5 Apps Every Dog Owner Should Have


One of the things that all dog lovers share is that they wish to be the best owners a dog could ever hope to have. These days, this has become easier than ever before with abundance of information and tips that anyone can find anywhere they look. Even more than that, we live in an age when our smartphones can become our best allies in making us the best dog parents we could be. All you need are the right apps and today, we will be talking about the best of them.

Pet First Aid is an app developed by none other than the Red Cross and it is generally considered to be the app that every pet owner should feature on their phone. This free app will cater to both cat and dog owners and it will provide them with a ton of health-related content and features. For instance, you will find emergency tools as part of the app, with a locator for vet hospitals and a checker for early warning signs.

In addition to this, Pet First Aid also has first aid step-by-step tips for more than two dozen most common emergencies pet owners can experience. You can also create a number of pet profiles and store your vet records so that you have your dogs’ medical histories with you at all times.


PupTox is a much more specialized app, but which also ensures that your dog remains healthy at all times. The app has a database of more than 250 substances that can be toxic to dogs (and cats), but that is not all. It also has a chocolate toxicity calculator which determines how toxic the amount of chocolate your dog may have accidentally ingested is for it, based on its weight. Toxic substances can be easily searched by their type and the app also lets you make quick emergency calls to Pet Poison Helpline, God forbid.

There is quite a few dog monitor apps, such as Tagg, Fitbark and Whistle, but if we had to choose just one, we’d have to go with Whistle. It packs the most punch and it truly makes you feel like you know everything about your canine companion.


Whistle app comes with a GPS monitor which easily fits on the collar and which tracks your pup’s activity, as well as behavior. You can find out what your dog has been doing the whole day, see how many minutes it was active, where it went and you can even use the app to log your dog’s food and medications in case it has to take some.

iClicker is an app whose name tells you the whole story really. Everyone who knows a thing about training a dog is aware of the usefulness of the clicker, a little device which uses sound to help in the training of the dog. Well, since it is all about sound, it is no wonder there is an app that will replace the “analogue” clicker and improve upon it in more ways than one.

In addition as acting as a digital clicker, iClicker will also allow you to desensitize your dog from various noises such as cat meowing, door bell and fireworks. Furthermore, this app comes with a number of dog training videos, both featuring the clicker and not.

Most of us love our dogs so much that we do not pay any attention to how much money we are spending on our four-legged buddies. For some people, this turns into something of a problem and the next app we will be writing about is geared towards them. The app is called Spending On My Dog (not the catchiest of names, although it does paint a clear picture) and it is, more or less, a dog budget app.

It features more than 15 categories of canine expenditures, letting you know where and how you are spending your money. It also compares your dog expenses against your annual income and budget and it even gives you visualizations of where you are spending too much and where you might make some savings. It may seem like a silly app, but it is not.

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