and you shouldn’t have any problems when travelling with them. They can adapt to pretty much any climate, they are very affectionate and will be very grateful if you take them along on trips that involve any kind of water activity, swimming in particular.

They are also very playful and have high exercise needs, so taking them for a swim might be the perfect thing.


18. German Shepherds

Thought of by many to be the most intelligent dogs in the world, these pooches are ideal for people looking for exceptional police dogs or guide dogs. They are unquestionably loyal, and will try their best to fulfill all your requirements. They are naturally calm and know how to behave in all kinds of situations, therefore on vacations as well.

German shepherds will usually be the center of attention (and they’ll love it) – meaning they won’t have a problem with meeting new people or staying put in crowded places, including restaurants and bars. They adore riding in cars and changing locations, so they won’t say no to some travelling. If you’re planning on getting a large dog and travelling with them, German shepherds are a solid choice.

They are also naturally curious and don’t like being left alone. That pretty much sums up the traits of a dog who would want to go somewhere.

19. Basset Hounds

Basset hounds are very self-assured dogs who take pride in being your leader during walks in unknown places. They were initially bred for hunting small animals such as rabbits and they excelled in this because of their incredible scent. Being a fairly smart and obedient breed, they shouldn’t cause you any trouble on the go.

And since they’ve been in the hunting business for ages, they won’t mind exploring the unknown and distant. What more, they will be your little personal GPS tracking system with an incredible sense of smell – second only to the bloodhound. They also like swimming and are naturally prone to wandering around. When you combine all of this with their medium-small size and their ability to adjust to new places, you understand why they are perfect travelling companions.


20. Maltese

Maltese dogs are adorable, very gentle and completely fearless – it’s not uncommon that a Maltese stands up to a dog roughly twice their size. They are highly spirited and vigorous dogs that like going anywhere and doing pretty much anything. But what they love most of all is being around their people.

They are rather small in size and enjoy changing locations, as long as you don’t take them to places with extremely cold climates. These pooches don’t have an issue with travelling in cars, trucks, RVs and even planes, and they are easy to take care of during those trips. Once you arrive at your destination, give them some room to explore their surroundings and get in touch with the nature around them.

Although they get along pretty well with other dogs they encounter along the way, they don’t fancy strangers that much – don’t be surprised if they start barking at somebody you’ve just met, even though they usually won’t go any further than that. They have a medium energy level and won’t wander away from you while you are travelling.

21. Hungarian Vizslas

Vizslas make excellent travel companions because of their high energy, gentle manners, loyalty and high affection towards their owners, with whom they quickly develop strong bonds. They also behave very well around children, other dogs and even strangers. Vizslas are natural hunters with an exceptional skill cap that needs to be developed gently – they have a sensitive temperament and don’t respond well to harsh commands or strong physical corrections.

Vizslas love nothing more than to change their location and they don’t have a problem with different climates, although they prefer warmer parts of the world, and they particularly like swimming. They also have no problem with any means of transport, seeing as they enjoy hanging out in cars and even riding alongside their owners on the back of bicycles and motorcycles. They are undoubtedly loyal and would follow their owners pretty much anywhere – and they’ll have a blast wherever it is you take them.

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