7 Reasons You Are Ready For A Puppy


Are you thinking of getting a puppy?

Does the thought of a super cute bundle of fluff send you running to the nearest breeder or rescue center?

You may love puppies but are you really ready to bring one home for good?

If you can say yes to each of the following points then, congratulations, you are ready.

1. You Can Go Without Sleep

Cute though he is, the little one may not be so endearing at three in the morning when he is howling for attention.

A puppy is a baby after all and sleepless nights are a given when you bring a baby home.

2. You Don’t Mind Pee and Poo

A puppy won’t house train himself. There will be a few accidents on your floors whilst you are teaching him that the yard is the place for toileting.

[mnright]So it’s important that you are happy to potter around with a disinfectant spray and endless rolls of loo paper for a while.

There are much worse things than picking up some poo or wiping some pee. If you do not find this to be a terrible task, then you should get a dog.

Remember, dogs learn what they need to do really quickly and you can only expect a couple accidents before they realize that they are supposed to be doing this outside.

And picking up dog poo outside really isn’t all that bad.

They have all kinds of scoopers on the market to help you out with that.


3. You Have Researched

Research is one of the most important things when getting a puppy.

Different dog breeds have different needs and you must choose a breed that can fit into your lifestyle.

4. You Are Available For 15+ Years

When you take on a puppy you also take on a responsibility to care for this dog for the rest of his life.

So if you plan around the world trip next year, or can’t offer a stable home, then perhaps a puppy isn’t for you.

5. You Have a Puppy Fund

Being responsible for a dog is far more than buying his food and going for walks.

There are expenses that you may not have realized. Insurance, veterinary fees, parasite treatment, vaccinations, grooming costs and these all add up.

Can you afford a puppy and an adult dog for the rest of its life?

6. You Know about Dog Training

Having a basic knowledge of dog training is essential if you are bringing a puppy home. Being willing to learn how dogs think is vital.

[mnright]If any dog is not taught in a positive and kind way on how to behave from day one, he will most likely develop behavioral problem.

This is the reason that many adolescent dogs are left at shelters.

By learning how to shape your puppy’s behavior then you can teach him how to be a good adult dog.

Learning how to train a dog is also a great life lesson for the owner.

This can teach you how to be disciplined and how to never give up on your goals.

So it’s as good for you as it is for the dog.

Training a dog also give you an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you are done, not to mention that it guarantees that you will have a loyal companion by your side that will always listen to you and obey your commands.

7. Everyone Agrees

A puppy must feel as secure and loved in the home as any other child or he will become unhappy.

So be sure that all the people who will be in direct contact with the dog want him just as much as you do.

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