6 Ways To Know Why You Should Prepare Your Pup’s Meals Yourself


Homemade dog food is growing in popularity as people have become more concerned with what they feed their pets.

Most commercial dog foods are nutritionally balanced but many contain hazardous ingredients.

Therefore, you should look to make your pup’s food yourself; it’s healthier for your four-legged friend and it’s a fun adventure for you!

Here is why:

1. Know What’s In The Food

Unless you’re buying commercial pet meals from a trusted company, it’s hard to know exactly what goes into your pet’s food bowl.

There have been many horror stories of bad ingredients in dog meals, so making it yourself will give you that peace of mind.

2. Avoid Fillers

It’s crucial for your furry friend to receive good nutrition, including about 30% vegetables.

But, inexpensive commercial brands of dog food may contain large quantities of corn or other fillers you want to avoid.

By making it yourself, you can choose what nutritional ingredients you want to include – even the veggies!

3. Adjust Food to Your Dog’s Life and Taste

Commercial dog food brands are available in senior, overweight and other specialty blends however, your dog may not like the taste of his new senior blend.

With the proper knowledge you can adapt homemade dog food for any stage of his life, and you know what he loves!

4. Get Rid Of Food Scraps

[mnright]One advantage why feeding your dog homemade food is that it allows you to do a long-overdue refrigerator clean-out – get rid of those leftovers!

Are there old carrots but it’s not soup season?

Your dog will love them!

5. Save Money

Commercial dog meals can be expensive.

By using our food that may otherwise go to waste, you can save a buck or two. Even if you buy food specifically for your dog, it’ll still be less expensive than prime commercial pet brands.

Ask your deli or nearby restaurant for meat scraps.

6. Get Kids Involved

Children can help prepare your pup’s food as well.

This can be a wonderful bonding experience between your kids, you and your dog.

It can also help you teach your kids to cook a meal or two, and understand how to take care and feed dogs. A win win!

Be careful which ingredients you prepare the dog meals with so you don’t include ingredients that may be harmful to your bowwow.

Create your food with roughly 40% meat, 30% vegetables and 30% starch. Then, start your dog down a life of healthy homemade meals!

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