13 Ways To Relax Your Dog

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Sometimes dogs can be hyper and full of all sorts of playful energy. Puppies especially have a significant amount of energy but they usually grow out of it.

However, if you have an athletic breed, your dog can continue to be hyper until he gets fairly old. In the case that you want to calm your dog down, there are certain things you can do to relax him.

1. Rub Under His Chin

If your dog is being crazy and you cannot get him to calm down, start rubbing underneath his chin. It will calm him down quickly. Among dogs, this is considered a sign of respect and affection, love, and it is the way puppies greet adult dogs.

When you do the same thing, they will know you are not trying to hurt them, but to start a loving time of relaxation, cuddle and petting.

Also, not every dog enjoys the same thing, so you will have to learn and try different techniques, and you’ll see that many approaches which are suitable for your dog are not that great for others. Dogs are like humans.

The way you pet them can make you his favorite person, or the person he will always try to avoid. Certain petting tactics send most dogs running in the other direction, not friendly one, while other strategies will have a dog tail-wagging happy in your hands.

english bulldog puppy getting a tummy rub

2. Rub His Belly

I have met plenty of dogs who love to have their bellies rubbed. If your dog is acting out or being too hyper, give him a belly rub to calm his heart rate down. He may lie there for quite a while enjoying it!

Their belly is called the sweet spot. That one place on your friend’s belly or sides that, when scratched, causes your pet’s foot to go into frenzy, with automatic kicking mode.

Every owner knows where to find this magical spot of delight on his or her canine. As delightful as this puppy kicking is to watch, this reaction is a means of self-protection.

It’s called the scratch reflex, and it’s an involuntary response that exists to keep your dog safe from dangerous bugs or irritants. You might enjoy it, but your dog might not. Scratch it moderately. Like it isn’t awkward enough.


3. Hold Him

If you have a little dog, scoop him up in your arms until he remains calm. Then place him on his bed or mat and let him sleep it off. Holding a dog is a great Alpha exercise, too. Once you establish this, your friend will seek you out.

He will want to be with you and will treat you with respect. After he learns to submit to handling, all other tasks will be easier to accomplish. But first he must learn that you have the power and that handling will not lead to any harm.

Sit on the floor, then pick your puppy up off the floor with both hands, facing you. Hold him away from you at your arm’s length. Look directly into the eyes. Growl at him if he struggles. Hold him until he relaxes.

Vary the time you hold him in this position from 15 to 45 seconds and vary the location.


4. Give Him A Massage

You know how massages relax humans and relieve stress? They do the same thing for dogs. Start by massaging his ears, then move to his belly, backside, paws and face. This will bring his heart rate down and you will have a calm furry baby.

If he likes his ears to be touched, start there. Animals also deserve to be happy and taken care of. And who is going to make your dog happier that you, his favorite human. Start with his favorite spot and move on to the whole body.

Let him relax and create an even stronger bond. Remember that feeling when he is obnoxiously exited to see you at the door? Well, return that favor and make your home an ultimate dog pleasure saloon.


5. Try Putting A Sock On Your Hand To Rub Him

Believe it or not, putting a sock over your hand and rubbing your dog can be much more effective than rubbing him with your bare hands. If your hands are moist, they can pull his fur. A sock over your hand will sometimes do the trick.

Furthermore, even though it doesn’t sound as affectionate, but you won’t have the smell of his fur on your hands. Even more, choose one specific sock or mitt for petting him, and use it always.

It will soon become one of his favorite toys, and every time he sees you coming with it, he’ll die of happiness and joy. We know you’ll do anything to make him move that tail.


6. Make Him Calm Down Before He Gets A Treat

Treats can be used for all sorts of purposes with dogs. Bribe him to calm down by offering him a treat but hold out on him until he is relaxed. He will soon come to understand that by calming down, he gets a treat.

Bribing comes in handy when he is angry, nervous or when he did something wrong. But first of all, you must teach your dog that you are the boss and the leader of the pack.

When he has learnt that, you will be able to manipulate his character when you are having guests and he is not feeling friendly. Tap him, pat him, and then give him a treat.

It’s not that bad after all, you get what you want, and he gets what he wants. Everybody wins. It’s quite fine for dogs to be hyper and energetic, but when you want your dog to be calm it’s great to know how to relax him. Heed these tips for a calm, happy dog.


7. Play him his favorite music

Whether it’s an opera or the latest Justin Bieber single, your dog listens carefully to music and reacts to it. So, try out a couple of different genres of music and notice the change in behavior, you will know when you have found the right song or a genre.

My dog loved psychedelic trance music, and when she was feeling angry with me, I played one of my favorites, but she responded well. Your dog might enjoy opera, but it’s all the same. Play different sounds and see what they like.

When you learn his sounds, use it to enrich your time together and calm him down when needed. It’s also worthy to note that dogs are actually not very keen on some percussion instruments which are somewhat reminiscent of gunshot sound.


8. Aromatherapy

A dog’s nose not only dominates the face, but the brain, too. In fact, a dog relies on the sense of smell to interpret the world, in much the same way as we depend on our sight.

Although this is a contrasting world probably hard to imagine, know that your dog interprets as much information as you do. However, dog does much of this by smelling an object or animal, not by staring at it.

Just like humans, dogs love different smells and with their sense of smell being so much better than ours, before you try to do anything you should consult a professional.

Ask your veterinarian and try out different fragrances in small amounts to pinpoint exactly the right fragrance. Once this pattern of behavior is established, each time you repeat it, it will get easier to relax your furry friend.


9. Tug of war

We have to constantly be reminded that dogs are not humans, but animals with instincts and desires. That being said, the best way to relax your dog is to play tug of war with him.

But, even more important than playing tug of war, is letting him win. This is their way of releasing stress and anxiety, so, be sure to do it often. Dogs are wolves, don’t forget that, too.

They have been dominating the world once the dinosaurs were gone. They need to feel superior sometimes, so letting them win is crucial. This game could be played inside, too, so take a piece of cloth and let the games begin.

You should never win.


10. Take him out for a walk

The most logical solution to this problem is the simplest one, walking. This goes especially for those dog owners who live in apartments without yards or places where their pets can run freely.

Therefore, an occasional walk will relieve excess energy and tire the dog sufficiently to calm him down. What can’t be emphasized enough is the fact that you should never forget who the pack leader is.

Walking in front of your dog allows you to be seen as the pack leader. If your dog controls you on the walk, he’s the pack leader. You should be the first one out the door and the first one in when you two are back.

Your dog should be beside or behind you during the walk.

11. Give them a task while you’re outdoors

Dog-packs are an excellent way of calming and relaxing your dog. The extra weight will make him run harder. It will also give him a mission: to carry his master’s things. This will cause him to be more focused.

Of course, the content of the backpack should be comprised of his favorite toys. Dog trainers often say backpacks change a dog’s mentally.

This is because your friend becomes more focused on the job at hand (walking, and carrying the load), and even receives more strenuous exercise.

This is especially important for working breeds who need a job to keep them busy. Well, backpacks really work!  Everything we heard about “giving your dog a job” is also pretty much true.

You should load the pack with cans of baked beans, poop bags, and car keys. Nothing more. Now hit the road.


12. Buy him a Kong toy

Kong toys are a line toys especially made for dogs that makes them work for their food and lets them use their natural instincts thus making them more peaceful. When used on a regular basis it can significantly improve your dog’s mood.

Established in 1976, the Kong Company was the first to introduce this type of a dog toy into market, with huge success. They are almost indestructible, even the strongest jaws would have trouble destroying them.

They come in a variety of sizes, so there’s a Kong toy for dogs of any size and breed. They offer mental stimulation to dogs, can be customized to fit the needs of individual dogs, and the last pro is – they are relatively inexpensive.


13. Relax yourself

This is the factor that’s often neglected when it comes to dogs, so it is really important that you pay attention to it. Dogs can pick up and recognize human emotions easily and they will adjust their attitude in accordance with them.

This means that if you are nervous, your dog will be too. So, before you spend some time with them, try to relax yourself in order to commit yourself to them completely.

Have a bath, listen to your favorite music, eat, walk, do whatever makes you happy. Then you approach your friend with clear mind and desire to spend quality time.

Their senses are far more sensitive than ours, so they usually need you to be calm, relaxed and ready for them. They are actually like babies. Babies are a handful, so are dogs. Good luck!

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