5 Things Your Dog Hates


Even though canines can figure out the meaning of some key words, dogs simply don’t understand human language.

Instead of telling your dog what to do with words, use body language.  Also, pay attention to what your body is telling your dog when you are giving them instructions because you might be sending them mixes signals.

Humans express love through hugs and think that dogs also enjoy them. However, when you see a dog putting their paws on another dog, they are actually expressing dominance.  Basically, when you hug your dog, you are telling them that you are the dominant one in your relationship.

Apart from hugging, dogs also don’t enjoy when you pet their face or pat their head.

When approaching an unknown dog, don’t look them straight in their eyes because they will interpret it as an act of dominance and/or aggression.

Clearly define the rules and boundaries of behavior. Dogs thrive when they know what you want from them.  Also, they don’t understand exception to rules.  For instance, you cannot explain to your dog that it is acceptable to jump on you when you are casually dressed, but not when you are in your working clothes.

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