6 Celebrity Rescue Dogs


We love rescue dogs; no, we love people who rescue dogs.

This is why we love celebrities who go with a rescue dog over any other.

Whichever celebrity it is, when they adopt a rescue dog, they simultaneously raise the profile of all dogs in shelters the world over and the need for them to get a good home.

So we’ve decided to share with you our favorite celebrity rescue pups.

1. Ryan Gosling  and George

Ryan is known for taking his beloved mix breed George everywhere he goes; on sets, around town and even occasionally on the Jimmy Fallon show.

George was rescued by Ryan from a pound in LA when he was a mere puppy, and has grown up to be a true star-studded dog sporting a groovy mohawk and all!


2. Sandra Bullock And Her Girls

Not only does Sandra Bullock adopt unwanted dogs, she also takes home the pooches with special needs.

Her two princesses Poppy and Ruby, the three-legged Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix and the two-legged Chihuahua respectively, have had difficult pasts. Poppy, who lost a leg in an accident, was adopted from a Southern California shelter in September 2005, and Ruby, born with only two legs, was adopted in November 2006.

Sandra herself hasn’t had the happiest puppy history when a decade ago all her dogs died in a plane crash. Horrible!

But today Sandra and her two Chihuahuas (she’s also rumored to have a third, BeBe, but no hard-hit evidence has been found) live in perfect harmony.

3. Selma Blair And Wink

Wink is Selma Blair’s little one-eyed rescue dog.

Not only does his mistress care for him but she also works regularly at a shelter in LA taking care of disabled and special needs dogs.

4. Charlize Theron And Tucker

On top of being a rescue dog, Tucker is also an anti-fur advocate.

He and his owner  Charlize Theron were featured on a Hollywood poster sponsored by animal rights group PETA.

Now there’s a pooch that’s really got the hang of Hollywood.

The two have appeared on PETA posters with the tagline “If you wouldn’t were your dog, please don’t wear fur.” She has said in interviews that there is only one difference between your pets and the animals that are killed and skinned for furs – how people are treating them. Theron grew up on a farm in South Africa and was always surrounded by animals. She said that her mother taught her early on about feeling compassion for all life, animals included.

5. George Clooney And Einstein

[mnright]When George Clooney spotted Einstein on an animal rescue website he decided that this was the dog he wanted to bring home.

So to be extra certain that the dog liked him, on their first meeting the optimistic actor rubbed meatballs on his shoes.

It worked and the pair went home together and lived happily ever after.

6. Robert Pattinson And Bear

Our beloved vampire/lover boy has more to him than meets the eye.

Travelling through Louisiana after a movie shoot, he decided to venture to a dog shelter where he met the love of his life (no, it ain’t Miss Stewart) – the beautiful German shepherd-pitbull crossbreed Bear.

Bear was just a couple of days away from being euthanized when he was rescued by his own white knight.

Only five weeks old at the time, Bear now has the luxury of eating prosciutto and flying on private jets.

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