8 Cool Companies That Get The Results Thanks to Man’s Best Friend


It’s comforting to know that many companies will allow you to bring your canine friend to work with you.

It can bring you peace of mind having your pet right beside you, which can boost your morale and generate a more productive day.

After all, a dog seems to bring an instant smile to most faces, and creates a better working relationship with your co-workers and customers.

Not all companies allow dogs in the workplace though, but these 8 cool companies do and achieve better results for it.

1. Google

Google offers an open relationship with employees, allowing free lunches in one of their gourmet cafes along with access to onsite hair salons, massages, laundry centers and the ability to bring your dog to work. The dog policy is basic; it regards proper clean up after your pet and being considerate of co-workers with allergies and other dog-related issues.

2. Procter and Gamble

Pet Care Division allow employees to bring their dogs to work daily and not just on “take your dog to work day”. Two major brands associated with P&G are pet-loving Iams and Eukanuba, which even use a lovely Labrador mix, Euka, as the VP of Canine Communications.

3. Replacements Ltd

This company has been a dog-friendly company for many years. They believe in a relaxed atmosphere, both in how the employees dress and in being able to bring your furry best friend to work.

The company has promoted dogs in the workplace often, expressing a positive result of this endeavor and feel that the pups provide a no-stress work environment leading to higher productivity. bjlogo

4. Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is a dog-friendly office that firmly believes having your pooch near you is the best way to keep up morale. There are times this company accepts their four-legged friends as actual coworkers, having assigned them to specific departments.

5. Build-a-Bear

The workshop that’s in the business of making stuffed animals, will surely allow employees to bring their dogs to work. They even have a chief executive dog on staff named Milford who gets to celebrate a yearly birthday. Hail the Chief!

6. Humane Society

This is in the business of rescuing and caring for animals so it’s no wonder that they’re a pet-friendly place of work and love having the little furry guys around the office.

7. Amazon

Amazon is a giant online retail company that provides a dog-friendly work environment. [mnright]Once you register your dog and provide all up-to-date vaccine records, you’re free to bring your dog to work any day of the week. Some restrictions may apply though, like keeping the dog leashed or confined.

8. Autodesk

This company offers the option to bring your dog to work, and according to the Autodesk spokesman, “having a pet encourages employees to take breaks during the day that they may not take if they didn’t have a pet”.

Obviously taking your dog to work is the way to go; it boosts your morale and makes you more productive and your dog isn’t home alone all day. If you work for a company that lacks this wonderful dog-friendly policy, we recommend you nag your boss and show him all the benefits until he folds.

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